Across the Pond: Brexit chaos in the UK

Plus, British Airways cancels flights as pilots go on strike, and a self-driving boat will attempt to recreate the Mayflower’s voyage.
3:18 | 09/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Brexit chaos in the UK
And I also across Fonality ABC news's London bureau or Joanna McFarland is keeping an eye on the political chaos there around for exit. Julie good morning new prime minister Boris Johnson wants a snap election next month but lawmakers there rejected that proposal. What comes next. Malaysian say yes this is the thought of a very unlikely to be a very tight midweek for prime minister Boris Johnson and just a few I was the government has gained Oscar and keys to date for a snap election as you say. Next month now why does Boris wants Davis a stay with me. Remember that last week the pop up parliament debates it in favor of a bill that will compel. Boris Johnson to mosque the EU to pass spending that's scheduled how to mean Brett exit date. If he cannot get a deal now Morris has said repeatedly he does not want to do this he says that he would rod. Died in a ditch so that's why he wants to get back to the is how the government may try and guess who rounds got bill which is going to be in come into force in to little. Today there's some suggestions the prime is the may write to. Two messes. To the EU one lets us saying that he's opting for an extension because he hostage. Foot by and other leftists saying well we don't really want this so please don't give it to watch through the extraordinary. Scenes are a lot of discussion whether. About could be a contravention of the law. The rainy ratings have been times here in the UK. I'm if you wanna fly out of the UK but apparently that can be tapped if you're I'm British Airways write another. Right don't. Absolutely now I get it we aren't the and nearing the end of vacation season but. These cancellations electric was huge amount. All the destruction high in its all of British Airways the UK's national flag carry. Set to walkout at for two days. Ever a pay and conditions. Dispute it's set to cost yet line around fifty million dollars a day some 4000 pilots. Are involved in and this strike and the Adeline is set to counsel around 17100. Flights who. While a man. Yes that we now most of us travelers are getting refunds but they can also look and did taking a self driving boats. Huh huh huh. Yesterday this isn't great story it now whack his set is beginning. And constructing this. Undermine the very roots which is getting to the pot next yet next September from Plymouth. And made to the US and it is a celebration a recreation. All of them may file as voyage in the 1620s. Of course carrying based pilgrim's David to the US. For the first time I've this is an IDs and unmanned better routes I have to check when a president the story does not going to be anyone on board because my bus though it was. Well if I was on a bet I would die they want a captain may showers safe Wright is a going to be a crew on board. Not a manual on Boyd it's gonna sell across Atlantic is also going to be dings and important widely Jerious Janet's nick collecting days of the climate told Agee. I'm marine life sir not just a nice as a reenactment all of that historic voyage but did didn't some important science as well. Well there you go pay thank you Joseph who appreciate it. Take care like Scott.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Plus, British Airways cancels flights as pilots go on strike, and a self-driving boat will attempt to recreate the Mayflower’s voyage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65480952","title":"Across the Pond: Brexit chaos in the UK","url":"/International/video/pond-brexit-chaos-uk-65480952"}