Across the Pond: Theresa May offers new Brexit deal

Plus, a Sherpa guide breaks his own record for most Everest summits, and a DNA test makes one man a millionaire overnight.
5:05 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Theresa May offers new Brexit deal
All right let's go across the pond out of Julie McFarlane in the London bureau to talk about our favorite topic. Rex it take it away Julia. Pay cannon. I don't one the last time we revisited her exit but does not much to update in the sense that things are still. Getting a little but passionate but bassist and developments as prime minister trees and may. She outlined her latest. We're exit plan yesterday. It didn't get a so while say that you Maier member of that Britain has come up with. A withdrawal agreement how it's gonna leave Europe it's agreed that with apple 27 of the member is old the European Union. But there is 27 countries have come to an agreement fight easier ban British politician amongst themselves I just want to show you how. Trees amazed lace idea has gone Don in the British press look at not. Desperate to deluded. Deemed that says the teller Graf. You'll begun in the morning with a very flattering picture of trees and may looking. It's slightly. Said he what's the web. Trees are down both teams fob the seeds may is lost her rot I mean it. It is just all they have the papers got trees and made. Israeli. On Hamas likes because have final attempt at getting this deal cost in parliament. Is just reaching complete opposition from all from all sides including from her and party who are not really looking sad to try and oust. I think if you people with say it's not going very well for May. But many this is going well I guess because a new record for climbing Mount Everest breaking the once sat just a week ago by the same guy. This is Ingrid so this is the story of an athlete shot by news break and has an iron wreck has. With summit saying Mount Everest he's 49 years old he's done at the second time. In a week at a at a how productive you've been this weak argument gave for Iran like ten days ago Russell how much to fit that in but this guy. Has summit of Everest twice. In this amount of time and he says. That's old age 49 is as you can still carry on climbing for a few more years I'm healthy can keep day until I'm sixty is those with oxygen. It's now a big deal. Now how'd that make you feel for. This equipment. You know what I need to go for ride as focus. I don't any again one something you said earlier I don't wanna be pear shaped so cook we don't want it to cut back. Yeah I mean how about four from activation is just it's just extraordinary hit buzz climbed Everest in 1994. And he helps he helps people summit the mountain. I mean. Yeah I get out of breath walking does say the outsize. How about to make you got myself. I'm exactly what this actually that's when we feel dead this next one about true rags to riches story this man in England he was struggling to pays bills one moment and he's a millionaire overnight essentially. This is amazing to say it Bennett best sky in the UK he's study one yet sold. He managed to find out that he. Is that sun all the wealthy aristocrat who died recently and he he go to DNA tests to praise. That he is a son that means he's. The rifle act to this huge fortune this massive massive estate this gorgeous country house. Which is west of 63 million dollar as he now has funds from of family trust that gives him. That about that gives them an annual income of about 60000. Dollar Z yet. You know and he's been talking to the day at two the sun in the day be mad about inheriting this you know this 15100. A cat a state in in court ruled a beautiful part of England and that you know this is really changed his life haven night and he's made den with his with his girlfriend that it just how to be baby. On its ad isn't ready inching because he's been outpacing on in stick around little snapshots of his new life there is with his pot Mac. That on I don't holiday he's go to new cod governments say v.s. He's sort of mouth and getting used to fight that his second start is a completely changed overnight. And some you know but he said that's it spent asleep because you know he never really knew his father. And and he just wanted you to love to just gone to Manhattan. This is incredible story. Any chance you get the airing of Maury Povich over their cross the pond. To get the what third Maury Povich. So I say to you you are on the father and I get that it's a very popular so you should look it up when you say like you the father about just made me think of like leaks I will cry out of that's a good when it's well hang on but trust me you want my bed Maury Povich across the pond there. It's good stuff. Art right Fred thank you so much we appreciate it go for that Brian. You probe if I may.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"Plus, a Sherpa guide breaks his own record for most Everest summits, and a DNA test makes one man a millionaire overnight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63196095","title":"Across the Pond: Theresa May offers new Brexit deal","url":"/International/video/pond-theresa-offers-brexit-deal-63196095"}