Across the Pond: Algerians celebrate as president announces he won't seek 5th term

Plus, a key vote on U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal and a close call on a London street.
5:09 | 03/12/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Algerians celebrate as president announces he won't seek 5th term
Let's go across the pond now to our London bureau or Julia McFarlane keeping an eye on some international stories you might have missed. Juliet good morning your filings news out of Algeria this morning what's going on there. Good morning guys yeah this is a really interesting story. Algeria has been sort of gripped by protests and the then lost. Few weeks that this could be amendment. Of change for the country had to say to give me a little background context Algeria is led. By an octogenarian president his ruled. Say decades he's hot he's in the middle of his twenty year rule. And there have been people taking to the streets across Algeria protesting against him because he has been. Moving to go for a fifth. Have now he is quite reclusive president at a stricken Tony thirteen. And he's badly made any public appearances. Since then since 2000 Centene. He slid back to Algeria yesterday in the face will be protests. Because he has been receiving treatment. Health health treatment in Switzerland now summing knew that happened today meant that he stood up and he has released a statement saying that he was not going to seek. New commutes have now elections was slate sids 48 pro. But there's a mound the king to be posts because spend because. The president has said that he is not gonna seek reelection and the Interior Minister is now being charged. With forming a new government. Just fascinating there and Julie as you know we've been asking about wrecks it and all the developments over the past few weeks. And now today if that day we've got a big vote in parliament on Rex it's so it's a deal going to happen. Breaks that bonanza hate come and so. I mean just before he went on that we would just talking here in the London bureau about you know how do you explain to you guys where exactly we are right now because this is not to be the second time parliament has got it. For this very so. What is going on meg Y means they're missing data has actually been any progress is being made and I think bush can already say to you as that we and our peak politics web Brecht said. Is consigned it's entirely a political the princess and let me just explain to you what happened say. You Mara member just before Christmas lost their prime minister entries in May. Suffered the most. That the biggest government defeats in British political history how to deal which she put. To parliament she looks that by 213. It's an act pick. Iraq could margin of defeat she is taken that same deal the steel is basically a deal that covers. The nature of how the UK and you will have the future relationship on the times of house. The UK will leave. When breaks that they approaches. MPs have not been happy about some of the closes or not she's tried to gather. Back to Brussels and tried to tinker where that the EU has basically not reopen the agreement but she's tried to find her way through. To say that the you have admit to some changes. But it sold out onto the fine print but meanwhile it the fact that the language may have changed fighting might give some cover of and peas. To bid for some political cover. I mean the right. The progressive press has been switch come out swinging for the deal but to punish Avis front about backstop from the dead gotten refer us to the Irish facts of which has been one of the main sticking point say. Its the says this basically unload just. The C if you cannot semen on it a little so it's basically the paper's printed last night off that's the PM came back forms 'cause boot. Having talked to for the Europeans. I mean like that and a very tonight it's if they event to pos maze deal then breaks it is on the way if they've blocked kid again. Then things get rid interesting band we've got a bay tomorrow. Once more on on whether the parliament will be lots of may deal. And then abatement does say on whether they would delay breaks that and then the future of whether the UK will leave looks rhythms some. Wound Julie waters and following that one but Julie we've also been watching. This video that is such a scary moment what is going on in London with your buildings collapsing obviously married and I. Are the happening now obviously about Irene came up but this video we've seen is pretty scary. I mean. Lick the world creates higher that amendment roll kind of woman a pot if sabathia went on. You know I kind of sympathize there's an East London on dot guy had such a lucky escape that he's just sort of casually nonchalantly walking down the street and then. That only white T collapse. -- been really really high winds in London recently really really strong gale force winds that may have had something to do with it but just incredible man in court. On security camera footage that say just. AA is still you know the crowd Manuel K industry and the after. I would love to see his reaction after it came down my he was well liked. You know and get a life with me I'm always plugged into my music my eyes and my iPhone and you wouldn't even notice that it was me out of its kind on yeah. Follow your advice that Dave do now opponent might advise yeah. Baylor. I knew it take you so much Havoc or they might.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Plus, a key vote on U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal and a close call on a London street.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61625358","title":"Across the Pond: Algerians celebrate as president announces he won't seek 5th term","url":"/International/video/pond-algerians-celebrate-president-announces-seek-5th-term-61625358"}