Oscar Pistorius Case: New Investigator Appointed

Lead detective Hilton Botha, facing attempted murder charges, has been replaced.
1:45 | 02/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Case: New Investigator Appointed
-- details revealed during the third day at the bail hearing for Oscar the story as but the focus wasn't on the double amputee track star but on this man. -- police detective Hilton -- The detective -- faces seven charges of attempted murder stemming from a 2011 incidents where he and two other police officers. Were accused of opening fire on a mini van carrying several people some south African police said today there will be a new chief investigator put on the case. Beaudet has been a key witness during the stories his bail hearing telling the magistrate at the paralympic champion accused of killing his girlfriend. Model -- steam account is a flight risk and should not be granted bail. The bizarre twist in the case came just hours after -- muddled and confused testimony on Wednesday. In court the stories has argued he was closing his balcony doors when he heard a noise from the bathroom. -- an interpreter and without his prosthetic legs. He told -- court he grabbed a gun from under his bed. And fired through the closed bathroom door but prosecutors say that it -- possible that the gun holster was found under the side of the bed where -- comps flat. And that the story is what -- seen as she wasn't there this morning the New York Daily News has this exclusive photo. Of what they say -- story has kept on the night stand in his bedroom. Keyes a TV remote -- -- parents -- handgun the photo taken during a photo shoot for Paris match magazine. At the beginning of the hearing today Oscar historian -- family we're looking much more relaxed obviously feeling more confident after this big -- -- the prosecution's case. But it was not all good news today major sponsor Nike has announced that it is terminating its contract with historians. I'm -- nine -- ABC news Pretoria South Africa.

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{"id":18558176,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Case: New Investigator Appointed ","duration":"1:45","description":"Lead detective Hilton Botha, facing attempted murder charges, has been replaced.","url":"/International/video/oscar-pistorius-case-investigator-appointed-18558176","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}