Rebels Move Malaysian Air Victims' Bodies Into Refrigerated Train

Bodies will not be returned to families until agreement is made with independent inspectors to enter the region.
4:02 | 07/20/14

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Transcript for Rebels Move Malaysian Air Victims' Bodies Into Refrigerated Train
This is a special report from the EC. -- -- -- I'm Dan Harris at ABC news headquarters in New York with -- special report on two major stories we're following right now. The downing of Malaysia flight seventeen over Ukraine and the Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip. -- start with the latest on that Malaysian air flight the rebels have now taking complete control of the huge area -- parts of the plane crash to earth on Thursday. And they are now holding the bodies of the victims which is sparking anger. On top of sorrow ABC's -- Friday it was one of the first reporters on the scene. The crash and he joins us now from the nets. Which is in eastern Ukraine cared what -- the latest developments as least. -- -- Dan there's a chance that those bodies may not be back with their families for some time right now. They're being held in refrigerated air we're refrigerated rail cars. Right near the crash -- and I spoke with a senior commander of the rebels earlier today he told that they will not release into the families until international. It until independent in international investigators come here to inspect the bodies. -- the promise that those inspectors are still in Kiev and there are concerns about their safe passage. The rebel leader told -- that they would guarantee their safety but so far there is no agreement for them to come there is however one possibilities that they would give them. To the Russians because they trust the Russians on this one but so far there is no agreement to do so. Dan may be awhile before the families get those bodies back which as we've said is adding an enormous amount of anger on top of the anguish. Big big international reaction to this today we will continue to follow it here thank you return to the other big story globally right now. -- -- in the Middle East where this has been the deadliest day of fighting since this. New round of violence began in the Israelis pounding Gaza both from the ground and from the air with missiles even before daylight. Palestinians return. Rocket fire and ABC's Bob Woodruff is in Tel Aviv with the latest publicly tell us about the casualty count today. -- -- without question this was bloodiest day that's happened so far on this two week long war. In fact about a hundred Palestinians were killed. That brings they're no abrupt about 432. Over those last two weeks. They're also you should know that two Americans there were also killed last night they are dual citizens and serving in the Israeli military. They are part of the thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed last night that the worst we've seen in the last twelve years since the Intifada in 2002. Of those seven of them were killed in the town just in the eastern part of Gaza City itself. Which they haven't gone into until this moment those are hit by an explosive device. This seven six others with three of them were shot the other three in another part to the north area of of Gaza. They are also trapped into a building which burned to the ground and that's how they died as well. Now the -- just here and in Israel itself about -- 87 other rockets were launched. Over the top just since midnight last -- and that's continued. To go and not Yahoo! of course said today that -- gonna continue this operation of -- it takes to put an end to it down. President Netanyahu showing no signs of backing down -- Hamas. The President Obama spoke to Netanyahu earlier today expressed his concerns about the high casualty count. There's some talk that the US might intervene here and try to negotiate some sort of cease fire will stay on top of this story as well and our thanks to Bob Woodruff in Tel Aviv for his reporting. ABC news will monitor developments around the clock and around the globe on both of these stories get updates. On either of them you can start them on the ABC news phone apps. I love a complete wrap up -- coming up on world news of course you'll get the latest first thing in the morning on GM -- for now I'm Dan Harris in New York. Have a great --

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{"id":24640882,"title":"Rebels Move Malaysian Air Victims' Bodies Into Refrigerated Train","duration":"4:02","description":"Bodies will not be returned to families until agreement is made with independent inspectors to enter the region.","url":"/International/video/rebels-move-malaysian-air-victims-bodies-refrigerated-train-24640882","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}