Across the Pond: Bolton blames Iran for failed attack on key Saudi port

Plus, the last Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has died, ending hopes of saving the species in the country.
4:56 | 05/29/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Bolton blames Iran for failed attack on key Saudi port
Let's go across the pond now to do McFarlane and then London bureau Juliet good morning I can AM. Following comments made overnight by national security advisor John Bolton and Abu Dhabi who suspects Iran of targeting and a key Saudi port. And what he says the felled attack. Exactly cat national security advisor John Bolton he is as you say and I'm Iraqi capital of Abu Dhabi he is that a jury in. This high since period of tensions. Between the gulf nation Saudi Arabia and the gulf. And Iran now he was speaking to John Lewis and he. Did not collaborate much but he said that's that that was an alleged attack on this or what oil port city. Cooled down and do now. Obviously this is just the latest incident and a number all of escalating instance. Throughout this whole crisis remember the US has sent an act Ashcroft Carey and 52 obamas to the region it's deployed hundreds more troops. And the have been drone strikes from rebels and Yemen. Who are backed by Iran. Say that American allies in the gulf especially Saudi Arabia have really been trying to illustrate how and how deep they concede this threat to be. Lots to follow think he's but catching us up at that we'll be following it closely as well moving on now. To Malaysia where the nation's last male Sumatran rhino has passed away. And Julianne Chris what this means for conservation efforts the final male rhino seems pretty serious. Yes so rare Sumatran rhino is that indigenous to Indonesia but there were a couple in the lace and what's happened is spots the lost now rhino in the lazy. How is unfortunately died they tried to Paramount for the fee now. Who white rhinos are among the next critically endangered species on us I believe that's not any white Ryan is an Africa. Any more. And as for the Sumatran rhinos those Bambi a hundred of them left in the wild or now. Basically in Anthony's the US is actually involved in conservation efforts west Malays in Anthony's it to try. And help them but the trouble is they're remaining Ryan is asked after the cross. The jungle and into museum that unable to find each other for breeding. Man a lot of this is because of deforestation palm oil concessions. But conservationists and even tried IVF to try and based nom does and it just seems I than losing the fighting a losing battle says many many sides. Yeah sad indeed. And so we should lighten things up just a bit chilly outside now to then. When did you explain some Burris customs. They are usual the different ways across the pond. Chances are the mouthpiece of the British people. Who we go to you. Right that might not have like I don't I'm playing like a blast their way you tell us who's gone on in this video ago. They collect this and one. I'm honestly this is. This is a huge schools of national pride means. I and this is at the annual cheese grueling competition. Now is being done by officials the health and safety full obvious reasons. So this is an unofficial race that leg you can go see hundreds of people a spectator now what they do is they Rhode. Reels of teens on an incredibly steep health and they chase after it on the bus because he goes down. Way and now I just won't soon just read out how have been normally very high brow. And stiff upper limit BBC has been reporting the story on line. This isn't a new jump in has been crowned the death defying amulets she's renting race. I love it lending. Southern lesson what it says. Like the BBC two news iPad made but very -- seventeen and 15100 yards down a one C grades in health. Not accident do go to NET as those he is this race this is race when. I didn't think they eat the cheese at the end when it still covet and brought some mock but they do that when is always do you hold it. Hold that she's wheels aloft and as they celebrate winning but it's. I'm an identity now I'm in other industries myself. It really I love that often so here's what think you visited. They've throat she's doubt hail the name run after it yeah that's that's. They I don't I don't know why let that happen I don't know what I just that guy Juliette explain below the intent. And that I'm those cut those British custom customs and ways I can honestly say there's no wind greater. Then you. My friend being in there it not he's. Yes there isn't one right now who gets my teeth the U. I really I beg your local rivers said it thanks a lot better it's tired she is.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Plus, the last Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has died, ending hopes of saving the species in the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63342314","title":"Across the Pond: Bolton blames Iran for failed attack on key Saudi port","url":"/International/video/pond-bolton-blames-iran-failed-attack-key-saudi-63342314"}