Across the Pond: American kidnapped on safari in Uganda

Plus, Norway sets a record for electric car sales, and Prince Harry takes a ballet lesson.
4:02 | 04/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: American kidnapped on safari in Uganda
Welcome back let's go across the pond out ABC news London bureau Bruno rover our friend is keeping an eye on the biggest international stories. Good morning Bruno so let's start with the American woman kidnapped. And that's a far you've got that now been identified. Yes sir name is Kimberly sued and to cut she was on safari in in Uganda and in the popular Queen Elizabeth national park. When day was stall to to drive in safari is how vehicle was stopped by for our man and she was taken along with a drives are actually Canadian couple. Were left behind. Issues taken we don't know what that at this stage however 8500000. Ransom. I'm demo on was made using half and authorities are saying that they still think the kidnappers are in the vicinity all that they we've just learned. That now looking outside the park but still within the Gannon board and I where this happened. Is closer to border with Congo the North Kivu region of Congo this is a narrow red has been plagued by instability. There's several militias armed militias operating in that area and it's been very unstable really since that a wound and genocide in 1990 falls so it's a tricky place to operate. And so I'm hopefully. Veto this lady got a -- is and it's closed the border so hopefully we'll get some good news in the in the coming days. Just had scratching story there and record. For electric car sales in Norway is this just to try and there. Yeah that's what it's I was saying it's all over the place in Norway now has for the first time sold more electric cause some 60% of news thousand now electric. Then petrol caused this has been held by album. Some some some generous provisions for electric cars import duties have been wave but also once you've got the call. You couldn't drive on the without road tolls and you could even drive in bus lines. Mad at this is not just the beginning because no we shouldn't. I'm pollen attack as images legislation to make all calls sales by 20/20 five. Metric. But hasn't sold everything that is Tsotsi with a view to help global warming. The question is how does the power come from a fortunate a lot of the Powell still comes from fossil fuels it's that I'm power stations so will have to see whether they can. Dole not one. Admirable for you go we always love when you showed the royals are just like us renteria apparently showing off some ballet skills for children's class and London so. I'm we need your critique how do you think he did. How somebody was thrown out I I did did body when I was a kid along with my Brothers are my kid Tripplett and we were thrown out of Bob ballot calls mucking around too much I'm not necessarily good judgment. Bots what he was doing was was for a good cause he was that the YMCA attending the roundtable discussion with some of his private charities Stonewall and young minds of that and it was he was citing the social media. Is more addictive. The drugs and alcohol the ticket because it's unregulated. And he's say he says stressing that human connections of the most important part all of interactions between us and shouldn't be substituted by Scioscia meager amount about funds. Still weren't always learn so much your trip let you took ballet you act kicked out from mucking around. The prince is talking about do groups such suspects. The talk about social media. It is spotting because yesterday without adhering meg and broke the record for the fastest and server an account to get to a hundred to one million followers and we asked. Whose record did they break Bernard you know. I'm understated. Beyoncé. That can't get great gas but as the K pop star by the name of com. Dame ten you know. Both came up yes he yes I should have known that a number moderate. CB broke the pope's record back in January so really maybe your brother would have known that already had a brother or the other why the hell out of all right could be them indeed dot debatable stepped. Yeah rockers you beat me to a triplet joke which I'm pretty sure you have lived with all of your life though her thank you for adult enough O'Malley. And hurt sort of create.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Plus, Norway sets a record for electric car sales, and Prince Harry takes a ballet lesson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62163717","title":"Across the Pond: American kidnapped on safari in Uganda","url":"/International/video/pond-american-kidnapped-safari-uganda-62163717"}