Pedophiles Prey on Kids in Web Blackmail Scheme

Investigators report hundreds of cases of kids being blackmailed into sharing obscene images.
2:00 | 09/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pedophiles Prey on Kids in Web Blackmail Scheme
Daniel Perry seventeen. When he struck up a conversation online with someone he thought was an American -- his own age. He sent explicit images of himself. But he was communicating. With a black mailer who threatens to send the pictures to his friends and family. Within an -- Daniel had fallen to his death from the forth road bridge. But now child abuse experts -- warning blackmail on the web by pieces posing as teen -- is a growing problem. The speaking to fourteen year old descend on 1415. On interest and -- -- It's kind of introduction through the web as they reached choose it themselves school except -- parents grateful. The sexual exploitation -- -- power and control. He is how it happens a transcript of a real online chat. The abuses says -- -- SL meaning age sex location the victim says sixteen female you. The -- -- seventeen male and that is a lie then within seconds. Have you cam meaning a webcam. The victim sent explicit images and so the next day this message came two times more and GB free forever. The victim response thanks for making me want to kill myself but then the threats remember I -- -- video so don't do anything bad. Experts say often child abuse results from a troubled upbringing or poverty. But not in this case. In this form of child section piece every young person is vulnerable simply because there -- young person. They. The -- -- -- -- they open to the expo in the sexuality. And then more likely to take risks I must be in hopes it from an adult. -- says it's identified a 184. British victims of blackmail so far and legacy of self harm and suicide attempts. Its message to young people tell someone what -- -- shed on line. Because you -- not to blame.

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{"id":20320891,"title":"Pedophiles Prey on Kids in Web Blackmail Scheme","duration":"2:00","description":"Investigators report hundreds of cases of kids being blackmailed into sharing obscene images.","url":"/International/video/pedophiles-prey-kids-web-blackmail-scheme-20320891","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}