Across the Pond: Twitter and Facebook fight anti-Hong Kong protest propaganda

Plus: British consulate worker feared detained by China, and Elton John slams media coverage of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.
4:37 | 08/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Twitter and Facebook fight anti-Hong Kong protest propaganda
FaceBook and Ritter have a roof several accounts they see the Chinese Government was using to undermine the Hong Kong protest so let's go across the pond to Jerry McFarland. In the London bureau for more Juliet good morning so what were these accounts posting. Mornings and they hit yes so as social media accounts are of course are ramping up that I'm taste. And T influence come Haines and as we get closer to the Tony Tony election but of course. As part of this of beefing up of that all in line. T monitoring this twist it cannot yet say and they said that they had. Believe they had to have removed almost a thousand accounts. From that web site that released a statement yesterday saying that they had disguised a significant. States backed in summation campaign. Or urgent originating from mainland China said that this was huge spy mean that lack of around 200000. Accounts. And a range of activities from thoughts coordinated activity spam all of it to it said. Was aimed at state king descent in home Coleman. Now. FaceBook also took action it said that it remain at seven pages on suspended a few accounts as a lot of people would drawing distinctions between the different. Purchased by bank decision made and that lets remember that FaceBook was essential to the turning sixteen campaign. And Russian influence which is still under investigation. Very interesting Juliette also we know that reports out there saying a British consulate official has been missing for twelve days in May have been detained by China what's going on. Exactly tribe Simon Cheng man kit he is a columnist let's whack he's a trade office the British consulate. In Hong Kong. Now he it was reported have gone missing on the eighth of August his girlfriend and found Lee speaking Jerry political Hong Kong news outlet called HKO one. They have said that they fit he has being detained. Five the Chinese authorities. Now the British foreign office has released a statement saying that they extremely concerned about this. They said that's we are providing support has found in seeking feather information from authorities in Guangdong Province. And Hong Kong now Simon was on a business trip to Shenzhen which is a southern mainland China. Region which borders Hong Kong and that he is on a high speed train heading back to Hong Kong. When he lost contact some reports say they he told his girlfriend to pray for him. But this is a growing problem not going away anytime soon ray they got their hands full Julie who. Julie we're checking in on the royal family there in Britain we know that Elton John are exposed sir Elton John. Is sticking up for Prince Harry indexes Megan as they've come under attack by reports. About a trip on a private jet what is Elton John's saying about this. Right say the last couple of weeks Harry and meg and have been under fire from a number. British toddler is Mason eight to be. The Daily Mail they have been following the young comic basically because they've taken a couple of holidays. This month one. To the sunshine and abide beef at the Megan's sent TH best day. And then that teen niece the south of Frans face of those trips they flee by private jets. I n.'s they have been attacked by lot of the British press. Davis said that that the two who pay his eyes eco warriors that they'd vet the headline in the males. Demonstrated an element of hypocrisy by taking private jets which are up to seven times a carbon footprint of taking. Commercial jets now Elton John how does responded saying he was deep need to stabbed about. That the royal pack coming under attack and also hearkened back to Princess Diana and how she faced a huge onslaught from the media. And he actually said that stocks contributed to you had death really really stand was from Allison joined. And he said he wanted them to have a nice holiday and say he invited them to his residents in the south of fronts I'm provided that private jet for them together. And it Juliette. We not only appreciate you for joining us this morning giving us the latest on those two very big stories we appreciate you for finally clearing up how it is you pronounces that islands. Off the coast of Spain beat back to zero I don't saw everybody here's call that the beads that. So we appreciate you Julianne we appreciate. There are visited by I've gone demanded the spotted Spanish buzz of Mike again and yet they say Garcia will be adding and photographed Nazi you know you know Halloween Claire I'm are thinking through it.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"Plus: British consulate worker feared detained by China, and Elton John slams media coverage of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65071889","title":"Across the Pond: Twitter and Facebook fight anti-Hong Kong protest propaganda","url":"/International/video/pond-twitter-facebook-fight-anti-hong-kong-protest-65071889"}