Across the Pond: Former Egypt President Morsi dies

Plus: A New Zealand man is sentenced to 21 months for sharing mosque shooting video, and a Pakistani government live stream makes a funny mistake.
3:54 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Former Egypt President Morsi dies
Not to the former Egyptian president Mohammad Marcy who died yesterday after he collapsed. During a court hearing more she was the country's first democratically elected president before he is ousted by the military and Twain thirteen. It is he's really MacFarlane is across the pond hill London bureau keeping an eye and that investigation Juliet good morning. Mourning today mourning Kenneth yes that's right Egypt's fast democratically elected president Mohamed Morrissey. It collapsed whilst. In courts. And he subsequently bitten sees me subsequently. Died his lawyer as said that he was buried in Easton Kyra with his family present. Not bought the rights groups. And his and the Muslim Brotherhood the group that he lacked. Allies of the Muslim Brotherhood that calling for an investigation and those of brotherhood has called this an assassination. Now more C has been detained since 2003. He was toppled. He was a need to make to buy the Omnia yes oft his inauguration. And he's been detained since then on various charges. One lead in game now out loads and as a brother has. On inciting riots against the opposition. And what's what's really sort of interesting about this is got the public prosecutor said that there has been no evidence of of previous injuries but his Tommy said that he was held in. Isolation and he was denied access to a lawyer he had high blood pressure and diabetes and never had any health calf. I definitely had a lot of health issues there. I'm Juliet moving to New Zealand I'm managements and it's a 21 Muslim for the Rochelle live stream of the mosque attacks there Mars so what's his connection to the attacks. So it this month so that ops he has been sentenced for sharing about the lives and he's been dubbed the 21 months. Met Z did judge the district judge said that he held. Un repentant views towards the Muslim community now what happened was he shed a video online shortly off the dot. Horrific terror attack that killed 51 people that mosque she saying. I'm he shed that are asking. People to help him see from pays crooks has a day kill count. Now this man has been and to have expressed it very racist used what's Muslims and the cost he has also he left a seven pig's head. Outside the mosque web the shooting took place back in 2016. He pleaded guilty. In the hearing. But. It you know it's it's sort of Shays how the Muslim community. You know they must be sort of feeling. Completely on the siege with the with views like this being expressed on with such a horrific terror attack is someone to share video saying these are some things. Most exacerbate the pain but things are about to be 21 months not long enough of that one then do it before really go we have to ask about the life through from the Pakistani government. Cat filter. Now I wanna stop by but it means that picks on at this guy's name but he's cold. Child tax you south side. He is a Pakistani politician and Imran Khan's Ponte and he is giving a press conference. But it was quite unusual one it was spoke to that as he was speaking. It seems to have some listings of left. A filter on which Seagram based cat is on them and of course this took off. On Cecile media. Some two two weeks by people watching. According to KB government says to meet a team we now have a capped. In the cabinet. Not a commentators saying dots soc cut his upside looks kinda cute. Not he had hit he laughed off. They cut children's that is you know it's just it's just a mistake and should be taken seriously but. Look for 'cause. A state of and that we definitely can't take that seriously and error. He and his images Julia my friend thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Plus: A New Zealand man is sentenced to 21 months for sharing mosque shooting video, and a Pakistani government live stream makes a funny mistake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63780373","title":"Across the Pond: Former Egypt President Morsi dies","url":"/International/video/pond-egypt-president-morsi-dies-63780373"}