Across the Pond: U.S. dismisses North Korea’s deadline on sanctions

Plus: What the U.S. can learn from the British elections, and who is Lord Buckethead?
5:24 | 12/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: U.S. dismisses North Korea’s deadline on sanctions
North Korea demanding major relief from sanctions and setting up that line. Of the end before the end of the year of the US dismissed that outline says the north should come back to the bargaining table. Let's go across the pond now to our foreign correspondent to a McFarland and the London bureau Julie and also let me introduce you to. -- miles who is a legend here in the states. Donna hay is plumbing to aggregate of allowed to meet people from its of the ABC and such an amazing station you guys always. Have been so friendly to me when I was in New York everyone at the WABC ABC team. Was so warm and friendly and welcoming saved me though whacking with intellect by that senior cover several. Well the roll fan yourself you're so beautiful he likes the royal Iran's joy comes here. So pretty so thank you Julia as Smart as well obviously yeah. Artists sharing them yes a lot of love here so Julie what are you now here. He does so let me just need by the contacts all of and so this and India deadline what's been happening is on North Korea they've stepped up. That weapons testing recently and particularly. Last week they won the US to concede. Until release some of those sanctions. By the end of the yet now they have warned that if the US does not do that they won't quite go. Another way adopt a new way and how the US can expect. A Christmas gift give it does not comply a very. On this warning that from the north Koreans not the US envoy to North Korea Stephen bacon he arrived in Seoul. A yesterday of the weekend. And he has issued a call to Pyongyang to come. But tools he says that we are here let's get this done. Let me speak directly to our count pots North Korea it's time for us to do odd jobs. You know how to reach us now has been in a deadline on this because he leaves to get a ten K tomorrow. He's taping that he might be able to speak to some represents as from North Korea. To try and hash out some kind of agreement. Because of course all this heightened rhetoric about this and it via ominous deadline issued by Tanya and also Julia let's check in the aftermath of the big election there in the UK prime minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party winning a landslide of support. What does that lead the opposition. Right saying today a very happy prime minister Boris Johnson is getting ready to welcome a 109. New conservative MPs. To parliament that gonna get ready to take that seems they've had training at that we can they've been. Addition on the committee rams preparing for this now a lot of days new MPs they have come. From the opposition left wing labor posse and old through the last couple days and listens. The results of the of the election loss means there has been. A huge fallout in the labor Ponte an a lot of bits and fighting. About what to do now it's a match that Jeremy Corbin here we'll has been historically unpopular. That leads of the labor party a lot of bases on the doorstep and then polls have cited him with the reason why they changed the debate debate. For the conservatives. And I shift to an inch thing guys because. The US sudden it's just a paid a lot of attention to the results of the election a lot of people wondering. If it Jeremy Corbin huge fan Leah has any lessons to be lens for the Democrats and here they should. Choose as that candidate for president and I just a poll out this quit from Stephen Braun and in the New York Times have a look at those. But exit and from what inextricably linked in 2016. And they are inextricably linked today Johnson four shot days a big trunk when. What can cause people look kind of bad basses in New York London. Brussels telling them how to live and what to do. Corbin his socialist program not cooled in the mine got crushed if Democrats stand take a lesson trump is headed for a Reagan like. In 1984 victory guys. Could be something to learn there George before you got it here you mention anything about lord bucket head. Yeah I mean of course he may be a leader because of departed but he was also in the election prime minister Boris Johnson fighting for his and seat. In Uxbridge. And he faced some stiff competition that as you see heads. If his opposition candidates that he's God's lord bucket head count have been faced. And elbow and he did I sleep Boris Johnson he did a fact sick kids. Candidates as a matter of traditional British cut scene when he won his seat he said. I signed my fellow candidates and old bag glory load bucket has Elmo. Forgive me if I didn't identify them all. Not if this is. Such a wonderful cook a British the moxie. Anyone he wants the sun for parliament can they have to give a deposit of just Davis 650. Dollar list. Meant to stun a sold it costs to run out of the parliament and of course if you get less than 5% of debate need New Zealand deposits. But that has been this funny tradition. Albeit not on Carrington is sounding against the incumbent prime minister in recent. Election that's gonna call that alma bootleg Elmo because that was not elbow right there you know reminding me the Times Square characters that we have right here right now I was gonna say do you guys have any of these people out there are running again in Times Square there in Times Square but they're not like in front of some that that's very true they're not running for office and outrage like that for 600 dollar duly thank you so much we appreciate it good to see different. Thanks guys.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Plus: What the U.S. can learn from the British elections, and who is Lord Buckethead?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67752592","title":"Across the Pond: U.S. dismisses North Korea’s deadline on sanctions","url":"/International/video/pond-us-dismisses-north-koreas-deadline-sanctions-67752592"}