President Trump and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold joint press conference

The leaders of the United States and Japan deliver remarks on the relationship between the two nations, and the recent mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
37:32 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for President Trump and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold joint press conference
Or ladies engines are men. The prime minister over Japan. And the president hopes United States. At that I and ladies and gentlemen another pet Sally will have the joint press conference sent by prime minister Abby. And death and presented Donald. First mr. abbate will school which will be funneled by peasants trunk. Of his. Achilles heel asthma study. It ladies and gentlemen at Dallas say it may begin by offering them my condolences to the victims of minerals there life. As well as my sympathy to the people injured in the Muslim shooting incidents in Texas. I'd like to express my heartfelt solidarity to the people of the United States in this time of difficulty it. You know. If there's only one year ago in November last year that I met the president for the first time and that trumps talent in New York. And I think is found I have. I've had numerous opportunities to come vessel with the president on the margin of international meetings as well as home to his talks on the phone. Indeed. Coming Ellis of dialogue did behalf I think it. I believe that there has never been such close bonds so intimately connecting the leaders of both nations. Ashley did now in the history of Japan US alliance of more than half a century. Impact picking them. He received meet with great hospitality last February on my visit to the US is -- in Florida. Oh it became. My public. Unforgettable memories that we were able to discuss a variety of global issues oversold me now as. Quite frankly including several rounds of golf. And if it's my particular daylight time at this time I'm able to welcome my dear friend pistons jumped and my dining and onion chump. Till it Japan. It and this stressed that shaped ultra prison jump to do each year. It's an historic visit in the current regional situation which is and a more tense moment. An eyes his first. Nation to visit on his Taylor is Japan. If it thinks you may read this historic. Significance even great. In this. Only two of us black able to shelter the rest of the royal unshakable Japan US alliance. Thank you don't welcome happen. For the last two days I was able to have an imminent death the discussion with Donald on how far out of issues. That the international community is safe. End of discussion overwhelming importance as all get right by the North Korean nation. We were in complete agreement after demands jets to be taken. On the analysis of and they if the situation in North Korea giving him good amount of time. Him. Japan did. Consistently supports the position of president John Wayne he says that all options. On the tape. Surround that told us over the holidays. Iowa City gains Toni T offense that Japan and US a 100%. To get. Full mold them to do Phineas. The international community and did dialogue with North Korea did you at that time will framework agreement of 1990 hopeful. And at the fixed IT agreement. All of 2006. Not yet convicted in them and to me. Then you can't program. But each time and that promise was better than. Which resulted in North Korea North Korea buying time for their nuclear and missile development while we were making efforts Fuller Diane. It's. I have no point in the dialogue for the sake of Diana the original screen now in now is the time not food diet on. But Fuller and outlying and current maximum level of pressure on north street that's of that. Will be completely agreed that in order to make north North Korea change their policy. Japan any US must take leadership in closely collaborating. With the international community so that we can then comes the pressure to the maximum level older North Korea. Two old possible means that. I agree with guys and track that we welcome China strengthening current pressure olden in North Korea. And eightieth birthday incumbent upon China tips eight even greater levels to North Korea relinquish their Nokia and and missile a development. Just eat that. That the Queen Rania fan and doesn't gain the importance of weather and phone thing try natural go preach cooperation among Japan US. And the Republic of Korea a country prison trump will visits to my rail. He's following this press conference. President and mrs. trump who weren't good enough to meet with the members of the families of abducting them. I would like tin render my heartfelt gratitude. Florida they're listening so intently. Until what the family member has had to tail them. Until the day when all of the families of their abilities in braces at their loved ones. In their own items until that's the day my mission yet. That's house is not like competing. I'm sure that the comedies. They do that but if that deal. I have mean you look at my results to let them fulfill its juicy bit resolution of this issue. I have decided to take our own additional sanction mantras in our office. To seek dissolution of the new Kim and select the most in bulletin abduction issues of North Korea. Tomorrow there will be a decision on free freezing assets of 35 North Korea and dignity and individual is going full. Japan and US will continue to cooperate closely follow the entity resolution of the North Korean news. I also discussed by actual economy issues with presence traffic. We welcome and that's been the second meeting Japan US economy dialogue here last month between deputy prime minister so. And vice president pencil them. Bulletins of strengthening bilateral economy trade and investment relations. Blessed confirmed. And we will go deep there. We got into Diane. We agreed that we will continue our discussion in a loaded team gave available that bilateral trade and investment and then hounds of God's creation. In areas of legal enforcement and that she infrastructure among us. Japan and the US Gaza Tuesday global economy leaders occupying affinity defense of the global economy. Share in common values such as freedom and fend off. He's been looked at significance of Japan US alliance is not limited on CN ET fronts and knowing them. In the economy field it greatly content he has to the prosperity of the region and that where. I can definitely isn't chunk shalt whack nuts on the field of bilateral trade bullet people without also. You need in the high founded the real making. In trading investment ability in the Asia Pacific region I aimed at stemming to seek seek to eight. So that both Japan and US strongly leans in regional and eventually. The global economy grew by our Jim addictive airfare it's intriguing thing Andy but the economy Oleg in this region. With a different kinda. Discussed. When they think and east Asian sentiment and looking effect we will be going after guys. Indo Pacific region covering the vast area of agent Pacific through the Indian Ocean to the Middle East and Africa. If the girls center of the where he was more than half of the population. And maintenance and enhancement of the marry Angela get that is free and open. Is happy to Cuddy in bulletin for peace and prosperity of this region and welcome glad to strengthen our penetration toward realizing. Free and open Indo Pacific. Under the unwavering in Japan US alliance. I she'll play a leadership role foot that peace and prosperity not this region. Hand in hand who with. Prison truck. Put that lasted days I had indeed daily serious discussions with that Christians trying to. I also had an opportunity to play golf but without talk show he hit the Nancy and my yesterday. Indeed. But he's not that match glass of milk and milk can be addition in my opinion. What let me MET through. I hope that their mr. trump real people live their valuation. That didn't outweigh let me just jump killing to us in such a truly relaxed atmosphere that we almost forgot how it's time to do. I am greatly very much sadness night. I hope and that that they enjoy the bankrupt later on by all means thank you can't match thank you payments. Present shown. Phil is your it's. Well thank you very much and so and this is been. A truly. Enjoyable. Trip and one where were accomplishing a lot and I agree with you that our relationship. Is. Extraordinary. And I agree review also that there has never been such a close. Relationship between the leaders of two countries these two countries Japan and the United States. It's been great to be with you in will be spending a lot of time with you over the years. Money and I deeply. Grateful. For the warm welcome we've received. In your remarkable. Country and that's what it is it is a remarkable. Country. Is a land of incredible history culture tradition and spirit. First let me congratulate you on your great. Success. In the recent elections. You one. Very big and very easily. And I'm not at all surprise. We really share in common and really deep loyalty to our citizens and a deep faith. In the destiny. Of our people and also people. And our country's working together. I also want to take a moment to continue sending out towards prayers and deepest condolences. To the victims of the horrific assault. On a church. And a beautiful area. So send Sutherland springs Texas such a beautiful. Wonderful area with the incredible people who would ever think a thing like this could happen. So want to send. My condolences. The condolences of a First Lady. Can tragic times Americans always pulled together. We are always stronger is when we are unified. To the wounded and the families of the victims all of America is praying for you. Supporting you and grieving. Alongside of you. Prime minister I want to thank you and the people of Japan for your friendship. We have so many great things that we can accomplish together. And we are in the process. Of accomplishing those things. It was a thrill for my daughter Yvonne good to be able to participate in the world assembly for women. And promote women entrepreneurship side by side. At two nations are advancing policies to empower. Women and harness the full potential. And our great economies. You're the first foreign leader to visit me shortly after my election. And now it is my pleasure to join you in your homeland. To further strengthen the historic ties between. How are two great nations as you know this is my for his visit. To the Indo Pacific region as president been here before. Wins president this has been my first and it is my first. And I am thrilled that my first up. Was with you a great friend. We're going to. Other countries where I have also. Developed some great friendships and we're going to work to straighten a lot of things out including trade. Including military problems. We have a lot of things to work on but this is a real honor. To be we've munitions in Japan is a very special place. The Japanese people are thriving your city is a vibrant. And you've built one of the world's most powerful. Economies. I don't know which is good his walls I think not. Hopeful. Who would they try to keep it that way we'll be set. And yet for all of its modern splendor. The people of Japan maintain April found respect. For their rich culture heritage and traditions. Honoring the past. Even as you blaze new trails and to the future. Very. Very strongly looking into the future is Japan. You demonstrate every day that. Respect for history and heritage. Is the true foundation for progress our nations share. And enduring bond. American Japan and face many challenges. Many opportunities. There are many things we face. But we will be facing them together. In friendship and as allies. Most importantly we're working to counter the dangerous aggressions. The regime. In North Korea. The regime continued development of its unlawful weapons programs including its illegal nuclear tests and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles. Directly over Japanese territory. Are a threat to the civilized world and international peace and stability. We will not stand for that. The era of strategic. Patience. Is over. Some people said that my rhetoric. Is very strong. But look what's happened with very weak rhetoric. Over the last. 25 years and look what we are right now. Prime minister. Be. Has also shared with me the tragic stories of Japanese young people. Whom North Korea has abducted over the years. Together. We met with the parents. Of megalomania. Yet coda. Who was abducted as a young girl in 1977. No child should ever be subjected to such cruelty. No parent should ever have doing do or forty years. Of heartbreak. We also. Had a young wonderful man and our country. Go. Warm beer. We all know the story of. It's a horrible story. And say it's. And we can't let that happen. In that let that happen. The United States of America stands in solidarity with the people of Japan against the North Korean madness. History has proven over and over that strong and free nations will always prevail over tyrants. Who oppress their people. Are powerful and enduring US Japan alliance. Includes more than 50000 members. Of the united states military stationed. Right here. In Japan. In addition to that we have 33000. Stationed in South Korea. American and Japanese military personnel trained together worked together and we'll stand together to defend the security and sovereignty. Both of countries. I want to thank the entire Japanese people for acting as such gracious hosts and strong partners. For our men and women. In the armed forces. America's also committed to improving our economic relationship with Japan. As president of the United States I'm committed to achieving a fair. Free. And reciprocal trading relationship. We seek equal and reliable access for American exports to Japan's markets. In order to eliminate. Chronic trade. Imbalances. And deficits with Japan were working on that. Something we've all been working on very hard from the very beginning of our meeting. As we continue to pursue closer economic ties I believe it will create new and exciting opportunities to achieve greater prosperity. In both of our nations. And to advance new frontiers in science medicine. And technology. The United States respects and honors Japan's heritage. And admires you're in deep. Well of perseverance. I appreciate very much you're. Acknowledging them stating the fact. That the United States economy has done so well since our election on November 8. Close to two million jobs. The highest stock market and our history. So many different things are happening. For the better including the cutting of massive amounts of regulation which is one of the reasons. That the market's reacting the way it's reacting. This mutual respect for culture and sovereignty will continue to bring our nations. Closer and closer together. And open up new avenues of cooperation and success. Mr. prime minister thank you again for inviting me today. And for opening the arms of you're majestic. Country. To our American delegation all of whom are right now in this room. I look forward to working side by side with you in friendship. We will have success. Like rarely seen. Between two countries. Japan. And the United States of America to a very. Very special places thank you for having us thank you very much. That those articles I must pass and give enrichment distressed out now we'll accept that questions are from India guests. If you wish to speak up please raise your hand some and be recognized that by a meal or out bite my suspenders. And then peace comes to these standing microphone and then please identify yourself by speaking of naming affiliation and Kristi dean of questionable. First Japanese press I don't Oscar Flores question from the Japanese Bristol which will be. Followed by BLU list. Accompanying press so we will accept questions from the people intelligent this out. I respectively and be thanking decide to resume as a Christian is that yes I did to the prime minister or to the appropriate sentence from. So fast is the Japanese paper sack any person to speak up BS police. How FM NHK that. This question to mr. I think. Prime minister and president of trump. Have agreed on the maximizing the pressure toward the relinquishing ultimately a development North Korea. Mr. trump isn't going to Korea and China and then there is going to be an APEC leaders in meetings have mr. Abbe what. It's cellular idea about the significance over this bilateral summit meeting on the other hand North Korea is still. Fixing it can't get used to not to responding to the relief and additional nuclear development of what is necessary in order to avoid an accident count military confrontation. Oh. While Japan US alliance being the foundation of the regional peace and prosperity it is precisely we win. Japan US Patton asked Jong. The piece of this region becomes unshakable. From that perspective I consider that this time we weren't able to me it felt strong bonds and ties between Japan and the united fifth on the subject and deal of his adapt to prison tramp. This was quite significant for the regional peace. On the North Korean situation. Between prison trunk and myself. When. Likud founder that we had to get 100%. Little and house the pressure that the entire international community exercises older in Austria took the maximum extent. By both Japan and the United States collaborating and. And working toward China and Russia. Minimal. Who smuggled Dolan likes conflict from. I don't like it could stacked trump tonight. That's North Korea continues its provocation that. Against international community Cellini to collaborate in the international community so that that they change their policy we must exercise our pressure. And from being also know that North Korea at Leland changeup RTC soapy -- include. It took to less I think that this is out once. Is most important that we expect and and we I'll have a complete agreement with prison trump. And together with many countries. I'm sure that we share in the same thinking if my one. Also attacked the media free and open and I dying. I'd order based upon their little if the foundation of the stability and prosperity of the international community this time Allen. As that person lived all his Taylor in Asia president. President and I was able to reaffirm that Deb both countries will make effects on them. Looking toward the Indo Pacific which is free and open as any significant. There will be big parent and what leader is meeting and mediate. He is semi meeting in these meetings I'd like to take leadership in that's driving this kind of discussion in the seldom. Free and open independent strategy if there is any country would agree with is a strategy with what country. Elliott and Hun every for the implementation all of this of strategy. So we will continue to how apartments at the beach in Japan and the United States so that we can contribute to jointly to the peace and stability of the region. Senator from United States' first question will go to Steve Holland from Reuters. Pardon me thank you sir. In response of that's Texas shooting what policies would you support to reduce these violent actions is gun control answer. And secondly you spoke yesterday about the warped of the North Korean people. What's your message to their leader Kim Jong-Il and as you prepare to head South Korea tomorrow. If I get asked the prime minister question as well. Could you respond to what the president said this morning that trade is not free in reciprocal with the United States thank you. As far as the North Korean people are concerned Steve I think that these are great people. There under a very repressive. Regime. And I really think that ultimately I can tell you this that I hope it all works out he better for everybody. Certainly would be better for North Korea but it would be better for everybody. So we hope that's going to. Take place. As far as your second. The question which is doing the first part of your question I think that mental health is your problem here it's missing. The very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual a lot of problems over a long period of time. We have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries. But this isn't a guns. Situation I mean we could go into it but it's a little bit soon to go into but. Fortunately somebody else had a gun that we're shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse. But. This is a mental health problem at the highest level. It's a very very sad event say these are Greek people and a very very sad and but that's the way I view it. Thank you. It. With that Chris and try. Change any clinical math it's bilateral issues please did discuss it on the economy command. How it US and Japanese economies should be. There is dialogue going on night between mr. astle and mr. pence. Then that black true meeting cell Brady. It it. So on the question of the economy together with their prison Trout not only that regarding net financial trade we would like to see into a region of the year Pacific. How nice and add to rule making something that we want to pricier. Still with those countries in this region Lee will make efforts to create an economical which is fair and effective. So that. Regarding Andy both economies have mutually. We would like to see deep mutual development are both the economy. So in the United States. Or eighty him. Since the stats of trump administration and beat partly. And it looks doomed yet Japanese investment 171000 jobs have been created the in the United States. Still all countries of Salerno the visa being the United States that they making this meant that the Japanese investment ranks in terms of job creation. Sell the economic relations between the two countries may develop fact that thereby creating jolts and thereby growing the economy. Still in creating those country's economy is set. I still pinned say economy. And Diana got free Monica would be quite relevant and we'd like to see good outcome from that dialogue that the well go back to Japanese prints for questions yes. Please. Some canceled. Next up from pounding your speakers. Company I have a question to prisons trumps. Mentally to family members about their deeds and you admit that we to keep them he sold out actual identity how can you comment on the regular meeting with him. To the North Korea is there atlas daily deal by the US and military action suppose that they delist decides to go on it. The end identities and riskier. How do you think about it ones and the military action is to be. Imminent. What I think is very sad I look at what's happened and it's a very very sad. Think who's ever heard of anything like this abducted. By a hostile country. For purposes of language for purposes of could be any. Number of another reasons. We'll see what happens. In terms of the ultimate conclusion that I did put it in my speech at the United Nations and many people. In Japan and were. Really thrilled that I did because a lot of people thought. The folks were talking about were forgotten. Like I say the forgotten people where they were there may be the forgotten people but I can tell you. You're great prime minister did not forget he didn't forget it all so we'll work together and see if we can do something out of the spotlight is on. And perhaps we can have some very good luck and perhaps the regime itself would. Send them back I think would be a tremendous signal. If Kim ju Yung moon would send them back. If he would send them back that would be the start of something I think would be just something as special if they would do that. But I spoke with people who are devastated and they've been devastated for many years. They think they're alive but they don't know. Probably makes it even tougher that way. But we'll see what happens thank you. Thank you. He second question from the United States. Mark Landler New York Times. That thank you very much my first question as to president trump. Mr. President you've spent the last two days re affirming the US Japan alliance and you've begun sketching out this vision of a free. And open Indo Pacific. But in two days your going to travel to China a country that is neither free. Nor open so my question is how can the US be a force for freedom and openness in this region without inevitably. Coming into conflict with China. And then to the prime minister. I'm mr. prime minister the president has spoken. On many occasions in the past about hoping to see the Japanese. Take a strong role in their own defense he'd like to sell Japan military equipment. And there have been press reports that the president was disappointed that the Japanese didn't shoot the North Korean missile out of the sky the one that was shot over Hokkaido. I'm wondering did this subject come up and what message did you have for the president about the role you'd like to see Japan take in its defense. It's thank you mark I will say if I could just take a piece of the prime ministers answer he will shoot him out of this guy when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the United States you easily. Shoot them out of this guy just like. We shot something out of the sky the other day and Saudi Arabia as you saw. And that was a very rapidly moving missile shot at it this guy that was a needle in this guy and it was hit immediately. And exploded. Without damage. So one of the things I think that's very important is that. The prime minister. Japan. Is going to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment as he should. And we make the best military equipment by far be purchasing it from the United States. And whether it's CF 35 fighter which is the greatest in the world. Total stealth. Or whether it's missiles of many different kinds. It's. It's a lot of jobs for us and a lot of safety for Japan and other countries that are likewise purchasing a lot of military equipment from us. That frankly a year ago in two years ago were not. As far as China's consent my relationship as you know with president she is also excellent. I like them a lot I consider him a friend. He considers me a friend without being said he represents China I represent the United States. His views are different on things but. There are pretty similar on trade the problem we have with China is that for decades. They've been. You know it's been a very unfair let me be very kind to previous administrations it's been a very unfair. Trade situation higher trade deficit this massive. It's hundreds of billions of dollars a year anywhere from 350 billion to 504 billion and that doesn't include intellectual property. And we've already started discussions with China because it has to come down. Has to come down. And that has to do with really free trade fair trade or reciprocal plan and frankly I like reciprocal. The best of the group. Because when you explain to somebody that you gonna charge tariffs. In order to equalize or you gonna do other things some people that don't get it. And they don't like to hear that but when you say it's going to be reciprocal. That we get a charge the same is they're charging us. The people that don't want to 5% or 10% tariffs they all reciprocal sharing that could be a 100%. So it's much more more understandable. When you talk about reciprocal and reciprocal trade is very important to me we have many countries not just China. We're Japan or so many others that we see. We knew of one country that charges us a 100%. Tax that we sell things into that country. And yet when they sell these same product into our country we judge them nothing. Now. I've been against that for a long time. And you'll be seeing we do things about it. Now it also takes a period of time to do that because as you know. You have statutory limitations in time. You have to put out notices. You have to wait ninety days before you can put out the next and you have to wait another 120 days and then a hundred then at thirty day. Now much of this has already been caught and caught up some of it was unnecessary statutorily. But you'll be seeing things of countries that have been treating the United States and the United States worker and companies. Because I view of the company's not as a company I viewed as an extension of the worker. But that have been treating our companies. Our country. And our workers very unfairly you will be seeing that the United States will take very very strong action. It's already started. But most of the legal foundation has now been done. And you can see a very big difference and is gonna happen very soon because the United States by many countries has been treated very. Very unfairly. When it comes to trick thank you very much. Repo. Regarding Japan dispensing equipment and both of them and we protests from the United States. The North Korean situation become monk of the any tough. The Asia Pacific security situation becoming very tough. Oh lead in couldn't TTV and Quincy DTV we huffed and harness our defense gave them videotapes and as if the president mentioned it's 35 age is a case in point is in three. Luke 28. Is Sarah. Another and planned for protests from the United States. If I'm each specialists. Deal that. Political AT and at Conte. Now will Scalia. Most Korea launched a missile was immediately. After that we traced them Matt Lee who are able to cross back and Trace we are they when they're going. They sold defends sept. It's something athletes is based upon the cooperation between Japan and the United States missile defense assistant is a collaboration between the two countries. Fuller via intersecting and debt Sheila teen down if latest necessary of school so we will do that. If it is necessary that in doing so US and Japan real closely coordinate our actions I thank you thank you creating much. With this illegal and end at these joint press conference by the two at least as of Japan and the United States and giving a matching ladies and gentlemen of the press. Season.

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