Across the Pond: Cardinal convicted of sexual abuse

Plus, Iran's foreign minister offers his resignation and Britain's opposition party may back another Brexit vote.
8:26 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Cardinal convicted of sexual abuse
Welcome back my check and wind ABC news London bureau. Correspondents there are our friend Julie McFarland. She's not on B biggest international news good morning Julia. Lining up in morning Hannah peg you guys allow this morning so all main top story that was looking out today on the side of the Atlantic and that this is the latest in the Catholic chat. Centerpiece gone though this is a story from Australia and it and bold. He missed seeing yet cleric in the chats. To have been found guilty of sexual crimes of talking about cardinal George pell he's a very very senior figure in the Catholic chat she. Was the Vatican's economy minister pick bronzes. Financial advise a now he has been convicted today of historic sexual abuse dating back to the 1990s when. He was an arts bishop. The allegations in bowl while the crimes unfold. Two choir boys and now I think we can hair from one of the victims the other one. Sadly died of the drug evidence and in 20141 of the victims still alive. And he space to a jury of his experiences. Jordan help ease amongst them a break. He has to be child had not been hot and detention none of these that this week justice we wanna seeming Giles we want to say he didn't. For all I need help fill it up. Now one of the victims he gave. Evidence to the jury he said that the whole trial was stressful and added that it has taken him. Yeah is to understand the impact about the abuse hat. On his life I just wouldn't give view us some background to why the soul came from because this really is. A staggering ongoing inquiry in Australia. And when he that he made a penned this royal commission. Into crimes committed in the Catholic chats and it is a really really expands an inquiry we've covered it before adjust some stop someone every about two guys. Met this landmark inquiry it if the fight is it's had more than 8000 testimonies about abuse and Catholic. Institutions and a strain it found tens of thousands of children have suffered abuse more than two and a half thousand allegations have been referred to the police. 60000. Survivors may be added to both compensation and all these crimes. Found have been too involved 7% of all Catholic priests administrative some pretty staggering fat on this inquiry. Those numbers are disturbing they are hard to hear. This is really. He gets you right here all fall and extend out to for the rest of their lives but we need to save those numbers we need to talk about the victims we need to talk about the U users. And and that's what's being done. And also Julie you're watching something with the wrong today as well what's the latest there. Yes so this is written into staying the hum my homage about Missouri who is the Iranian foreign minister. He has been. As sort of he he's of a wild man faked it he's one of the main proponents knock text of the turning fifty in Iran nuclear deal he announced his resignation. And paste on into the ground I confess entry way to announce his resignation. Now he's at he's tried to resign before. We've we've got to night but it looks like this is probably the most sort of significant made. Yet president Hassan Hani has not yet accepted his resignation as sort of read out. Had his reason he hasn't given any reasons for his resignation but has instead from paced sad. I'm very grateful to the did an honorable Iran in people for the last 67 months. I sincerely apologize for the income past it's because continue setting signaled its shortcomings during my Savvis. Be happy. And honest now this is really interesting because they're grief and Iran and present hasn't honey they're frequently described as moderates they both educated in the west. Present Hani was educated in Glaus is a reef. In the US. And they have been sort of the for their leading figgins and pushing Iran in politic to opposing to a that they toured with the west of course they would in an architect of the Iran in you've created deal. But of course real power in Iran doesn't lie in the presidency. Oh in the Foreign Ministry it lies with the supreme leader on the hotline is. Of the guardian council not those guys are very very and TV Iran deal and T any kind of dates won't with the west so it's gonna be rid interesting to see how the reefs resignation what impact this house on. Duhon incident Henne Aaron and the direction that Iran is going to be traveling in. In the coming months in the is and if I misery posted his resignation on since stripper. Me yeah idea on how full won this I mean of quit just reminded me kind of remember went from pasted days. What Wendy when Iran is pasted based means is like game if ratings means. With it with regards to their US sanctions amended and president himself like responded with like. Mock tough game offense haystack exhibits 21 century politics playing out officially Nina. I really deathly know how to get the west's attention and that's Viagra. As senior news on the RID feeds so. Either the right so is -- bright city is there any idea about practical I hear the development in that debate. Yeah does so it not this made international headlines the opposition labor party announced that they would back. An amendment putting forth another bank's. On Brett exit now about certain real shift. And policy that adds to a lot of pressure. On trees in May also on the labor leadership Jeremy Corbin who is a leader of the labor party. Heat doesn't want a second vote but last week he was faced with. A string of resignations from his party from labour MPs he and he breaks that they want to get back to the public again Tosca. The people whether we're pretty sure about wanting to give practicing as a stunning into real dog's dinner at the moment. Whereas treason may she's also got a lot on her plate because she's got a cabinet briefing this morning and we are also waiting to see. If she will Seif the resignations. From how uppity now with a nice coming days they Gannett debate a few more amendments. And so will will see some developments whether the government will end up having to delay brought exit that's one of the main sort of things. On the table but I just want to Shane. May when she was at this summit. In Egypt for the budget EU ministers yesterday she had one of those that have all quit may immense whacked. That says she is with it the Italian these 22 cons and she but it's time just means. That all criticism that she. Tried to get involved in playing cool but she could be doesn't know what she's doing her chief of stopwatch tells in a New York Times that naymick bridge for the Q. Clearly should never Donnan of. Well I think he would videotape. Might come all hot and that that are what they froze the video I guess before she giving me being who. I can't look I'm basing what she doesn't see you cannot she C have hinted they knew that any of that with stunning mountain thing. And it got hit by the ball they apparently hello. That's out there may be you know I'd give it up our whole word may situation that because we saw one a few months ago and Africa through that video I ask. Oh yeah above it and oh yeah. There it goes I hope I I just lose lose for her the falcons hats she just stood there and not danced and just let. This this this gallery add this. Person dance in front right and it would have been like well she's not. Taken part and I don't like and then that reminds yeah. Reverend George W. Bush he was also a dance than and then pyramid rock me dancing I would politicians is they its. Got a headache isn't viral and it lives for ever. Yeah another member intraday day and Bollywood Don thing that got kind of backfired and I'll be in good. I'm YouTube channel the politician's stance gelatin and that isn't being or quit you could just have trees a man you'll stop CNN kind of embrace she embraced certain I mean she let you know one of the nicknames here in the UK has been made box could she say like robotic. In highlight mannerisms as we've seen. And she's played despite you know just lean and this new experience that which is the united kiddo to have picking funny I opened so that indeed Boris spicy. Art Jolie a take you so much for breaking it down and forth across the pond we appreciate it. He got tired.

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