Paris streets flood as the River Seine rises near the Eiffel Tower

ABC News' Mikey Kay shows the water level rising against a bridge from the Seine's left bank.
9:04 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for Paris streets flood as the River Seine rises near the Eiffel Tower
Good morning from the center of Paris where lights and a half on a parades COLT point alma you can see behind me you know we'll. Which is some 500 mix is a way but the real reason. But we're reporting from the central Paris today. That's because the city has experienced. Some of the most severe flooding since June 26 thing. A sickened state this complete area via the world looking at that's usually a running off in fact it's the rink behind trying. When I go out on a run around the city on this particular that you're looking at on a normal day in the thumb up. Or in the spring would be full of forests walking underneath the bridges along the thing rev up and that's what we are today this is the seine river. But the moment authorities as saying that the levels but currently around seventeen things not just put that into context. Of the weekend. They could rise to twenty feet now that's still a little bit shoals of the June 263 level which was just over twenty feet. But it's still pretty highlight. Usually on this river. Which is Hussein and we're looking. We're looking east to west that the moment on this river. What don't. Like in just bring pull my cameraman down. The liberals a pretty significant. Over here you can see. All of the barges. Wolf of them. And on Thursday. Those barges will be running up and down the river saying poor response is looking at all the wonderful sights and sounds. But you get in Paris from Duluth to the Eiffel Tower. But today several shackled up on that shackled up because as you can see from the bridge at one point Loma. They wouldn't even be out again underneath it. Unless Adalius the levels but currently around seventeen feet and if you look at the statute. Of just get pulled to zoom in. Not so swabbed the Lama not statute that is the Droid if you like teachers prisons do. An old Ford sees the local authorities the council but do you stuff that you the it is to just house of via. The flooding is the moment you can see it open to student named. That the flooding is pretty significant and it's up to. The gentleman's needs. But over the weekend it is projected to I think it's around twenty fate which would be another half of the statue itself and probably. Up to the actual bridge. Now. What does that mean in terms of severity and how battle but the fifty or him we're quite a high level. Because you gave away from the bridge. The levels Boston don't doubt. So I think Dave. On the weekend it does actually get up to twenty feet and bearing in mind I have to say that I hasn't rained for two days but if it does get up to 28. The new all potentially been a city. A breaching. Of the banks. Are not can be significant Juba. Wow look at this this is 1910. Totally about this is this is you bet who's own who's a local prison and a snapping a picture back up again. To Brasilia as a local prison has lived here all of his life when I want bumped into into you that it is useless to them. Lived up. You better showing me say a picture polls. The same bridge but from knowing things happen in 1910. The levels actually rose to around 23. I'm you're pointing out she better earlier you won't you'll pointing out the stunts you. And if you can see. Yes you suitable. And adjectives and you bet you were telling you what's really merely a wrong about some way to the level people on on the statute. Writes like. All things. June. Usually. You don't do and a knee and that's. In nineteen in the nineteenth. So as you can spies you can see I'm of that that the levels of about maybe final six weeks ago. Before they start getting to the 1910 levels and you about resuming the damage. Didn't vote. It's significant. She was. Enough. He's done Fiji's. This wasn't this wasn't. OK so would be. And a lot again. Reached everything much more damage. On this and is this why these will built for protection yet. Yeah yeah. Cuba thank you very much for us to say the bulls are things you. We'll include table generic as you can see. As you as you can see from what you've I was saying how the protection agency. The damage the flooding would have been Matthew McHugh on what the the damage would have been. Even more significant. I did say it hasn't rained for two days so. The predictions are beginning to twenty feet by the weekend it may nor actually reached up but you can still sort of debris floating. Down the Reba and you can just see how high the river actually is in terms of getting towards the young the actual bridges itself. Now little bit of information on the river thing grimace and she starts off with a land rough spots. Which is about three to southeast of Paris a new diesel for those of you I'm not a pass in this. The river saying closed all the way through the central Paris it's about 770 kilometers long from spot. Through its exit point which is Naylor which is on the the north West Coast not just Knoll. Of the Normandy landings took about 770. What looks as long just won the 500 miles. So it think it's it's a significant it's a significant level another little bit of information for you is is the when you're in Paris Brazilians often describe the area south of the river as the left bikes was we're looking downstream. Which is this way if we're on the south side of the middle it's called the left bank and of rule on the north side of the rubble its golden wolf right now the river obviously. It's wriggle through the city which is why the court left bike in the right bank and not the south bi communal -- but just a little bit of information. Those things you earlier all. There is literally no normal traffic but traffic and as you can see. The only thing you'll sit on the river sign of the moment. All the security authorities. Enough supply but it. Monitoring up and down in the promising just looking for. Significant areas of flooding. Areas potentially whether river will be breaching. We do know that seven. Out of the 250 and on significant amount but seven out of the 250 metro lines helping plunged. Just those a protective measures that we don't think that flooded yet but they have been closed for the public's protection. I'm noticed a particular subway or all metro stations all in this area everything literally just. Use the on the south by. And and finally we note. Having spoken to authorities that there is an area of an underground appalled at the Louvre Museum which is also been floaters you can text. The public and it's gonna show you a little bit. Of where rigor and trivia. When you concede she's all buys and bring down that the protection but you can do you actually see the levels. But the water can come through now on a good day. And Osama these steps will lead you all the way down. I and this whole area. Will be full. But tourists. They'll be full of rawness and as you can see anything on it today. Of the ducks. Levels predicted to get a higher. Hopefully with the right backing off of the lost two days. Maybe this is as high as it will come. But I can definitely see that the authorities are all over this on the authorities will be monitoring closely the situation. And preparing for anything. Should the flooding Godiva twenty feet. But a vacancy today still a good way to go for Margaret -- the statue I'm of that. To get the levels that we soared 1910. Well resources significance of F flooding or labor Paris. Mikki K from the river saying in the -- past red seniors.

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"ABC News' Mikey Kay shows the water level rising against a bridge from the Seine's left bank.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"52579593","title":"Paris streets flood as the River Seine rises near the Eiffel Tower","url":"/International/video/paris-streets-flood-river-seine-rises-eiffel-tower-52579593"}