Putin, Kim talk nuclear weapons at historic summit

The president of Russia and the North Korean leader are talking about ending their diplomatic standoff.
2:27 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Putin, Kim talk nuclear weapons at historic summit
We move overseas to Russia where Vladimir Putin and that North Korean leader Kim Jung soon they met for the first time to talk about efforts. To be nuclear I North Korea SI want to bring in Patrick Crable who's on the ground there. Patrick he does give us an idea of what half ended during this meeting. Yeah hi Kimberly yeah as you say can join in and not in between met here in Vladivostok a city. On Monday on on the on the AM Pacific coast of Russia about full thousand miles from Moscow. And they see that sooner than met for about six it's day fest they had talks are about two guys and and they had a series a kind of so. Cultural events where they and basically a banquet Wednesday the high eighties at a Gibbs. Batman and you date him basically this is this as you say is the first sign that Kim. Has met with dream despite the fact that and has been advising him for years to come and visit. Yeah I was just in your your mentioning against I was kind of curious about what. Sort exchange was about why why were they giving Swartz to each other sorts. Yes I did it's it's it's a good question and I think the main reason is because ultimately what this this meeting was about. Was really in some ways it was the diplomatic photo unit it was basically away. Assuming that these two places always rituals of friendship that is getting the soul and an awesome and very strange visual equipment and what and akin to an alleged that it is at times that you did live in the tigers. Reading an office Britain's facilities adding the openness of Ivan. Yeah a little bit strange and then there was word that Gooden called trump after this meeting to let him know how it went. Is that true. Well we're certain. So they they haven't yet spoken as far as we're away at a what is true is that prudent was honest with you will you be telling president trump about this meeting he says yes it of course of attending but the Chinese ulcers -- in the American leadership. I mean that we have. No secrets here is what he said you know obviously this summit follows. President Trump's own summits are Kim Jung on the mysteries and wanted February that ended. Unsuccessfully. And I see many people who believe that. There were other reasons they commuting on has come hidden. And it to visit this district is because of that unsuccessful. Meeting way it. President trump. All right Patrick Rangel thank you so much for the updates interesting relationships and there.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"The president of Russia and the North Korean leader are talking about ending their diplomatic standoff. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62628499","title":"Putin, Kim talk nuclear weapons at historic summit","url":"/International/video/putin-kim-talk-nuclear-weapons-historic-summit-62628499"}