Prosecution Aggressively Cross Examines Oscar Pistorius

The prosecutor displayed photos of Steenkamp's body so graphic that the judge asked to take them down.
4:59 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Prosecution Aggressively Cross Examines Oscar Pistorius
This is a special room. You off anymore local sportsman. This table and -- and -- Cinco was Monday the -- The terrible mistake and unanimous. It's sort of utility business units and amendments that when you he'll be less income -- that -- did. Clemens when -- used it thinking that he's done -- Afghanistan. Months that this took the. This month. Forced to -- -- that night that he shot through a bathroom door. Oscar the stories on the stand against saying he made a mistake when he shot girlfriend Christine camp whimpering at times holding up better than yesterday though. Olympian on track the shooting at his girlfriend Christine -- Democrats -- new York and as expect the story's getting real today on the sand and watching all from the -- ABC's Matt -- in South Africa. And -- the story is really at the target of the prosecution today. Absolutely you know. The lead prosecutor Jerry now it's called the Bull Terrier of the prosecutors -- -- real world here. He is absolutely aggressive and ruthless. And -- was evidenced today by his cross examination right from the get go go -- at his stories again and again as you just sell. Demanding that he admit to killing read this team can't demanding he take responsibility. And then after that of course showing the piece of video that was obtained. This story is what they shotgun blowing apart watermelons. Jerry now demanding that he say yes that was -- -- this team can't -- had. Putting up pictures in court. All of her head it was essentially blown apart. Incredibly graphic so graphic and fact that the courtroom and people live their gas -- -- was so graphic that the judge had to actually. -- The prosecutor to stop it to. But to take the image is off and -- the stories have a couple of minutes to compose himself I actually want to play a bit of that testament right that -- speaking about. The -- of since it fell asleep on the evening of -- didn't happen. -- -- -- Until. You should confuse -- Stadium construction. And moment that you. The few tests because of the from the tunnel went to -- city. The -- that's. -- to grieve his loss to slow reconstruction of who it. There -- some. Points about judgment. On that even the -- school according. Security -- speaking to this the Bubba. Eventually -- stitching on the -- in the bathroom. -- thoughts of the carrying read the posted its. Some I don't ask but that because it was a -- -- With the prosecution tried to say that that he was actually. Trying to create part of the parts of that night. Well what they're saying is this story has been changing so. Justice court and -- we heard something else that he said and that he fired accidentally into the dorms the first time that we've heard that the previous testimony in his bail hearing which is written testimony. I indicated that he had purposely shot four bullets into the door thinking there was an intruder inside and feeling that his life was threatened that he had to neutralize that intruder. But his story seems to have been developing it and what the prosecution has tried to view is first is trying to create. A wage it destroys his testimony by really attacking his vulnerable emotional points trying to get him to break down. What they did after that is try to expose the inconsistencies in his story. What did he -- those 44 bullets that -- what was -- four bullets what -- take five minutes to batter down a door if he knew someone inside was dead. Why did he not -- for Revis -- -- in his room. Before he pulled the trigger. That's what we're going to see over the next couple of days it the dramatic. Opening a cross examination by Jerry -- probably going to be replaced by this. Methodical. Grueling grinding questioning of every single detail that -- -- Oscar the stories has been getting he's really going to try to break him down. And as we've seen today. He's not going to stop until he gets the answers he -- all right ABC's -- governor. In Pretoria South Africa Matt thank you for that we certainly appreciate all the time and -- -- been putting in. Covering this very graphic trial. And of course this has been an ABC news special report you can keep up with this story in real time download in the ABC new app and -- -- story for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm -- -- New York.

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{"id":23255169,"title":"Prosecution Aggressively Cross Examines Oscar Pistorius","duration":"4:59","description":"The prosecutor displayed photos of Steenkamp's body so graphic that the judge asked to take them down. ","url":"/International/video/prosecution-aggressively-cross-examines-oscar-pistorius-23255169","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}