Reality Show Deadly Disaster

Helicopter collision caught on tape in Argentina.
5:15 | 03/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reality Show Deadly Disaster
A reality show disaster in Argentina two helicopters collided in midair witnesses looking on in whole or. As the helicopters explode ten people are dead including three famous French athletes. Hi everyone I'm Caroline Costello in New York today France is in mourning over the eat French nationals killed in that crash. They were taking part in the filming of a show. Called dropped Associated Press reporter Peter prank to me is covering the story from Buenos Aires sports he joins us now with more Peter thanks for us with us. Peter this happening are remote area can you tell us what exactly but since we're doing there. Don't bet that's not exactly clear we know that they were there to film this reality show dropped but it's not clear yet if they were in the process of filming. If if they were doing some scouting. You know it it's dead it's not clear we know that the crew arrived on Sunday. I'm so it stands to reason could be either they they couldn't filming they could have been scouting. Okay because the show uses remote areas where they drop. Contestants off is that right. That's right that's right and this is an extremely remote area. This is this is a place. Pretty close to deny outranks the Andes mountain range that separates Argentina and Chile. It's a place that it did so mountainous and in so rough that investigators that they could not recover the bodies. Last night this happened you know Monday night and they weren't able to recover the bodies until this morning. And all eight of those bodies have been recovered from the mangled racked. That's right this right EPA French nationals and then two Argentine pilots. OK and Peter it appears that. One of the helicopters from that video we were able to see may have veered off course hitting the other one are you hearing anything at this point about the cause of the crash. Investigators say that that there are still looking added there is that video that that you mentioned. And and it does look like. There was a gust of wind of some kind that it pushed one of the helicopters close the other ones and the blades hit. The part of the bottom of the other helicopter then and then they both crashed but there's no official I'm version I guess of what happened or what caused it. OK Peter let's talk a little bit more about the victims of the crash I wouldn't be in store athletes from plants. This is a big blow to France today. It it it really is. President prince a Holland said you know this this was this is extremely sad Arsenault condolences to the family. I think France is just it's just really shocked because these were people who. We're very very well known especially at the two Olympic medalists. For swimming and in boxing. So hang in there. I also understand their players and several other show contestants standing on the ground. Blindfolded when the crash happened what do you know about that what do you know about who else may have been on the ground and actually. Teens about how it. Should we. We know that have been a lot of people were on the ground and a lot of people didn't witness it that's that's Porter you know that video that you mentioned came from that's where some of the stills that we initially got yesterday came from. But but we don't have anything official yet from the production company or from you know anybody else in the crew. As to what they saw on and how many people they are but yeah there's there's there's. A number of French nationals who are there who are there you know shooting. Participating in this show. And from some of the video we can see people rushing to the scene of the crash. Tell us about that in just Moran able to get parent and save anyone I'd be just the plane went up in flames I assume. Immediately. It is then yeah. It is there was some kind of an explosion in the air around and then in in both both choppers. Hit the ground people who arrived at the scene shortly after said that there was really nothing to recover wrong. It was he was charred bodies and charred and mangled pieces of the helicopter. Ands. So so there was really you know nothing nothing that anybody can do. And Peter also what can you tell us a little bit more about the show dropped him. I understand very popular all across Europe. Popular across Europe if it seems to be based on the survival model where you know people who are out in in the wilderness and didn't get get certain challenges thrown at them and they have to try to overcome. Those things in the in overcome the challenges with each other that it seems to being you know what it is any and it's very popular apparently in this particular area. They shot a previous season. Of the show. OK Peter prying them thank you so much reporting from what areas we appreciate fat. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and storing this story for exclusive updates. On the go I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Helicopter collision caught on tape in Argentina. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"29531005","title":"Reality Show Deadly Disaster ","url":"/International/video/reality-show-deadly-disaster-29531005"}