Across the Pond: Search for suspect in North Korean embassy raid

Plus, Japan's Emperor Akihito abdicates the throne, and Norway suspects a beluga whale of espionage.
4:43 | 04/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Search for suspect in North Korean embassy raid
Welcome back. I'll tell across Hainan ABC news's London bureau were Julian Farley king and I am the biggest international news. She Julie let's start with the search for human rights activists accuse of a violent raid against the North Korean Embassy in Spain. And tell us who is Adrian Hong. Morning guys yeah this is a really mysterious fascinating story. An agent a home tying it is. Purported Levy rating leads. Of a group of men who carried out so allegedly a violent raid at the North Korean Embassy. In Madrid back in February now at the US has just issued a warrant for him he's believed to be. In California. Now the cyclist on his of this raid. Really quite interesting and North Korea has claimed. Diet Henman six other calling accomplices. Carried out a raids that they sold since members of stock for this embassy that they Tet. There is computer. Computer equipment which the warrant says he presented TV FBI upon his. Rattan TVU west the the US authorities have given back based devices back to the Spanish you've now handed them back. To the north Koreans but the north Koreans claim that this was a Tara acts and they cited Ria news dot. The FBI. Web behind the race but a gritty gritty but is incident that happens just before dent forget that's a critical summit and how noise. Between Donald Trump and Kim Jong been so it was designs in happen really at the last time. For the Americans but not as I say they've now issued a warrant for his arrest his lawyer has criticized. The Americans for basing this extradition upon GB what he says UBS. Information from the north Koreans. And let's move over to Japan where history is being made at the emperor there is apt to miss harper more than three decades so. Power the Japanese marking UT's Julia. Not the more I read about. I'm proud I can he says the more I find I find missile apathy fascinating and I'm rid encouraging does it does look into and have some time but this is already worried. A land mark event. For the Japanese this is the first time in more than 200 Yi is that a number has ball entirely. Abdicated the thrive and now there is I elaborates. Sarah mania that is taking place today. It's gonna Stotts it's mesa today in the evening. And it's gained she not impair Pozen is gonna culminate and his son Crown Prince Naruhito. As sending the crews on that chrysanthemum throne. On Wednesday. And that this story of the Japanese wanna keyed the the amber and is found is a fascinating one. Amber I can he set himself as a radiant saying. Paxson he is ready and did himself to the Japanese people because of how he stated the country's through various difficult times Fukushima. Incidents in 2011 he a was really instrumental in helping the country he aloft to dot. He broke with 15100 years old Japanese royal tradition by admiring it Coleman. That bid family didn't stay all of the empress Tommy goes back 2000 years it's the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the wallet. So a really historic. Occasion. Happening in Japan right now really really fascinating. Founding history and a and doing a bizarre story out of Norway beluga whale I'll strap with what might be spy equipment. This is there's say the Norwegian a direct threat of fisheries he has said that of illegal whale has been found. In the waters that was found by fishermen and it hit how the gay pride camera attached to it Dara concerns that may have come from. A Russian minute tree facility I mean this is such a bizarre story I just really want to quickly. Read a couple of lines they'd say say to repress reporting on the stories say. Russia does not have a history of using whales for military purposes but the Soviet Union did have a training program. But dolphins and get missed the Russian Ministry of Defense published its 12016. 45 dolphins for a training program specifying that that they needed to have good teeth. And it dissipated off line shortly after it was paced and how about. News this rule fascinating mountain lies yeah well that did big of the staying in apparently is gaps by animals so. Dueling. Yet what a double 07 may not be addressed that may he be common animal but it will say yeah good thing is that that's that's substantive guides the united.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Plus, Japan's Emperor Akihito abdicates the throne, and Norway suspects a beluga whale of espionage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62724220","title":"Across the Pond: Search for suspect in North Korean embassy raid","url":"/International/video/pond-search-suspect-north-korean-embassy-raid-62724220"}