Olympic Fans Get Ready For Women's Figure Skating

South Korea's Kim Yu-na competes for a second gold medal in the popular Winter Olympic sport.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Olympic Fans Get Ready For Women's Figure Skating
I'm Michelle -- -- new York and this is an ABC news digital Olympic special. -- twelve has already brought gold for one American and more drama on the ice where host Russia's Olympic hockey dreams turned into a nightmare. First though your Olympics in sixty. But let's take a look at the medal count now in the host nation is on top but they are not alone. Russia and the Netherlands lead the pack in overall medals with 22. The US close behind and just one shy. And then Norway with twenty and Canada was seventeen. Now looking at the gold tally the pictures flipped Norway leads with nine medals followed by Germany with -- then the US -- seven and Russia and Netherlands round out the top five with six gold medals each. Well that -- board will likely change again in just a few short hours teen USA is determined to make sure of it. Watching it all out for us and so she ABC's -- -- who we spoke to earlier today Amy. Good morning Michelle from a beautiful day at the games in Sochi add another gold medal to -- -- for teen USA. American Alpine great -- -- winning gold in the giant slalom the first American man to win two gold medals in Alpine skiing. His first at the -- -- -- back in 2006. The conditions were perfect near freezing temperatures and validity in top form. However teammate Bode Miller will not -- coming up short after injuring his knee in his first run he is done for the rest of the Sochi games. -- the half pipes soaring and spectacular -- and another gold medal for David Wise a 23 year old youth pastor who met his wife -- church camp. Taking the gold medal in the ski half pipe that's a brand Olympic event. But what to fight for this one on his second run the Reno native -- hitting the -- -- but that he nailed this epic move. His wife let's -- tearing him on from the crowd. And Michelle this snapshot we want to show you of wise with a good luck -- -- heart shaped rock. His wife -- he was able to sneak it -- associate from their home in Reno Nevada. And this picture was snapped right before the competition. When he pulled off that amazing movie was in his pocket it worked. -- -- Looking ahead team -- women's bobsled team Warren Williams and a lot of Myers are also chasing gold -- go -- day in first place. Williams was already an Olympic sprint champion. Hoping to make history as the first American woman to ever medal in -- the summer and winter games. And ladies figure skating everyone's waiting -- -- finally gets underway today Americans -- golden actually Wagner facing off against each other. The big question can they stop Russia's. Fifteen year old tiny genius -- lit the sky idea. But the big face -- US men's hockey taking on the Czech Republic and a quarterfinal showdown of course after two big thrilling wins over the weekend. It is do or die today for the eight hockey teams win and you're guaranteed two more games lose. -- -- game over teen USA expected to use the same lineup that beat the Russian team in the preliminary round. That is the latest from senate seat back to you in New York. -- thank you -- as you mentioned one of the marquee Olympic events gets underway today in Sochi ladies figure skating. And joining us on the phone from the iceberg skating palace Christine Brennan sports columnist for US -- And ABC news contributor Christine thank you for joining us let's get right into this Korea's unit Kim is an odds on favorite to repeat. As a gold medalist of course from -- Vancouver days should we just hand as -- metal right now. -- -- -- -- -- Back but I can't get it now it is the -- That he in fact if you think about it but only the first step. That -- better not let the dictating don't get anything write and -- for the past. What kind of dead date for an 88 particularly part it is all the -- -- to one. Really biting bidding that ugly about forty billion. Just got a lot to do it going to be what is. And comfortable and competition are being delivered to put off a bad. Yes she's got some teenagers not scattered door along with a breakout star. -- fifteen year old Russian yulia lit the sky she's on her own now how expect. Her to perform under a different spotlight. If they -- -- quite eloquent. And puppet this very different. That's an important element out there are a bit different pressure -- it -- and that it. It a country that right now -- popular brand on it means that a little bit ago and everything into the couple you know he -- the land and that. Actually got their way to the world -- rational. To get -- this -- are as yet sympathetic there in the well. Tension Alban institute -- and -- the couple different part of competition out. Ride is per track record perfectly. The guys keep that in the past advocate factored into -- -- -- grant -- It has looked cool on the -- and grace under pressure. Moving along here the US women's team came -- to Sochi has a definite underdog in the competition and that's sort of unusual sort of rebuilding their bench so to speak. What's happened to the US women's skating program. Clinton has been -- and but let me add insult our elderly that the -- -- imminent -- department for about -- -- the the -- 81 step. Longevity at the -- I took that Simon has the form -- -- coming up and out quickly that little -- would be coming and going out. I think it is -- that we went a little bit Bob. I'm looking for someone took place now and I'd be up there it's there -- a -- but -- -- pregnant -- two time national champion at 1 -- bring people. One minute snippets of -- on the spot and so are there -- political -- problems. I think it develops confidently about all -- what about it and what about public advocate -- But -- -- it -- it perfectly and but this step and that that's our topic is. Well Christine certainly always the -- a big draw for the Olympics that looks like it could be any bodies gold silver and bronze tonight thank you very much for joining us on the phone. And if you want to follow the progress of American skaters you can -- go to the times that they will be skating today you can check their results immediately. On abcnews.com. And now we are joined live via Skype from Sochi by the Wall Street Journal's Sharon -- -- Sharon thank you for joining us. And let's get right into it it looks like -- Russian men's hockey team did not get what they wanted. -- it all the -- all the -- the shoot out with the Americans. -- came crashing down today what happened. I mean because -- example Irene. -- where they played in -- tired downright attract between eighteen get. Yet they struggled -- several. They weren't looking very that they were looking tired. Goaltending -- they wondered what it goes to beat you think he really didn't appear to be clicking yelling and get that in the credit they were playing a high level -- -- you can't make it very well call. You know what turned this game you know how much of a role -- Finland's goalie Tuukka Rask play and that's. I mean can you can't underestimate that -- You know there are directly got to act and -- the Russians really pick -- up toward president second half of the game. Actually outshot the -- -- I mean definitely you know they see you -- -- the American. -- -- what about Russian Blair of course Pittsburgh star Evgeni Malkin had to tell their coach to pull the goalie when the team trailed late how is it that a team like that level of players. Can't find stronger management. Yeah having that I -- -- -- he wanted to be questioned -- restaurant bar any doubt that would not get ensure Iraq and can't remember. -- who break traffic moved to pull the goalie it's certainly you have that outlook -- -- -- you know I think the fact that it was. It's the players are involved that he and everyone what an on the same page and yet the question -- have they -- going forward. So those who are following today we'll have a Scandinavian showdown in one semifinal Finland and Sweden a goaltending matchup to remember. And looking ahead Sharon are we -- -- less than an hour away from the US team facing the Czech Republic in their quarterfinal what should American fans be looking for. He did you happen and he he had been here a lot of being able to Chris start that -- -- -- that was the question going in. -- -- -- -- -- -- They definitely have they have they -- the battered each day as they've had to good clay but yeah I think the US should be able to handle this -- The idea I think particularly. Even the US forward -- will be hard for the -- he -- their whole lot. Do you think it makes a difference for all the teams knowing that Russia is no longer a factor. Welcome to different panicking that I think that each other rival popular -- US -- right Hillary in the -- erectile. -- their rivalry on the -- -- isn't until they worry in the seventies the need. -- went into the I think we're will be noticeable -- the -- -- could ever lottery game -- -- elected -- -- -- -- an Olympic heavily attended by Iraq and even though even when Iraq is downplaying Iraqi standard -- itself. -- -- this movie -- -- and -- -- take a little bit -- out of the excitement. Any prediction about that US check game. Yeah I I think we -- -- pretty you actually -- back in the -- -- -- he had been the price it -- eight US will be able to act handled them. And one more question before we let you go Canada will play upstart Latvia also at noon and if the Latvians have a chance of slain the Canadian Goliath and what will happen next -- -- stack up. I'll keep -- not candidate does not have a lot of -- yesterday he may have incredibly talented team going and yeah I I think you -- the left side these -- might have yet there's a week is that fits over the last few laps in the fact that they wanted to -- -- -- being expedient. If it it's certainly would be yup but admitting that bad happens. Well thank you Wall Street Journal Sharon -- up go claim your seat. The stadium and thank you so much. It have a lot live blog coverage of the US men's team game at noon right here at abcnews.com. And for all the latest from Sochi including who they US men's hockey team will be facing off with the Czech Republic in today's quarterfinal. Stay right here on abcnews.com. For up to the minute results. Check out our lives -- on yourself and.

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