A personal perspective on Middle East conflict

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar about how he’s experiencing this conflict and his life as an Arab Israeli.
5:23 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A personal perspective on Middle East conflict
And for personal perspective on this raging conflict we're joined now by Palestinian rapper Cameron a far he's also an actor screenwriter and social activist. Thank you so much for talking with us especially under these really intense circumstances. We so appreciate your time. Describe first where you are what's happening all around you. I'm seeing right now and it turned to CTO trend didn't look Palestinian Luka. He's Israeli identity. And it is it peaceful where you are at this moment do you hear. Sirens bombs. I'm here Dana yet there's a lot of threats but not by the site until the bonds might threats are coming. No truth easily. Government of the so close. And we're seeing lots of images of violence against Arab Israelis and clashes in the streets between Jews and Arabs explain for us all of the anger and the tension even between people with the same citizenship. Six decisions chicken doesn't mean that it's the same mental qualities. It doesn't mean that extinct in most that they both enjoy the same no democratic most. Ever since 1948. When men women and ease may have led. I don't most of the Palestinians outside of the lands. And I'm you know if you must state and numb declared dead and I'm the grandson of one of those who stayed Panetta says sound we have not we don't we don't share the same night is day Israeli Jews so. This whole thing they'll go to what happened today that I'm so that we don't see today. So before this latest round of attacks what was it like for you to be. An Arab living inside of Israel and why choose to rap about songs about the Palestinian experience. He had no Palestinians soldier I would appreciate wanted to finish and also Palestinian any sort of ease. And now what was the situation before. The situation before it is not existing existing when it comes to public view comes to housing and now wouldn't constantly are mixed to build houses when it comes. And then to equal rights link arms to well. Misquoted you Asia everything you know you are being treated dealer as. Moon what is lost their second class citizens this is only being treated and what little was seen to date is the result of saloons it happening since 1948. Including. Of course there's finger pointing on both sides what responsibility. Do you feel that Hamas bears for the deadly attacks are happening right now. What are annoying questions like asking somebody. I mean. The Y. Why is it when it went every time Palestinian guy comes in makes an interview that you wanted to take responsibly take responsibility for what I don't own an army are all but tense. We'll let as an apple as a musician doesn't this is a microphone. And he doesn't give our population that is armed and you are talking about what their responsibilities that we are holding. We hardly have any tools through dealey. Why why when it comes to these ladies and Palestinians you always have to define each had a way to justify these are these rights. How well actually no I actually and not trying to justify either I'm just trying to say is there blame on both sides is there a responsibility on both sides. Share with a mean I don't know what is my responsibility. Judy showed me. What needs to happen at this point we're in order to use stop the bloodshed in the streets. The Orlando festival in the exact morning you can goalie into my instinct and and you see a former local 98 Tuesday easing police. Analysts as an easily citizen is as a citizen of the most didn't grow beach. Now company in the Middle East. I call god sounds like a sin. I just got a message from new deli meat that doesn't get a few and he'll only do go out in the streets me as a citizen PC. Man and the same time I'm watching this Lisa my windows and seeing a lot of us. So there was. Coming trump card from Minnesota girls form usually eat coming true or older. Yeah coming he and equipment wouldn't shortened disease and who live bands. And just treading on my street so you just sent him back and then how come they are vacant and I had a people being protected by the police the police are protecting do you all people and the our own people. So if you want me to ask what is the situation for me as a father right now as somebody who's gentleman's life. The only solution is that somebody any organization any and any police Laura I don't unruly experiments. Like Iran might Wonder Woman whatever you call. Induced paranoia situation. What we are expecting form seems to Israeli police staking my money if you don't as a Texan present and protecting me I'm asking a prediction knee and another one point six million Palestinians look inside. Paul held as hostages until we. Yeah this is the first step in and asking for. Taylor in a far appreciate your time please stay saved thank you so much for talking with us. It.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar about how he’s experiencing this conflict and his life as an Arab Israeli.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77681013","title":"A personal perspective on Middle East conflict","url":"/International/video/personal-perspective-middle-east-conflict-77681013"}