ABC News Digital Report - After: The Conclave

David Wright, Matt Gutman and Helen Alvare discuss the historic election of Pope Francis I.
3:00 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for ABC News Digital Report - After: The Conclave
Good morning everyone I'm Dan Cutler in New York with the ABC news digital -- stream the Catholic world celebrating their new Pope. Cardinal Francis formerly excuse me -- Francis. -- formerly cardinal for goalie out of Argentina 76 years old -- first jesuit and the first Pope from the Americas. Let's take a recap now yesterday's historic events. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But as -- sisters. This having dinner and it's an employee. Now this is -- -- You won't even loan. -- -- -- Mrs. peace to this the -- that -- And then not being able itself and I want to -- A celebration for the Catholic church and of course -- celebration for the country of Argentina. And that is where ABC's Matt Gutman is acts in Buenos IRAs and -- I'm guessing the Argentinean people are very much excited about this. Just. Happened -- Jeter was winning the World Cup exit at. Certainly rivals that the people out and -- the -- last night is being square. It ordered -- Israel where. Where Oprah -- been out cold -- ago. Had presided for so many years -- obligatory walked in from the subway station in his sandals he did not have a -- -- don't know. -- man -- great humility is -- Pataki here today about this guy who -- the -- it port city in -- Working with. -- -- the courtroom champion. The board here and at what he's known for it also known however being a little bit in the that was -- -- -- very public spat. With the president of this country. Normally -- -- that you got -- very well go here tremendous amount of enthusiasm and regular look up. The building to try to beat Argentine flag disputing the building and the odd bit of that and that just came out last night. The people very excited hoping that this can reinvigorate catholicism. Latin America which not yet been doing pretty well lately. Maggie talked a little bit about that relationship back and forth between the president of -- and now Pope Francis what has been the reaction then from the president. Well the president at least publicly so are -- very great did she Cristina Fernandez and -- -- Match its first match on Sunday. She's lying there could be Britain. There's been grew out of a public -- court -- But -- -- -- these newspapers here -- there's a tremendous amount of -- It was jitters the spoke at this -- this -- -- -- voted of the government and fiscal policy here he really ejecting the board he felt like. This particular government did not do -- I'll try to help those of the lower economic Echelon you're so pretty public that although obviously that ball -- now that the work together. He is now the most famous -- by the world. Probably after this soccer star on the net but -- both mutual brought tremendous amount by in this country today. And the Pope a big soccer fan himself as you -- mentioned. -- -- -- -- -- it is -- and well. Is. All talk about the utility -- eight Eaton and the soccer club -- inner harbor. Real op which is soccer beach Boca Juniors dramatic daughter and others -- But he noted that Renton -- -- that very few people. I think it was so poor. But it ended up having bill is big into a supermarket chain and by a terrible dated -- is complaining about now -- You know -- -- this dial and additionally -- this morning that. -- -- -- into the airport by a group of these brands. Just before he would support people but rest of the cardinals. He boarded the plane he bought an economy class ticket. Sherri but but a lot like economy -- -- -- the choice anymore. I've had married her I don't think that they sell those tickets for papal there ABC's mad -- -- -- went on saris Argentina today Matt thank you so much of course Argentina now being addressed in the spotlight I wanna go to and from part of the world now to realm where ABC news. Correspondent David Wright is standing by and David. The excitement in -- -- that has still carried over from last night. Yeah and road right now is dead. Probably a little hung over from the -- Beat both poured into that square. You know tens of thousands of them. Not really knowing who -- gonna pay and when his name was announced it was an unfamiliar name to a lot of -- and and dead. The first heart that it's an Italian sounding name and the Italians -- very much wanted to win back. -- -- will. And that this is the next best thing for them. Well do his demeanor won the crowd over and this is a country that. Behavior has great respect the institution but. I think was always a little uncomfortable with the Pope Benedict demand. He didn't have the very kind of Italian sensibility about it that very moment that he -- -- that this hopefully. -- years ago and and it's stark contrast to that last night. Virgo Leo came they had -- what mr. Ed what is on the schedule for the Pope today. Well get this morning he -- who do good church of hurry. -- Larry major. Yeah and out of private. The morning prayer reflection. This evening you'll be saying mass. Can't celebrating mass -- College of cardinals -- -- -- -- -- the -- that was of course the -- of this election. And then that he -- this show begins this weekend is dispersed. Public matter. On Tuesday. His installation as coronation as their work. In Saint Peter's Square and then of course are coming -- -- that holy -- -- Sunday any after the biggest. Days of the church calendar. And it's going to be -- Entree onto the world stage. Hitting the ground running in those red. Ruby red shoes ABC's -- right. However Ramirez shares are expected that he's gonna bring a different kind of style to the job we saw last night with that simple wooden cross that he was wearing. He may not go any further. Designer clothes that Pope Benedict was so -- well have to -- What will -- would will certainly have to wait and see the market you'll be making David thank you so much for reporting from Rome. -- what -- turn now to Helen operate law professor at George Mason University also. Taught at Catholic university in Washington and also represented the national Catholic council of Catholic bishops thank you for being with us today. So we're learning a little bit more now about -- Francis what do we expect from him about his personality style but his way to going to be leading the Catholic Church. He about several things some -- first indications. First when he came -- on the balcony I think I'm getting older and -- -- in maternal because. My heart went out to him he looks stunned and overwhelmed by the grand chair I think he will have a sense of Camilla yes tremendous sense of humility simplicity. The fact that he asked the crowd to pay for him. As his First Act the fact that the first -- said he spoke with the -- that we teach our children in the Catholic Church. Something that could unify every Catholic on the planet and frankly -- familiar to non Catholics as well. Very simple I think the fact that his background is that we used to call in the Catholic Church being the seamless government to -- consistent ethic of life which says. That life is valuable from conception to natural death. And combined with that as Catholics we have a special responsibility to the -- That is his persona. It is his behavior as a pastor. Our previous two popes have been great philosopher and the election. And have spun out Catholic doctrine and theory on this. He has lifted on the ground in the place where he grew up. And then served as a priest I think there's a lot of indications he would be very lovely approachable man. It's difficult though as I've been reading for him to be put into an ideological box. Where does he stand on a lot of the major issues and a lot of the social issues that. Have been confronting with the Catholic you're right you may be aware that -- language of pontiff means -- there -- and a friend of mine -- things -- To the people on the right -- -- a -- to the people on the left he has -- -- -- the people in the -- -- he -- the -- to the people in the new -- it's the -- What he actually does if you cast aside American political categories. He comes straight out of the gospels. He thinks that to his approach to things is not from Republican or Democrat or left and right it's about human flourishing. And in his voice thus far as a pastor. What he has said about human flashing his respect for all life every person no matter what. Particular respect for the poor that is a Catholic obligation. And. And so I don't think he can be boxed at any final thoughts as -- we moving forward and obviously. Argentina and South America will be thrust into the spotlight and have an even larger role in the Catholic Church. Yes and it it's about time not only because of the numbers of people they represent. Here in the United States -- will give us a greater understanding of our new immigrants and we need to hear from a part of the world where there is tremendous poverty. -- -- thank you so much for extended times today we certainly appreciate that. Of course we'll have a complete recap on On all of the information and the latest details as the Pope will continue his movement. Up until that inaugural mass on Tuesday. It will be covered on We return you now. -- regularly scheduled program.

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{"id":18729451,"title":"ABC News Digital Report - After: The Conclave","duration":"3:00","description":"David Wright, Matt Gutman and Helen Alvare discuss the historic election of Pope Francis I.","url":"/International/video/pope-francis-conclave-abc-news-digital-report-18729451","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}