Pope Benedict XVI's Helicopter Ride to Castel Gandolfo

The pope lifts off in a white helicopter bound for the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo.
8:03 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Pope Benedict XVI's Helicopter Ride to Castel Gandolfo
Now reaching that -- had right now get -- that helicopter. Assistant soared fifteen minute accompanied by many members of the pontifical household private secretaries are archbishop guns line. Also Munson who -- -- pulses Butler. And his personal position that will make divide. -- what will be home for the next several weeks as is apartments inside the Vatican a former plaster from knives will be prepared. For his life as pontiff emeritus. A life John -- that he says will be devoted to study prayer meditation. And I think pitchers is happy to take him at his word and that's. You know there is no job description for -- retired hope. And it's going to be Pope Benedict emeritus. Who. Who writes that job description. I think everyone in the church here's a man of great discussion of a man who would never interfere with the work it is six. -- -- -- -- one element -- -- because I speak with cardinal Dolan of New York City yesterday this morning and he said that he hopes the Pope continues. To -- is that realistic for a retired hope to have publish writings. Well it could pose a question because obviously he publishes. He may be seeing some very interesting things it's hard. To imagine Pope Benedict not right it's hard to imagine them not thinking that studying. The cardinal were all -- see you to -- a little bit -- publish writings well I think. Right. But I wonder if Nguyen has become public he's going to -- -- It perhaps -- yes you know we have seen the final week now. From the -- of course the Pope the first -- to have a Twitter account -- ascent that his last week that says thank you for your love and support. You always experienced the joy that comes from putting price. The center of -- lives. -- around the Pope speaking -- that choice his office yesterday as well but also all the troubles -- this has not been easy. -- it's been eight years. Which has shaken the church and faith that many Catholics in the opinion. Of the church in the eyes of many non -- because of some of the scandals that. And the picture of the workings of the -- And through it all he's. He's had to bear those burdens and -- is imminent says keep preaching the gospel to world which sometimes doesn't much want to hear it certainly. So that's that a struggle -- he's been frank about how hard it. Okay that's sexual abuse prices touched not only the United States but really every. Just about every country in the -- Isn't it -- and it has really shock. All of the church to its foundations and the faithful to our foundations it is something. That is. So dispiriting and -- them and wrong and everything wrong sinful. And the idea and -- -- that these horrible abuses that happened in them that they would be covered up. Has really taken -- the moral authority. Many of the -- spokesman at a time when it's been needed in the world isn't as -- Cardinal world as this is you and your fellow cardinals prepare to -- next Pope. The church -- this scandal and overcome and restore itself and features one particularly. In the. To do with this we have already taken steps to address -- deceit that doesn't happen. We really have to do and I think we -- right on target we have to begin to. Way we do that. Does -- from ministries. Preach the gospel here for the these different people can -- nations I think that's -- confidence in the street. And as the Pope prepares to take off for hearing themselves on the wrong right now one and litigated right. Just outside Saint Peter's Square we see the -- right there tell -- the -- -- now. Well you've got growing crowd gathered to watch this event on TV screens that are permanently posted in Saint Peter's Square. As the bells ring I'm reminded them. The moment when Benedict stepped out on that balcony eight years ago none of -- expected that we would be back here so as soon. And I think at the end of this -- as he approaches you can see. That the church almost adapting its rituals inventing. Adapting what it normally reserved for just the death of -- two that this transition. Today. We're going to be seeing him. Every step of this way on his journey from saint -- to castle Gandolfo. And the crowd here. Certainly seem to be. Eager to CMO. All the bells -- -- building say farewell. To Pope Benedict the sixteenth as he prepares to leave wrong. The last time as -- taking off air from the Vatican. On its way to Castel Gandolfo. Where at 8 PM tonight on time 2 PM it. High -- his resignation. We'll take. And hope is as I was saying is a minute ago -- the -- -- and that's a sign that seemed to suggest a a real outpouring of affection final. Yes absolutely but and coming -- at a time that is very very difficult and this is it. Cardinal and his colleagues are going to have to deal was. As they going to conclave him not to long from now we soon. And then you know one of those things that. We -- instance isn't and he married in church. Even though people -- faithful to uses religion. They are not necessarily agree. And we see the helicopter over our shoulders right now as the Pope is taking off. And cardinal company does bring up. Have a responsibility -- share -- meeting on Monday to decide when -- can't play. Then 100. Seventeen -- eligible we'll begin the process of choosing. -- next -- just tell everyone at home a little bit about how that process is going to be. And I should point out Monday morning we'll be -- -- -- -- Purposes that is truthful cardinals have to get to know each other better person it's going to be -- one of them. So that we -- more than. Thought I was chosen -- -- -- don't know each -- that well that's true Atlanta I'm glad and that. It's -- this period -- guilty and to know one another year old little TP news. Preparing itself. Also just. -- we all get familiar with how this all works. -- -- -- And that moment -- on -- -- -- Clothes. Now comes the -- -- now flying. Leading the way I should point out at this point that the Pope himself as a helicopter pilot he's not like this. But he. -- and talk about the quality. You and your colleagues. Most of this moment certainly won't -- I don't know what it's certainly Cynthia. Where they provide streamlined. -- One last. Couple more. Gives everybody a chance to offer -- for. He flies to resist doing right now -- know.

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{"id":18619383,"title":"Pope Benedict XVI's Helicopter Ride to Castel Gandolfo","duration":"8:03","description":"The pope lifts off in a white helicopter bound for the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. ","url":"/International/video/pope-benedict-xvis-helicopter-ride-castel-gandolfo-18619383","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}