Pakistani Teen Shot by Taliban Leaves Hospital

Malala Yousufzai will live with her parents in the UK during future medical treatment.
1:35 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pakistani Teen Shot by Taliban Leaves Hospital
She was shot point blank three times but now the girl who became a global symbol of resistance has walked out of the hospital. -- -- uses -- is now outpatient shall checked herself back in later this month for cranial reconstruction. But the fifteen year old has no brain damage and that's a remarkable recovery for a girl who needed emergency surgeries. And -- spent the last three months in hospitals her father -- admitted she almost didn't make it. I -- two my name. But I didn't big -- should make preparations 400 students there was a stage. -- -- -- -- -- Below and her family are now reunited in the UK. Her father is -- inspiration. Running -- Pakistani school where she studied encouraging her to dream even bigger than she already did. I want -- become another -- its name. I don't think he can -- Malden an adoptive. She can how she can connect -- society the end. -- -- -- us food and would be is -- but forget how to conduct trade dignity. And despite her injuries a lot of promises to continue her work at the girls that Haitian she started in 2009. And you must have declined begins to stated -- things going on and the next he's going. Continue -- -- is not given -- from David begin and then trying charities. But she won't be doing an advocacy in Pakistan her family's gonna stay here it's simply too dangerous for them to go home. -- for an ABC news London.

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{"id":18132958,"title":"Pakistani Teen Shot by Taliban Leaves Hospital","duration":"1:35","description":"Malala Yousufzai will live with her parents in the UK during future medical treatment.","url":"/International/video/pakistani-teen-shot-taliban-leaves-hospital-18132958","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}