New precautions in place as cruise companies make a comeback in Europe

Safety measures include contact tracing and denying passengers with positive test results onboard.
6:06 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for New precautions in place as cruise companies make a comeback in Europe
And one of the world's largest cruise ships is setting sail again after pausing operations due to the pandemic. ABC news got an exclusive look at all the new pandemic precautions in place. And what passengers have to say Maggie really has the details for us from Naples Italy. This morning an exclusive look inside what could be the future of cruising. While shifts in the US sweep of the new sales order to end all eyes are on that and this he grandiose one of the world's largest cruise ships now back on the high seas off the coast of Italy. With that was instant passengers on board and strict new safety protocols in place. Some of my friends sold him on to worrying them. You wearing masks all the tie and doesn't have weird but we got cruising and it's. It's really good here. The new rules start before you're even allowed to board. Everyone is tested myself included at least once by the cruise line the crew was tested at least three times before flying to the departure. Horses coming rivals and again after a fourteen. To make all of this work the company had to buy new Covert testing machines and they say they intact. Up at 300 people and our patent after about an hour we can't eat a little clear so we got in about look this thing. Should face masks and social distancing is mandatory for all public areas these bracelets that you normally Wear on a cruise ship are now being used for contact tracing. Medical facilities on board have been upgraded with extra bed to leaders doctors in isolation units. Today's boy aged feels like another world compared to just months ago. The cruise industry brought to a halt the corona virus outbreaks on dozens of ships. On the diamond princess more than 700 people were infected and thousands were stranded on board for weeks. Get seem to be embracing this new normal. Getting served at the boat fame even leaning on cold insecure shore excursions. So we need that to keep it there our economy going we need to keep bad note my life going but we can be safely. So it's across the water said that it's that we mean that's what everybody. This. Maggie really joins us live now from Naples Maggie what a mile. I know that's not bad day and can't get easy to see that's Mount Vesuvius right behind us. A moment about port to wake up to I'm not jealous at all it's totally five. Maggie resigning hit that crew members and passengers are tested. A repeatedly it seems. How level of testing working out. Well then that's is so interesting at the scene behind me of people lounging poolside cabinets pretty jarring if you're watching in America but. This is only possible because of that universal testing right now we're essentially on this massive a floating save social bubble as one of the largest in the world because. Every single person you see here myself included cats tested negative for corona virus before getting on this ship can't feel it has at least once the crew was tested at least three times. And dying and it seems to really be working so we cannot about two days ago in general and we were able to board but at least two people that also got tested that day tested positive for corona virus and so both of them as well as for other people they were traveling with. We're denied boarding so they're you have an example of why testing works they would've been on this cruise with us otherwise. And instead and they weren't allowed to board. And I get no a lot of things despite changes are still open gyms a spot the casinos it set her up so how are they making sure all those spaces are sort of clean and as safe as possible. At the two questioned and because testing is just one part of these safety measures they have to get a large multi facet of safety plan also includes things like. Face mask their mandatory social distancing is mandatory in any public areas also enhanced cleaning that happened as well. The air system is all fresh nothing is were circulated so. They're taking they've fairly strict an extreme measures to try to make sure people feel safe. But also have a good time so prisons and a tipping people always ask me mad. Our buffets and offshore excursions so that the fate of section one open down below us right now but no one can. Sit guest served themselves everyone has to beasts are so if you want a glass of water. Someone gives you that glass of water salt and pepper shakers they give you those as wells are trying to minimize social contact to make sure that everything is his touch list contact Leslie. And for those off shore excursions when you leave the boat. Those are actually still allowed but. If you leave the boat if you go into Naples right now the bubble comes with you so you stay in an exclusive social bubble the only people figure with on board and everyone you come into contact with like a tour guide or driver they've been tested also solicits new type of almost. Clean travel Diane where you're in a bubble here and if you leave your stealing a bubble. Those restrictions might have been having ten servings of the last that they I went to moniker ship Maggie maybe they could keep. Your waistline is now. In terms of that some of these restrictions. If this looks appealing personal at this looks appealing to Americans his right now US cruise ships are an operating cat Americans getting in on a cruise ship like the one that you're on in Naples. And could this set a precedent if it works for the US cruise industry to open up. Held it up on some of the bad news unfortunately if you live in America. You cannot come on this cruise ship and like you mentioned cruising is right now blocked off the coast of the US but critics of the good news because this is hopefully a test case. Timothy grandiose as hoping to prove that. Look at what they've been doing and they've been sailing for where in their six week. And it's been successful so far and so they want to show that if you put these strict safety protocols into place. You can crew safely so MSC cruises as well with others in the industry right now talking with the CDC and they're trying to. Prove them showing them that if you follow strict safety protocols people can crew safely so they are hoping to bring cruising to Americans Sampson and you can join me next time I'm each and Florida. Okay there relating see Maggie always so is great looking at the bright side Maggie thank you friends. We try can do IE.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Safety measures include contact tracing and denying passengers with positive test results onboard.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73169573","title":"New precautions in place as cruise companies make a comeback in Europe","url":"/International/video/precautions-place-cruise-companies-make-comeback-europe-73169573"}