Across the Pond: American journalist released after being detained in Venezuela

Plus, women and children flee as U.S.-backed forces close in on ISIS's final foothold in Syria.
4:03 | 03/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: American journalist released after being detained in Venezuela
Let's go across the pond out of the London bureau or bring a rover is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. Good morning to you burnout we know that you spent some time in Venezuela covering the crisis there and we are actually breathing a sigh of relief this morning because. So on the ABC and news family with and packed over there in Venezuela. Yes Cuddy whether I should perhaps by Saddam and never actually made it into Venice try to rise on the border with Venezuela and Colombia but I did I'm a parent -- with Cuddy. Four ABC week we told to the same time and he was in the country reporting ray B for ABC news. And he had a very frightening and it's very because he was arrested by Venice by the security tapas and now. And how old. Com and thought I'm questions about the stories he was doing thankfully he's been released but he is being deported like it is some I dare I think of the climate. That exists inside Venezuela at this time the journalists are being sold tie because they came to his apartment and arrested him that city was deliberately targeted. That's a huge site covering leaf prayer that he has spent. But though we sent back but we've also are watching this decisive battle in Syria against ice is what's the latest there. Well it's it's extraordinary scenes I'm and we look at the pictures you can see men women and mainly women and children. Do have made their way out of funk blues which is a small on clay every the last Unclei of all the ice is controlled in Syria what's amazing is how many perhaps two to 3000 people have made that way out of Bap Bap. Class a little. Little town. Under incredible offensive by WS facts Syria and forces that. Men women and children. That that know how these people these are the fire and ice a supporters who made it very clear weather and old to still line. The women and children being taken to displacement camps within Syria the man I've been taken off. Being screened but they don't seem to be. You know of a beats and defeated people in this sense and that poses many problems going forward. Because water is gonna happen to these arsenal ices fighters and forty been reports that many of them has slipped away and we don't know whether doll oh what they might be up to next. That is a good point and asked the president says. The rhetoric that we hear about ice is being beaten and defeated in the Syrian and you show it does show us as images. And so it's good that we know the details that are coming out what's really happening on the ground as the political rhetoric in Washington really heats up over Syria well. And got no go right ahead. Net I mean the fact is a vote that the president on his right prices have been soundly beaten on the ground that. Itself declared kind of at a four years ago I was basically nonexistent this is a tiny Aung claim. Left and it in a victory is imminent what is striking its Wesley how many people of that. But also as their much how to fight back now. I'm bat bat I think poses another sort of existential threat in terms of how this ice is. Group is that a more open to something else we sold out without Qaeda right eye and I that would gonna see that again in this situation unfortunately. Yes what will happen next and Barbara so we can switch we ought to switch it up a little bit here. I don't go from something that's serious or something a little more light that was a moose. Apparently on the loose and I heard that you've got new details on Mac. Yes well at it if it wasn't yes that moose loose in The Who has but no not in the house all the Koppel is amazing scenes. Of thumb I Koppel in prince George in Canada coming out and then they sold a mouse and a massive case and I think I'm nuts about. Moves prancing about on back how pole and apparently convinced that a heavily. And the recent climbs up a snow drift and was having all residual tee time. You know I lofty view enjoying I'm pay more how self that and then actually climb down again. Using its free who knew that that moose is could climb trees but that the it's it's. It's assessing actually get their big animals and you do have to be quite apple because they've people have been. Attacked by at least is all right. News lucero is actually meets right from the crew. Thank god wherever you're Yahoo! regarding.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Plus, women and children flee as U.S.-backed forces close in on ISIS's final foothold in Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61528534","title":"Across the Pond: American journalist released after being detained in Venezuela","url":"/International/video/pond-american-journalist-released-detained-venezuela-61528534"}