Across the Pond: Standoff in Hong Kong as flights canceled again

Plus, the U.S. pursues a post-Brexit trade deal with the U.K., and a Princess Diana musical comes to Broadway.
3:57 | 08/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Standoff in Hong Kong as flights canceled again
A protests in Hong Kong continued overnight as one of the world's busiest airports canceling all flight let's go across the pond to Julie McFarland. In the London bureau for the very latest right now whilst we've seen Hong Kong hitting the streets and Paris has gave the weekend. A fat ten consecutive weeks now right not this is the fifth. Day of ongoing protests and this has been spelling on since they have for the weekend. Eight chief executive Kai Nam that was quite a full rewards a press conference. Via today where she was sparring. With reports says she refuse to on us or in particular this question. One reports have put ahead do you how Vuitton and need to withdrawal of this bill of remember this. Cut contentious extradition bill which is what stock to this crisis in the past plays. This report said do you how Vuitton me too with joy it's. Or does China prevents you from doing so or is this just a point to political pride for you she refused repeatedly. To honest the question this crisis continues. To to escalate. I'm those are some good questions that need to be answered on national security rather John Bolton is in London as Britain's new prime ministers trying to work out a deal we know. Actually the European union of by the US is hoping Brett say it will mean a better trade deal. Guys this is ready interest saying because just to sum up we've seen a number of really high level. British American needs hangs since the new Boris Johnson administration. Came to power fast lane we have the foreign secretary Dominic rob meting with Preston trumped the vice president. And all the top Ross of US government officials in Washington lost week. It took much longer than not for his pre assessed a to meet. With high level US officials on he's he himself had not had. A one on one with president Chong yet an amendment national security advisor John Bolton is in the UK and he's been telling reporters. That's the US is very keen to sets up a number of mini trade deals. It's two to to agree on as seen as the UK. Music do you say some ready helpful was from the Americans but of course this is a very transactional. Relationship the Americans want to summing from the brits in red time they've been speaking on wall way. The Americans want the brisk ticket strongest stunts against while way. And Iran as well the man in the brits all with the Europeans on trying to keep the deal Latin Americans. Want the brits become a bit to that side. So this is or uninteresting vice president Mike Pence will be in London next month. And of course present trump and Boris they spent on the Fey and yesterday discussing all of these issues saying a new sort of bright minds between needs administration's how Long Will that cost that we have very enters. And oil is Julia a musical about the late princess of Wales is coming to Broadway. What are we know about Diana the musical. Right so at this new play will be hitting Broadway scene and is gonna concentrate on the life of Diana's gonna take you through the nation Milla tumultuous periods. A jury inch houses of fat. Met Diana storm with the media. And her amends the labels saying before her death back. In 1997. Now. It's just that question I think is on everyone's minds is how William and Harry. Gain to feel about this because of course the two princes have been very very guises and very reluctant. To be as they can with the media eyes Princess Diana and of course sold as Carlos between Diana and Mike and being thrust into the spotlight. But time will tell I once he would play Diana. Now it's a good question has a long list. Beautiful woman out there who could play the iconic princes guys so we will see hate Juliet thank you so much Fran good thanks the united space alliance.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Plus, the U.S. pursues a post-Brexit trade deal with the U.K., and a Princess Diana musical comes to Broadway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64942172","title":"Across the Pond: Standoff in Hong Kong as flights canceled again","url":"/International/video/pond-standoff-hong-kong-flights-canceled-64942172"}