Across The Pond: Dutch police investigate tram shooting

Plus, New Zealand examines its gun laws, and a prize pigeon fetches a record price.
4:24 | 03/19/19

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Transcript for Across The Pond: Dutch police investigate tram shooting
Now let's go across the pot ABC news his London bureau words Yost Simon Eddie's keeping it the biggest international news I don't think Joseph good morning welcome to the gel first timer here. Joseph let's start in the Netherlands were they are new details about that shooting on a trail what is Salinas without. One. 37 year old suspect is expected to be in court this morning later today. Other two strands of inquiry going on there one is terror one may be domestic he may have known that the person that he was targeting. But but police aren't saying and the prosecutor's office aren't saying yet whether he'll be charged with any sort terror offenses the terrorism. Alert level was raised to its highest yesterday eight. While they were searching for him that has been since for an since been reduced. So it's just a question of what he will face what charges he will face we know we'll that we face murder charges three people were killed yesterday these are back to normal there this morning trend is running again. People are placing flowers and is a makeshift memorial in place. But right now things seem to be but big big but there are back to normal in in new track and we're just waiting for prosecutors press conference later today to update us on what it would look charged with. And and when another big story we've been following overseas is from is from New Zealand and Joseph you've been talking about this the prime minister has really come out. A very forcefully speaking out after the tragic shooting in Christ church. All what does she sank. So this morning she addressed parliament for the first time Marcus and she's saying she's vowing she's never gonna repeat the the gunman's name ever again in public she said that's what he wants he wants notoriety. She said that she then referred to as an extremist than a terrorist but she did open parliament. By repeating a. A phrase. Peace be with you an Arabic prim also on the lake whom. And and and and then went on to say that that that that you never speak ya never mention this man's name ever again and she has been getting praise from around the of the country yeah. That's gonna say jelly it is it remarkable because it's something we see here at Harlem so much to see how differently they're handling it taking quick action. And and not getting the alleged gunman back kind of notoriety. Well Natalie the notoriety but dolls that got to got some pretty tough gun laws in the country and they're they're they're saying that they're gonna change them and edited very quickly. We're expecting reforms to come into effect sometime next week she thinks he's gonna push them through before the end of the week so that says there there are being very yet is what are marketed as something else interest in. Joan today is I've I was looking at some of the numbers on just got to get a sense of Howell. Rare gun violence is in a New Zealand and why we perhaps are seeing this and from 2008. To 2070. In using New Zealand according to police there there were fifteen. Gun murders someone and shots and went. In 2017. Here in the US there were 141700. Got Obama now of course the US is much larger a lot more people. But he gives you a sense of of of how significant this what. Well a gun ownership also is quite high in museum as well I worlds the gun ownership is is comment. But as you said gun crime isn't so so that they're hoping to kind of stuff that was with some new laws that old joke till light it up before you go please. And yes some levity please let that a lot of heat on our jail with sun pay one point four million dollars for a pigeon. Well this pigeon is what they called the Lewis Hamilton of pigeons that's a Formula One Racing and for us it's the same bolt is the fastest pigeon on earth. It was at an auction. Pigeon race in the racing has been going on for centuries and this is a sought after pigeons so. Clr four million out so is his name is Armando so you should be looking phone shortly I'm unsure of sponsorship deals are lining up by an unlucky and so forth but up. Yes it you'll be you'll never look at pigeon again in Times Square the same. I never and I mean Joseph in this this pigeon is so fast should I get this pigeon and have him. YE a letter to you or shy texts you particularly in. Please leave if something's still have become dominant MI do that Syria Libya we need to do the next semi public could have got here quicker yeah. Yeah you're out of baton and speaking of Formula One Lewis Hamilton is bringing home another Roche you've closes sees us of course I'm sorry I'm talk to us. What about the market. I think it's enrolled I was saying he's able because I knew you say of course you know it'd affect motivated thing I don't know that they isn't much for joining us this morning guys.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Plus, New Zealand examines its gun laws, and a prize pigeon fetches a record price.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61778323","title":"Across The Pond: Dutch police investigate tram shooting","url":"/International/video/pond-dutch-police-investigate-tram-shooting-61778323"}