New Prime Minister Wins in Landslide Indian Election

Newly elected Narendra Modi was once banned from coming into U.S.
8:29 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for New Prime Minister Wins in Landslide Indian Election
A landmark election and a resounding victory. The world's largest democracy voting for pro business right wing candidate. As their new prime minister but he was once banned from coming to the United States right now the international hot -- India. Well when I'm down -- -- you are no red drug Modi will be the new prime minister of India. A -- seller turned politician and now leader of the world's largest democracy but he is not without criticism. Muslim minority in -- concerned about what kind of leader he might be -- here are just some of the numbers about this historic vote. The -- large democratic election lasting five weeks it was put into nine faces. 550. Million Indians voted that is a record turnout with two thirds who were eligible casting their ballot. And the BJP party and on course not to exceed 272 seats needed for outright majority something that no party has achieved. For now thirty years the BBC's enjoy -- -- -- As the ladies and election results from Delhi India. A hero's welcome for India's new -- him. -- -- with just been handed the biggest election victory in thirteen years. A mandate that could make him one of India's most ball -- prime minister. You have a victim I knew it jacked up today in the sixty doesn't is -- obligated independence. It's been an incredible rise for a man once had just follow this and T at this mainly stationed. -- -- good movie is a charismatic politician who ran a brilliant. Targeting young voters and promising to make India people economics who -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's reckless Steven guy and he was can ride that took place in his home state -- shop to his. It didn't -- a fight them off mr. -- these history of rights and put up. Don't they'll fight their -- anybody on that right any -- would be much what unabashedly of the light on the -- be. And the economy that -- ebitda in the BJP has ever -- In contrast to the BJP the mood here the headquarters of the governing congress party is somber. Just a few politicians. Taking in the scale of their defeat the -- in the party's history. It's raised serious questions about the congress party's future. And also that of the country's most famous political dynasty the -- guns. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was hoping to be the full member of -- -- to become prime minister. Instead he is being -- he rejected. -- -- Phoenix. I've done pretty badly. But did not put us to think about it. And that's vice president of the fight game I hold myself responsible. What does that good thank you. For now India's celebrating the end of an old political order and the birth of a new one. Expectations are high but with a come questions of what this political shift means for India and thank -- and -- BBC news and -- That was the BBC's -- -- in their reporting. From Delhi India so wanna go to -- -- any going India correspondent for the Washington Post and -- she's been covering election and joining us now. From Delhi and any thanks for being with us we really appreciate your time. I wanna put to a -- motive or who what what policies. Was he proposing that that helped him win the election. -- Economy. Economy at the -- needed. And wherever it. About -- Happening and not out. More jobs jobs creating. Interest. Expense and pumping -- Was his business background seen as a strength they gave -- -- the other candidates that were also. On on an economic push. I told him that he campaigned on -- from eight to. Eight -- Which is you know in the western part India and he he's he's one to eight -- -- current economic powerhouse. And wrote here and it and 88 -- -- -- decrease. In Haiti and -- we realized that the -- carefully. Talks a little bit about the significance and for the US concern about it about the leader Indian prime minister if -- -- there because it certainly does play a large role in the US economy. I'm no entity -- cute and out our -- our. Economic and -- I think he start he could agree she'd been -- that the state which candidate -- People who amassed Nortel and for many people think he'd do to stop them. That's so it really -- career. And that's still a concern are a lot of people in the -- Ian in here well. Well what about those. Minority groups in India there are they fearful of his that -- So we went to -- -- yeah a lot of them so it's mostly met some great picture. Fourteen and it. Population. Neat indeed dominate a country. That -- but the -- reverend Mark -- here. -- You are come more intense -- Abrasive sand and that they may get it and elect. I think -- committee. Economic -- eat lunch hour -- -- People in the country. They're worried that. It admit it economically -- to help me. And there are growing incidence rate. You talked about the relationship with the United States the US has it has a ban in place. Against the prime that the next prime minister there is there any indication that that -- might be revoked now. About -- playing a waiting -- That would would be would be somebody -- The jury and they like that and slightly out -- They weren't -- eight the actor overture made 8 and working what -- We're waiting and healthy. The election just sort of the issue. At one point Maggie and because of that because on the but he -- Earlier -- street during -- 08. And -- he -- And -- That that BM wealthy is essentially changed because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has his interest changed in trying to strengthen ties with the United States. It changed as -- -- has as his as his ambition to strengthen the kind of relationship and diplomatic relations with the United States. Has that how has that changed. -- -- -- And that was just this meeting with -- In the end it looked like that they got that you can't get beat they need to work together and epic economic. Issues to be worked out -- -- to get a lot bilateral discussions regarding a stand -- kind of we -- willing to order. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right any -- in the Washington Post in India there any take every time we certainly appreciate that. And of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot on -- -- New York.

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