Prince William Interview Signals Arrival of Modern Monarch

Comments made during royal's first interview since the birth of his son hint at a new style of rule.
7:56 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for Prince William Interview Signals Arrival of Modern Monarch
This is a special report from ABC news. Good morning everyone I'm Devin -- New York -- this ABC news digital special report Prince William. It's opening up for the first time about fatherhood and raising the new young prince George Alexander. He even admits despite that swirl of attention over the world -- he couldn't wait for everyone to see the baby. I think I was -- -- -- anyway this is Catherine part -- was that. Really we were happy to show them off to have want to see him as any new parent -- is doing its after -- -- Your new -- in the united pretend he's the best looking over -- everything. All right and Prince William had a lot more to say in that interview with CNN joining us now from London. For more on the revealing interview ABC's mixture for an -- Nicosia. Presented to see -- certainly seeing a -- we're great -- a lot of his sad prince -- humble side here I mean I find it hard to believe is the duke of Cambridge really changing diapers. I think he is and I think -- he talks about with Max Foster CNN. He wants to be as independent as his family will let him be so he and drove off himself. From the hospital that day I think as you know I've talked about the past he will likely leave his job in angle C as a helicopter search and rescue pilot to become a full time royal soon to -- a full time dad. And as he says actually really when a lot of fathers around the world probably feel in this first few weeks -- priorities now are my wife and my new son and although he -- his dog is also. In their priority list. -- he's really focused on -- to be honest if you look at him in this interview he looks relaxed he looks -- He's so very clearly in a good place in life and he's looking forward to the future of race in this boy including doing -- athletes. That's right -- and I was really struck -- down to earth he was an interview even admitting that moment when he walked out. From the hospital with the -- prince in that car seat and in putting that car seat in the car he admitted. That he actually had a practice that he was a bit nervous let's let's take a look at what he said. Believe it it was a much and I know there's been speculation I -- to practice our religion I was terrified that I was gonna do some. There is therefore lawful you know I was gonna -- property such. Our products are processed about. I mean pretty remarkable right for the for -- to -- became -- Newsom reversing their of this baby toys. Although I have to say we we put a stop its stopwatch on him that day after we saw him with that car seat in. Say having put my nephews Carson in many times having lots of friends who have little kids who try and struggle with -- -- That was obvious in my opinion that he did that he practiced -- Left you know he really wants to be accessible he really wants to be a normal father of course he isn't. He will never be but I think he has the sense that he and his wife. And his son can really just have their own lives can set their own lives he's talking about some of this we'll -- soon. But he talks about how he wants introduced Africa into it is little boys. Life just like it was introduced -- his life. By his -- who's really talking about bringing up a child a very modern. Monarch child that's not like the way. That his grandparents or even his parents would have been raised that's -- really breaking some new ground here in new generation and you Monica aiming even in the way. We see him men and Kate deadbeat parents are pretty remarkable stuff like let's talk a little bit about the prince himself we got a -- A glimpse here from Prince William about what the temperament of the future king of England could be let's take a look. She's a little bit of -- Ross for what sort of hours -- they otherwise -- -- -- rather -- me when I was younger Marshall. But. He's. He's the number one of the environment he's does let's -- hours after chambers. And changed -- the first -- if I did the first -- is actually about Obama was about as accurate. I'm I was Latin America and every amid Washington the you do it either he's a little he's got adequate protection because of the -- and kind of I'm in rivers around cardinal and you. His legacy that watchers who have a problem but he's there are a lot of mines and -- -- -- -- I was most Catherine puts them in she's she's in front. Very bad image -- every midwife staring at the duke changing the nappy it's pretty remarkable there and I understand that. Even though they said they are gonna have full time help at home they they must have some right. Well look I think that there have been reports that he's reached out. To his own old Manny the one that helped raise him. Other people who've been around Kensington Palace the same place where he was raised. For years and years we don't really know how many people or who they reached out to but they have indicated we will have some help. But not a huge amount of staff -- look they've got a lot. On their -- they've got a little boy -- Katherine has gone back to workers soon to go back to work next couple weeks you know they will be full time royals' most likely. When he leaves his job search and rescue pilot and they're also full time philanthropists in some way William has a lot. Charities including one that he highlighted during this interview in Africa and that's one that he wants introduce his son to so they will be reaching out there will be a very public couple and they're really going to be the face of the monarchy -- little. Boy George is going to be that next generation that assures. The House of Windsor a level of popularity of frankly they haven't seen. In generations that are really come along that popularity really rising. Thanks to William -- and Harry and now little George. A lot of their play a lot of pressure can only imagine it and it sounds like from what we heard from the in every let's take a look here at. How little sleep they appeared to -- as well. The -- few weeks and -- being. Just a very different emotional experience. Some random -- the -- I would feel myself. And it's our farms. Again -- an initial purpose. A lot of things very differently -- So how bad a NIC you've you've followed the royals who followed prince William -- mean just from this interview what sense do you get about how. Fatherhood has already begun to change it. I think he's happy I really do and I think. That that's really what comes out here and and and like so many fathers. After they've. After their wives or partners have just given birth. To their first child especially I think he's kind of amazing that everyone says to you. Your life -- -- the same you'll never be this annual never sleep. You don't really know that until you have a little boy or have a little girl. In your arms and it's just the three -- -- Creating life in dealing with. Diaper changing in dealing with -- you can put the car seat in. Front of millions and millions people -- well that's a particular problem for the prince but I think he's in a place that a lot of parents are and I think he's just happy and pleased and with that comes a little shocked. At some of the emotions he's feeling some of that. Be be the true emotion deep down that he's feeling and who knows what he's talking about. When he says -- looks at things differently now that could just be he walks out of his house since he's the sky differently who knows you know but I think he's in a good place that's very clear. From this interview he says that Catherine's -- -- a very good place and there are going to be excited parents and we're gonna see a lot of them. They're both gonna start hitting scenic trail I was gonna say the -- are doing public events next month and I -- really do think has as we talked about. That -- three of them really will be the future of the monarchy and they will be very popular. All right ABC news -- Schiffer and in London thanks so much for joining us next great reporting on the story this has been an ABC news digital special report. Thanks so much for watching. This has been a special -- Report from me.

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{"id":20002246,"title":"Prince William Interview Signals Arrival of Modern Monarch","duration":"7:56","description":"Comments made during royal's first interview since the birth of his son hint at a new style of rule.","url":"/International/video/prince-william-interview-2013-british-royal-interview-signals-20002246","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}