Pope Benedict XVI Departs From the Vatican

The pope bids a final farewell to a crowd outside the Vatican, leaves for Castel Gandolfo.
5:05 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Pope Benedict XVI Departs From the Vatican
Gloria stay here in Rome where history is being made today you see the Vatican right -- saint Peter's basilica. We -- seeing the final hours of living Pope Benedict sixteenth. Preparing that'll leave the Vatican for the last time as home. The first -- in almost 600 years to relinquish power. And retire. Kerry is leading the Vatican right now. Accompanied by credit. Secretary of state -- her -- And he will walk out into the courtyard -- send -- so where Swiss guards. In the entire cable households already okay. To say farewell to their home. -- moving slowly now eight years. -- -- He said he was retiring and hard. There's no longer up to the physical. Intellectual and emotional. From demands on the job. And this farewell has been remarkably personal -- yesterday in his general audience. Speaking about both the joys and the burdens. Of that office. Earlier today he said farewell one by one. To the cardinals 207 homes -- -- not -- -- there today. Now he is walking out in. Into that. Right now -- right ahead. The -- Christmas -- -- was standing army in the war protect people from 500. Treated by -- fall from members of this house. I'm joined here by Donald called the world Washington's season. That audience with the Pope. It's -- your own personal. I did I had the opportunity of wrongful the other part one I want people while. Express great affection. And it was very hard thing to say it. The first thing. -- -- I remember -- he's. Because it was almost five years so personal but the Pope also self conscious. Presidents. He has said in the history is made. Right now I was struck in those remarks to all of you where he pledged that reverence in obedience. Every every this year. Pledges that -- me. Of the holy father. -- long. Thank you. -- I thought it was a -- It was beautiful -- Roberts also her longtime Vatican -- as well everything here Brian. We'll just say -- -- brand New -- Vatican in the same breath. -- -- really quite remarkable in itself. I've been that is the case now we've seen them places this ceremony this -- With the idea that I am. This is totally. Unprecedented. In hundreds of years -- said. And that's why even though as cardinal said these -- that every bishop says it's very important for him to save them sent. -- for him to save his. In that -- right. Determined to have a pat on the Vatican. And then taking short fifteen minute helicopter ride with pastels unlawful. Which isn't about the papal summer residence. The resort president Gandolfo excuse me. Oh. Loves foul play someone -- -- -- Ron Claiborn who is outside courtyard. Castle Gandolfo right now -- -- is the scene there. Well -- George about two or 3000 people have been taking part -- day. A silence. Prayer preparing for the arrival of the Pope and about 220. Thirty minutes from now these remedies people are some locals but communities around here villages including the one that I'm in here festival -- on -- -- is here where history will be made in about half an hour two hours from now George. -- -- will be inside this Bob alas don't hear the -- -- behind -- The hour of 8 o'clock local time. He will officially ceased being the content and at that moment -- and with respect to be very dramatic development Swiss guard. Who is of course who -- the the pope's official guards leave the front door there that -- -- feet in front of the palace and at that moment. Pope Benedict will become Pope emeritus Benedict no longer the leading figure in the Catholic Church --

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{"id":18619069,"title":"Pope Benedict XVI Departs From the Vatican","duration":"5:05","description":"The pope bids a final farewell to a crowd outside the Vatican, leaves for Castel Gandolfo. ","url":"/International/video/pope-benedict-xvi-departs-vatican-18619069","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}