Across the Pond: New fears over coronavirus

Plus: Migrants clash with Mexican troops on Guatemala border
3:03 | 01/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: New fears over coronavirus
Stay there and welcome back at least four people have now died from that new corona virus in China. But many Chinese traveling for the Lunar New Year holiday other countries are worried they may soon see the disease let's go across it on now to our foreign correspondent Julie McFarland. In the London bureau for more good morning Julia. Morning at cannon morning Kimberly Yasser just quickly we are expecting a press conference with the Centers for Disease Control. At some point today what all say going to be expecting the World Health Organization to be meeting tomorrow. In Switzerland in Geneva remember what leaders. Already in Switzerland for the Davos economic summit at amendment now as you say the latest is that at least four people have now died. From this virus are now. The more than 200 cases. All of this suspected across major cities in China including Beijing. And Shanghai at least fifteen medical stop in China have contracted the virus but based importantly in May significantly I think. At the may mean is that the Chinese authorities have confirmed that they have cases of human to human transmission now. Not is significant because one some bias is able to spread that way and not just from. Diseased or infected animals to humans if they get from human to human thought means that the virus is able to spread far more rocket made remember with. Such increased. Ability and traveled there are fears that it could be. A threat more possibly an international. Health issue. That is summing up the World Health Organization agony looking into their gonna decide whether to declare this a pub and international public health threat. And what measures should be taken now on not a number of international ports have stepped up screen and we've got screening. I'm fuss starting in Hong Kong and Singapore but that has now and it ends. Australia Taiwan Japan a role a screening on the ports of entry and in the U west. At a late New York. Ands. San Francisco have started screaming at that apple it's not another story I want to bring of course you that when looking at here on the the foreign desk. An amendment is hundreds of Central American migrants. Our other amendments stranded just outside the southern Mexican border with glossed Somaliland now hundreds of people. How troubled mesa them out from under us. Now that being blocked from crossing into Mexico is a front lines. A barrage of hundreds of Mexican national gods they hopeful that the buyer had to kick them out. Fidelity's migrants are stranded in an area and it looks like there is no humanitarian aid that's going to be arriving Tugnutt anytime soon that's a difference between. And it did lines of car bonds previously around twenty AT and and I lost it now what's happened recently. Is that the US meg scared they reached a deal lost yet on a tougher controls. Of immigration. Remember. Present from threatened to slap met Kerry with import tax import tariffs. If it did not step up its efforts against illegal immigration guys. All right our thanks to Julie of a fallen there in London.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Plus: Migrants clash with Mexican troops on Guatemala border","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68422458","title":"Across the Pond: New fears over coronavirus","url":"/International/video/pond-fears-coronavirus-68422458"}