Across the Pond: Indonesian election under scrutiny

Plus, Vietnam seizes 7.5 tons of trafficked ivory and pangolin scales, and Notre Dame is set to host its first mass since the fire.
3:49 | 06/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Indonesian election under scrutiny
Turning out to Indonesia where tensions are high over a court challenge to the country's recent elections. Now authorities are boosting security around the capital Jakarta as hearings began Julie McFarland is across the pond in the London bureau watching that taking chilly morning. Headed on a great to see it hey Kenneth yes you're obviously right that is beefing up of security tens of thousands of reasons security forces out on the capital. All due content because. The failed to act candidate for April's general elections power base in Byung tae -- is OSCON the constitutional court to invalidate. The results of the election he is alleging. A lot of preventive role if he claims that police and state institutions like intelligence a disease waft. Biased in his Fave. And he says that the results of the election when an adjustment. And moving to Vietnam. Julie authorities say they've seized more than seven tons of ivory and so much mourn a giant wildlife trafficking bust so what's the latest there. Yeah this is a huge cool Kenneth more does he say more than seven tons all of illegal animal material. Elephants. I agree and kinda Lynn scales this is one of Vietnam's biggest. Holes. All of illegally trafficked. Wildlife pots now. Pan Glenn's. The well as most heavily trafficked. Animals they these sort of school on the delay is like creed says and they have furiously hunted for that scales the scales and made out of carrots and then they often padded up and used in traditional Madsen not wildlife campaign is off. Off are aggressively sort of campaigning against us because they say that these animals are in danger of extinction. But taxing the illegal wildlife trade is really really difficult is now criminal investigation. That started in Vietnam on this particular case because they're trying to. Figure out he awarded these materials and whack they way they were headed full. I know there's been a campaign obviously to educate and two three minute people say urban legend folklore. Just myths that Tom. That these are having you type of killing properties so. That will in modern medicine and Ken. Study be the animals and and trying replicated but they can't if the animals become extinct but there isn't even done. There is some good news this morning out of Paris where such a dom cathedral is set to hold its first not since the devastating fire there. But as we know renovations are still ongoing. I was an Adonis of this is the fast time a service will be how to not dump offs about devastating fire. Back in April now it's going to be a very small Savvis numbers of very limited and it's gonna take place in one of the side chapels. So you might Oscar won't what's the point and I'm having this well I think beyond that's got as novices. Will be very good for morale as we covet back in April. Not a dam is of huge. Symbolic and emotional significance. To the prairie to the prison people fronts is of course a secular republic right now insist not really about not Saddam attacks but not Saddam as an icon. Of a French is on particularly of her is Ian life of people. We're incredibly amazed by the Fides all sorts of people pledging to nations trying to help fix at present my clone. He has borrowed Scott's. The building blackened net and the rip pads will be completed within five years about the steep steep mosque. But I think as a holding a mass tomorrow is just gonna baste a little bit of morale for everyone. Paterson is going to be tell a televised like correct Julian. Yes I think it will be put cost lives there's about today the small number of people he will be able to beat up physically not asking me about her going to be able to take pot. Absolutely yeah Julie my friend is good to see you have a great weekend we appreciated.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Plus, Vietnam seizes 7.5 tons of trafficked ivory and pangolin scales, and Notre Dame is set to host its first mass since the fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63711583","title":"Across the Pond: Indonesian election under scrutiny","url":"/International/video/pond-indonesian-election-scrutiny-63711583"}