Across the Pond: Giuliani asked Trump to extradite Turkish cleric Gulen

Plus: A Dutch family is found awaiting the “end of time” in secret basement, and North Korea hosts a soccer match without spectators.
6:02 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Giuliani asked Trump to extradite Turkish cleric Gulen
A former senior administration official confirms president Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani urged president come to extradite a Turkish cleric living and X file in the US. But White House officials stepped in and stop any action from ever happening. Let's go cross the pond now to do it McFarland and the London bureau for a reminder. Of why this is so important to Turkey's president Julia good morning. Mourning Kenneth yes a story. Plus the pets on the Washington paste on it claimed sides of the presence pest no lawyer Reid DJ Biondi. Repeatedly pressed the president in the White House. During that meetings and that the mass all of this in US permit permanent resident. Fenton good land he is an opposition figure he lives in Pennsylvania. I'm president Don Aybar intact and he blames him for orchestrating. The failed came in 2016. Not just to bring you back this was. One night in July this was a Randy. Britney Joseph Max ignite all of a sudden. Planes were buzzing in the capital on color sold his stock to block king. All of the bridges a over the Bosporus. On an announcement by the PM had to clad got an attempts to Avis say the government. Was under way present other on his out of the country at the time on holiday he court has pertussis to rally to the streets. And it was a violent night TV stations were raided protests as bush oxides. And that what Tynes meeting on the streets of armed Kruup the next morning dot army faction they failed to get any more support so it failed. But since another one has books written a massive clamp down. Thousands of government officials. Lou lawyer says that four mop army officials have been in jail sentence than. Now attack because of Fenton a good land is blamed by the Turkish government orchestrated rescue I don't really really wants and get back. Back to tacky. Ones to have him son trial of four about pot. But the US has been hesitant to so in this story. That we do Giuliani he denied that he was acting in the interests. All the tacky he is of course not registered as of four and lobbyist which she would have to be doing if he was representing a foreign countries and tres on US policy. But it's just it's just another sort of ridding it and just saying I'm confusing I. And frankly to midnight mass for the White House as this impeachment inquiry wrote regarding Ukraine presses a had. The development there and moving on to. Really bizarre situation in the Netherlands where authorities say there are investing their family living in a basement apparently waiting for the end of time. Yeah this is a really really bizarre story of this tiny tiny protein Mitch this small village in another lends. Really on main tell anyone until all the sudden out of box this young mind he is about 25 years old he stumbles then. Incredibly disheveled according to local patrons at the time he was looking but will the Denny's said I've run away and I need help. Now what police say yes today laughter press calling the conference was not to amount of 58 and five young adults between eighteen and 25. What found owned this property and their children and their agents turning Five Boroughs. They reported they haven't had any contact the downside but denying list on the fog. He was an ailing health because it happened here is bedridden often at a stretch he's been. Arrested. And and that group of young had a civil been taken into medical cat. That an incredibly bizarre story please us still trying to get to the bottom of this but it appears that. They lived on this but do they survived on vegetables. In the backyard an animal is that they attended that. But an incredibly strange story that no one had any idea or until one of these young man managed to break free and cool. How about this incredible. Really talk about a brutal dictator on a white horse. Yeah Kim Jung and et whistle barring. A play bad from the playbook called Vladimir Putin hops they had trekking up. This sacred mountain Nigeria's. Talking about US sanctions must of course. One of their one of the reasons why oh the main reason why talks between the US and North Korea. How that the stalled recently puzzled many and kissing thing that happened yesterday I want it took about a football match between North Korea and South Korea just want to take you say about TV Kim ill soon stadium. And Pyongyang because North Korea and South Korea long time phase of course they were playing their wild cup qualify up. With not eighth time in the crowds there's now and that no press. No goal meant goes on either side with school and although a couple who has from their sides got yellow cards. Now it's very interesting because. The bed North Korean official news agency. They covered the story but South Korean news they won a both senses to cover the story tool. But this is it because sort of vindictive all bitten North Korea's protectionism they didn't want anyone to see just in case they lost and can and I knew I can count on the stand up. Bryant yeah do you need you back com am we know North Korea. You probably execute the entire team that they lost. And I'm saying that ended in death but the war likely that would happen with dictator like him don't you. News say what is funny you say not because a couple of South Korean football funds who where interviewed by the gods and they said that they were really disappointed that they couldn't watch this qualifier because it that it happens every few is. And they just wanted to get that teens can safely in a lot of what I don't ascent and very cold liquor IMS. As far as Kim Jung un on that course channeling food must just be glad he didn't rod shirtless like to. Bit cold out have been impressed to be dead but I think anyone would have accountancy not lamenting Williams should hook hook hook up until I expect it thank you my friend we appreciate it fits in.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Plus: A Dutch family is found awaiting the “end of time” in secret basement, and North Korea hosts a soccer match without spectators.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66314654","title":"Across the Pond: Giuliani asked Trump to extradite Turkish cleric Gulen","url":"/International/video/pond-giuliani-asked-trump-extradite-turkish-cleric-gulen-66314654"}