Across the Pond: British Parliament suspended amid Brexit chaos

Across the Pond: British Parliament suspended amid Brexit chaos Plus: Bush fires ravage Australia, and Vladimir Putin’s party suffers rare election losses in Russia.
4:35 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: British Parliament suspended amid Brexit chaos
They're British government has formally suspended parliament sparking outrage over what prime minister Boris Johnson's opponent. Say is an effort to stop lawmakers from studying his plan take a look at the chaos that erupted in the house of commons. Google will also rise and not just may hit. It plans. To declare that homelessness. What. Until also didn't plant try to write an opponent's. These non crisis. Of this humble high. Okay. I completely understand why Ben any large numbers of members. How much more comfortable staying or wherever I. Mr. steer if you didn't not a huge fuel could be entitled to you'll do you aren't couldn't give a flying through. I won't you'll hear me. Well let's go across now upon to do it McFarlin in the London bureau Julie government warnings so. Please explain what in the world of that. Hey guys well you know we brits we love pub and serve any day leave but not quiet light that's what you guys just sort. That is the usual price us. For the ending of a parliamentary session this Kenya office up from the opera house the House of Lords usually starts this hour many. But she was badly ahead as he CA event the more of opposition MPs. Crying out shame shame on you. As government conservative and he is left of the house now that it was extraordinary scenes in parliament yesterday a number of things happened. The speaker John baca announcing he would stand down. In a number of weeks. As MPs filed out some even tried to stop him from leaving. Now Boris Johnson he summoned his six defeats in as many days. Last night Graham he's again base hit against holding a snap election now the clock is ticking down. To the study festival ten about. And he's how fullest mr. Boris Johnson two cost the EU for an extension. In that the date to leave that you if you can't get a deal. But now as you see up part of the parliamentary session is not a bet it'll my time in middle taiba. Where and he's and they have two days to determine the outcome of whether Britain leads in you or not mr. Jones and wants desperately to ensure that does happen. Wow I mean incredible that you guys don't see those images too often we see that Capitol Hill about her other her. And and Australia brush fires are raging even the country's rainforest. In what experts say as much earlier than the usual fire season. Exactly today one of the regional primary as actually hinted that this is on climate change slicing increased temperature is. For a greater risk to effect of wildfires in the stranded two states Queensland. A New South Wales sold more than a hundred but he wallet five's. That with 300 firefighters battling to put out the blades the blaze hundreds of people had to evacuate from that Hayden say some really really upsetting scenes. And in Russia president Vladimir Putin's party has not suffer some rare election losses after weeks of protests. Where thousands rallied over opposition candidates being barred from running so how rare is this and what could it mean for Putin. Exactly this is a really interesting man in for Russian politics these pot municipal elections that are run most gay City Council election and say. Perhaps not mind some indicative all of a national. Passive. But the images of the shows the rest of the country is going to be quite into staying out of this has. Bill this has been precipitated by weeks of protests. In the capital often the government bought opposition candidates from taking pot in the polls now what we saw yesterday off debates were counted on and on Monday. Was not out of the 45 seat parliament in the most skated City Council. The cook today kept Kremlin party had forty seat that's not gone to 24. Save some big big losses for patent coupled with the images of all of those anti government protests things of not looking great for Vladimir Putin right now. All right Julie thank you so much for joining this morning.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Across the Pond: British Parliament suspended amid Brexit chaos Plus: Bush fires ravage Australia, and Vladimir Putin’s party suffers rare election losses in Russia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65506562","title":"Across the Pond: British Parliament suspended amid Brexit chaos","url":"/International/video/pond-british-parliament-suspended-amid-brexit-chaos-65506562"}