Pompeo blaming Iran for tanker attacks

The U.S. is claiming Iran took an unexploded mine off a tanker in order to hide involvement.
3:50 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Pompeo blaming Iran for tanker attacks
I write so we move on to the two oil tankers that were attacked in the gulf of a mind secretary of state Mike Pompeo blaming it. Or Ronnie Ron and today the US military releasing a video it says it shows Iran's revolutionary guard. Removing an unexploded mine from one of the oil tankers targeted. And this suggests they were removing evidence from the scene so I want to bring in Elizabeth McLaughlin in our DC bureau. Elizabeth Iran has denied in these attacks but how was the US able to determine that they were responsible. Flee you heard secretary Mike Pompeo yesterday very strong talking about. The U lacks intelligence that they had as well as does the capabilities that what if they needed to carry out this kind of attack. The US deciding that it was only a rhyme that what it had the ability to do something like that. And those images of course they believe show a Ryan. Removing that unexploded mine on the side of one of those jets. The crew from that ship was on a US destroyer for some period of time. And and that's and while we're watching now is to see. What's going to happen next here because this is certainly at collate attention and the region this is a very strategic. Point for the world's oil reserves. And so aware all the air at the Pentagon talking officials about what the US response is going to be. Yet does this doesn't didn't do these kind of attacks mean we're getting closer to war. Walled in what US Central Command said last night at that they are not interstate and engaging in another conflict in the Middle East. Nobody wants war here we hit up an official's time and time again. But you really can't downplay how significant is this because of bill oil that goes through that streak in the interest that there is internationally around guarding. These commercial ships that pass through there when with the Japanese ship. The crew crews from all around the world. And so will be last respond unilaterally while they're beat some sort of Baffert to have an international coalition of some kind of allies. Come together and try to push back insure the safety that will that transit. Through this area president trump has been very strong head has warned Iran. Not to act can make any type of attack. It's it's unclear at this kind of the president's red line because this is an attack directly on you lack personnel or in checked. And so what the response is going to be. If again what we're watching for right now yet we don't know what the response is going to be but does the US have. A clear policy on these types of situations. No clear policy so glad there's this really did just happen if several weeks ago where we determined that Iran had targeted fort tankers. And there had been banned a large US response to that attack they would actually before that attacking US banks. Strategic bomber group a B fifty twos. As well that the Lincoln carrier strike group an additional on the full defense system so they moved Athens into the region before these attacks because of the rat. That the US intelligence committee Eric community determined were aimed at you lack. At that than personnel an in Iraq in the area and at feet. These targets however have not ban. American. So will the US and more assets to the region there will be a change in shipping and that area that's we're going to to find out and whether the administration. Really wants to do more here. Remember the US have had a very strong. Economic sanctions on Iran has been working on maximum pressure to try to move Tehran to the negotiating table. The Iraqi leadership at that they are not interest stated sitting down with president trump he still seems open to that idea so well more sanctions push them to the table. That's another option you make the all right Elizabeth McLaughlin thank you so much for joining us with those updates.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The U.S. is claiming Iran took an unexploded mine off a tanker in order to hide involvement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63717596","title":"Pompeo blaming Iran for tanker attacks","url":"/International/video/pompeo-blaming-iran-tanker-attacks-63717596"}