Across the Pond: How the Iranian IRGC could retaliate against the U.S.

Plus: Experts say Australia’s fire emergency made worse by climate change, and a village straight out of “Frozen” is overrun by tourists.
6:28 | 01/07/20

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Transcript for Across the Pond: How the Iranian IRGC could retaliate against the U.S.
For more on our top story the escalating tensions with the rod and the threat of retaliation for the airstrike that killed a top Iran in general let's go across the pond to our foreign correspondent. To a McFarland in the London bureau for more on the Ronnie military's capabilities Julie get morning. Mourning Kenneth winning Elizabeth so we've had a lot over the last few days about the risks pays by the Iran and with a lot about how they how proxies across the region the Hanks sees. In the Yemen Hamas and Gaza. And of course Hezbollah in Lebanon but I just once told you guys say a bit more about how the I RJC itself. It is a considerably boss and see and it raises a very unique hostile threat. Two do you west I went to one assault by saying that the IGC guys it is separate from the Iran in conventional. On the they have their rent. I have force come on they have there and navy. That is separate from the Iranian navy and they have their inside but come on a bit on men navy they have. I don't GC navy patrols in the Strait of Hormuz and remember in 2016 that we US sailor is that was seized by the IA IGC. In that area that is summing to be concerned of as mean seen tests tensions escalate in the gulf. The -- this site but c'mon a running inside a capabilities. Considerable they have carried out cyber attacks in Israel and hiking down of course. On in US banks in US businesses. The other thing too until understands about the IGC is that they have a separate c'mon stretch of bankers all the way up to the supreme leader they kind of upgrade. Beyond the realms all of the judiciary in vain they have a c'mon structure that bite pastas. The elected president they a considerable considerable force Juliet the other big story this morning of course as the fire still raging in Australia. Experts are saying that these fires are exactly what climate scientists have been predicting for more than a decade it. What can you tell us about them. Right so there was this report back in 2007. Elizabeth by the United Nations that warns that the rising attempt to do rising global average temperature. What could contribute to the frequency and intensity of fire as a round the well its climate expensive said that this. That would we are seeing in Australia exactly my punches. The warnings scientists made and that UN report Warman ten. Ms. again they say that the increase in the fire dangers likely to be associated with a reduced interval between fine as they happen more often. And a fosse to spread. Although the fire. Now and an energy systems analyst told ABC news that all of these practices especially the global adventure that increase. In the global tem Jeff has played a significant role. In these fat in these fires in Australia which lost yet they sold the driest times the warmest yet. On rent court and they still put ten months of the driest some a season. To go to not one of the many devastating things by the fire in a straight is that it shows no signs. Of going away anytime soon. Guys I want also pointed to this very fastening curious natural phenomenon that has been observed. In Australia got is he pirate accumulated named this clouds now. Ordinary Australians and now becoming more and more adept at recognizing these clouds what they off is these are closeted informed. In that he caught Smit claims. All of the fire as it can also happen in a volcano is and got these systems basically. Generates there Bayern thunderstorms. Out how about why it's just briefly. Is when the hole ever arises from these fire as it cools and socks and -- arrow around it and in much is how normal clouds of forms. When you get moist jet condensing in the atmospheric. This can form up. Clouds but when you have this mixed with the extreme heat that causes an electrical charge and that for a generates lightning. Which can then spark more wild fire is now a straight wins have been seeing knees and they've been taking incredible faint taste. All of these clouds some even from the act. I'm and you can see how that different from the from the normal cause because of how sick they and many are wondering this is why the skies have been so doc administrative recent. Series that's such a serious story that's happening in the air so we wanna in possibly instant touch lighter Juliette that village that are Orleans bar at the setting. The film frozen is being overrun by tourists and I know that's still had a series as well black men. If that's a beautiful place. I was gonna say that tourists from it and think kids are very light Massa about this a so this is an Allah an Austrian village cold. Cool Stotts now. It will be congress say that it is the inspiration. Before I Rendell and frozen but it suddenly been speculated. That it was it is a beautiful ferry tie an outlying village. It's just a short drive away from solves bank. Not oh yen by train the population is 778. People. But think get up to 101000 spam tourists and day that is six times a number. Of tourists cut captain got the Venice gets. Now let it go out on the map after appearing in a South Korean TV show. And then this Chinese tight kaine decided to build a replica out of it. In Guangdong spending hundreds of millions of dollars on not replica and then came along that rumor that it was the inspiration for the village. And that phrase and now this is a huge huge problem. For the people who live that they've got unprecedented lists problems prices have skyrocketed they've got a problem with drug earnings that are drones all over the place. And the man is on a losses that to what he can do about it because of course you can't just stop people from showing up. And I'm Julie I know those tourists are also spending money right I mean there. You know today talent they are giving to the local economies though it sometimes like the good with the bad. Guys and residents are charging tourists a year its use them bathrooms that is how every case that installation right isn't this Bennett added. It noting your. I mean I feel like that's that's true it. Is a little over adult I think it's like no right and I think these are charting a more I mean that residents there to take advantage. And that get as much evidence that they care because. Some people letting go and they'll move on so let. Having anyway. I feel. Thank you my friend appreciating is.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Plus: Experts say Australia’s fire emergency made worse by climate change, and a village straight out of “Frozen” is overrun by tourists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68113886","title":"Across the Pond: How the Iranian IRGC could retaliate against the U.S.","url":"/International/video/pond-iranian-irgc-retaliate-us-68113886"}