Across the Pond: American rescued in Burkina Faso raid

Plus, a scare on the runway in Myanmar, and Duchess Meghan posts a new photo of baby Archie for Mother's Day.
4:43 | 05/13/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: American rescued in Burkina Faso raid
Let's go across the pond now to the London bureau were doing MacFarlane is following the latest on a harrowing rescue in Africa where you French soldiers were killed. In the raid to free tours who have been held hostage for nearly a month Julia when we know right now. Hey guys good morning. So this pretty curious star this happened on Friday. What we had the soul of a southern French special forces. Carried out a raids in nor than the keynote Foss that's a land boats country and Central Africa has just south of Molly. And that the war came out to about ways to French hostages hostages were rescued they had been kidnapped Los in the national pock. Nick Bennett net Benin which is across the boards. And all say a South Korean. Woman and an unnamed US citizen who we now know who is a woman and has sixties heyday know anything of then she's a private citizen. The city's four people were well I rescued by different special forces. But extra apparently the Americans did not realize that she had been missing. And until until Friday and at the very very Mikey Dee tells. On this story she is now. Being briefed according to sources telling ABC Newsday and the Americans want to find out what she was doing in Burkina fox. And why and what happened when she was kidnapped. The had been fits I've got the group may have been taken into neighboring countries like mommy and sold on as hostages to. Of the militant groups say the good thing they were rescued just in time good. Thing and Julia scary moment and Myanmar went out plane made an emergency landing with out to its front landing gear we saw these images and they are crazy but everyone is okay. New us so we won't watching this story and over the weekend and you can see there's really incredible things as I just the point. Quickly while looking at this plane that the passages in the career as you as a ward you know he's still a lot of them smiling she quite in good spirits. And this despite what must have been a very terrifying landing now what happened was. The plane's landing gear had malfunctioned it's none Brian of 190 jet. The pilots. I realized something was up when the landing because there wasn't the cloying and yet the dump. Fuel to make the plane lights he cycled on at traffic control a couple of times to make sure that the wheels one coming down. And in the end he knew he had to land the plane without its front wheels so what we saw was as plain school racing down the tarmac of the runway snake gang everywhere affair of the cabinet and but as it as a time dot it was a tech expect emergency landing this kind of thing it it all went according to plan and the crew and the passengers would never writ in any. Home and credit kaleidoscope there. They nibbling on a textbook what I would have been like in about collateral not what your lives and business. I'm hey before you go so some people are not beat people by how. Do not like feet by saying these new images of baby Archie and those adorable adorable feet. Baby baby feet like the phrase the pit departure of tiny feet when united someone's expecting this is there really really cute and stick around pesos on the bus tour is to Graham account. Now of course Magid is a British royal now but she did pay assistant belittle. Image smog Mother's Day which is being celebrated not just in the U hospitals and a number of commonwealth countries and she lists them. And we think that she may have penned the caption because of a because sellers at a Virginia spelling of the wet on. And the americanized. Residents battling with children in current resident. The way this morning. Guided back and a mistake because I just want to point out that the fate there is saying he spoke the causes. In the backgrounds. Which we believe is taking a folk more content about grind off forget me nots which weapons of Diana's favorite flower. Now and it pays there is very serious met comments she'll say this issue rights paying tribute to all mothers today and she has a little Kuwait from a poet. I really talented pet nine year Wahid's you guys that they should check her out if you didn't have. A quick from one of her pay it I was called lands and says my mother was much fuss country the first place I have a live. Really really very that there payers beautiful hopefully tomorrow we'll get a picture of just the hands. The faith. Maybe get a slightly below the baby you gonna be piece by piece of the bay. You know and these are real you didn't tell suddenly we're staring down again these people hunted medic found that drop you if they don't let. Bird uranium by Bernard.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Plus, a scare on the runway in Myanmar, and Duchess Meghan posts a new photo of baby Archie for Mother's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63001656","title":"Across the Pond: American rescued in Burkina Faso raid","url":"/International/video/pond-american-rescued-burkina-faso-raid-63001656"}