Across the Pond: Tensions high with North Korea over missile launches, cargo ship

Plus, Thailand closes the beach made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio, and an Afghan boy's dance captures the hearts of millions.
4:31 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Tensions high with North Korea over missile launches, cargo ship
Let's go across the pot now to our friend bird rover at the London bureau for an update on some foreign news good morning Bruno. I'm let's start with the rising tensions after the US sees the North Korean cargo ship for violating sanctions. Yes with sweet scene a sort of gentle uptake of tensions in the area can Jim young has been testing. Very short range missiles over the last week and it's seen as a sort of gentle way of pro bring in trying to breaking the arm prost. That exists in the denuclearization. Talks doesn't actually breach any of this self imposed restrictions on longer range missiles but it does indicate. The day are looking to try and get the price has got and again. Also the missiles themselves acquire instant is that the looks at that Clemens of Russian missiles of the of the same type and that's solid propellant which means they can be put op. Very quickly to their actually quite halt to track. So that does pose a news strategic challenge for the people trying to sort of controlled North Korea. Polls I'm funnily enough in the course of their souls come out. Is that it when they where the Americans and an old prints were talking about tried to sort of soften relations that would took about cultural exchanges and Kim Jung young. Who is that possible fattest we will not have requested that some famous American buff has pupil plants. Command to his country as part of the all told according Al that should exist host of how can to encourage that to exist but in America. An old grin has been out possible diplomacy has well to be easy but then his role but it worked he visited congenial a couple of times. And that's being credited in some circles went helping with food it's full the relations between North Korean America. Yeah Alberto we weekend at talk left that earlier thinking about that Dennis Rodman who had been over there wondered what other basketball players may have been on the list. The surging here's some news out of Thailand's we report this problem to go the beach that was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio. Was closing in now we're learning it's closing and definitely. Well it's not just on a definite but it's a three years and that doing it to try and allow the nature two recover because of the pressure of Taurus coming some 5000. Tourists visited that beach every day. And so that trying to give the place. Charleston native who re claims space and Barack ticked shops apparently have made it recessions as a result what's interesting is that this is actually part of a trend across the world. The darts towards pulled not a last how to means so success and an encouraging. Tourists to visit the country is not changing its its powervu if you like and it's not trying to restrict the number of tourists visiting. On and that's because so many tours of descended on little village is that picturesque Windmills wanna be taken as a nickel two and a half thousand inhabitants. But is visited by 350000. Chinese tourists every day how. Chile farmers also complained because that second one comes love and troubles that unit saw that taking self fees. And we seed in Venice next week that an assault charge and Taurus two bit access the town so this is a trend across the globe. We see metal forward Justin Bieber had a video and people went to visit there and they were trampled all over debt vegetation and what not and then at the beach it's going to be about just saw this movie on my age the year ago. Just yesterday. And I haven't thought about that movie in years and I remember correctly it did not get good reviews. So why that's 5000 tourists are there bill I think I don't think there was that's about him out of people who actually saw that movie. I think the breach was the star in that may because actually I do read the book how to read the book. I've heard it that anyway but Britain it's it's interesting that it's is that it is a worrying trend. Buyout. Are so about we've got to talk about this video which who's the video of the day this little boy whose childhood was ripped apart by war in Afghanistan now dancing for joy. After yet a prosthetic leg. You have the job it's somebody it's it's of it's about problem actually this political bought it and it's lovely it's a sweet these dogs around the joy on its. Faith but I mean it gives you some sense of the threshold isn't it in in that country. That debt adding that is led by an office happy to have an artificial light it's writes that they had to have an accident that told and it's really just did a lot to do with the vestiges of Tulsa I much more in the country I was thinking about that because we don't have the time to get into the debate over your what happen. Happens overseas and US involvement other countries are involved from the west. When it comes Afghanistan Iraq but to see that image you're right when you say that little boy should not have had to go brings that. But to see him dancing this morning makes you feel good it does that now are done it doesn't date thank you have a great weekend. You two have a great weekend you guys.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Plus, Thailand closes the beach made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio, and an Afghan boy's dance captures the hearts of millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62956779","title":"Across the Pond: Tensions high with North Korea over missile launches, cargo ship","url":"/International/video/pond-tensions-high-north-korea-missile-launches-cargo-62956779"}