Rob Ford Faces Tough Questions on Drug Use

The embattled Toronto mayor sat down for his first interview since leaving rehab.
17:13 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Rob Ford Faces Tough Questions on Drug Use
-- and drink yesterday. And I know have a drink today. -- -- To treat this disease when Davidson. Mayor rob Ford today's sitting down an answering questions for the first time after his two month stint. In a rehab center hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Two days after opening up to the city of Toronto and an emotional post rehab speech. Mayor rob Ford is finally answering some burning questions about his substance abuse. And addiction treatment mayor rob Ford sat down with Canadian cable news channels CP 24 Stephanie -- In his first TV interview since his release. Thank you mayor Ford for the opportunity to sit and talk with you today. You've made quite -- reentry back in two public life he came down from green stone on Monday. Leaving rehab he did your public address. And then you went full -- -- public life yesterday and another reaction some cheers. And jeers. But you feel that that. I feel great. Celebrity candidate he went to the number of events and. Are you surprised that that by the jeers that you got. Than just politics never gonna make everyone happy and I really appreciate you wearing a support. When -- the time. You know there's been discussion about the length of time that -- -- Green -- it was two months and you feel that was adequate time for you spend there and then make this reentry back into public life. It's not my calls professionals call. And completed the program. Put -- hundreds of members. I'm learning about this disease. When you're in denial for years. Takes a world. For someone to convince you that you do have. A problem and non fiction. And when I think the professional doctors and nurses and counselors. -- -- -- Explaining this disease to -- they supported the timeline Peter returned back considering. The addiction. Addictions you're dealing with let's talk about that he talked about alcoholism. -- an alcoholic. Are you crack -- The substance abuse. Is everything. Was. Born with blond -- From the teleprompter. I was. -- -- An alcoholic. -- -- -- -- -- -- And so long journey. When you're an alcoholic. You can become any sort of subsidies say that you can be using. Cocaine. Everything glows. Me under -- -- minutes. And sorry that I used to it cocaine. Secretary they can think of probably. Think of another one that you might use this marijuana that is as much emphasis. Everything can think of the substance -- substance abuse -- heroin. Knowledge and her music. You're not a harrowing say he never used talent -- You never smoked it started shot it -- -- when. Are you -- crack addict no. -- thinking this is the substance abuse. Cup winner and -- when your under the influence. But my disease that I have. -- -- -- And regret it. Now that I know I wish so we'll explain this to me many many years ago. I wouldn't wish this disease. My worst enemy. But you knew how to problem. All of these months and I understand you say denial is part of the disease. You put it off -- -- off last November he said you know five months and and I'll be you know -- rain and six months later you just -- -- rehab didn't work he got the help he needed. But. What is it that made you finally go to recap what moment was it. Enough was enough. -- you don't really know the moment. But -- was. Ruining my -- Couldn't function. -- -- -- -- my family. -- -- -- -- And in. Your family your profession. Your own well being. I think after those three go that that include drugs and alcohol in the office. No alcohol was in the office. He never did drugs and office. Where did you get your -- -- again I'm not gonna get in. To that criminal element. Do not associate him. With those people. I'm not going to. -- it doesn't mean that's sorted with alleged criminals. You can -- with -- so you've named Alexander VC. As a good guy. -- was he dealer. I'm not gonna get into any of the particulars pursuits. When you have a disease like I do. You do things you say things. You're blind to the people but it does the disease can give you a cable. The disease -- you. Uncontrollable cravings. Nor would understand in the -- of the disease. -- think someone with uncontrollable cravings can effectively operate as the chief magistrate in this city. Well -- diseases something. And those born with an imminent that's an on going. Long journey. And this is not -- I'm acute after sixty tickets and that's that's that's that's the concern. There is no cure. And the concern is. How do you gain the trust of the people trauma of knowing that this is an ongoing disease. That you have said your human people are gonna fall. You know how can we be sure what is the way they can you guarantee. That you won't use again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I know have been drink today. -- -- -- They treat this disease wondered at them and should that be good enough for the people's trauma that took to the people -- to decide on October 27. What about drug testing would you just so -- the city. Would you be willing to have random drug testing to the campaign literature elected reelected there. Say it again in a minute. Reiterate what I just. -- in contested and and no entry today. So it's a no promise -- situation. I'm. Getting and dealing with this and getting professional. For the rest of my life. What about you talked about you talked that triggers being here in your tracks yesterday that there you know your triggers are turning to with your triggers. Is the office of the mayor -- trigger for you. I love my job. In keeping busy -- the best thing. For me. And -- professionals. For those with it brings them. CEOs. Professional athletes. And if you have the disease you'll understand. What triggers there are not on medication now known. Tell me that. Rehab and -- the woman. Who is how to be driving your SUV unfortunately. You'd have to talk show only on -- -- is. The owner creams don't everything's confidential -- -- and as you know -- An addiction facility so you'd have to us. -- on those your keys you can't give us any clue why she had her car while sitting in this is information. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- And you president but there. It's confidential. Didn't. Obviously wouldn't -- confidentiality agreement which you do that the client doesn't go into the you know talk book that he would. -- us talk about something that is set bubbling issue here and that is racist homophobic remarks. You apologize to Karen -- he didn't apologized that the first community why is that. -- I think that it tenant and if I have an all apologize and -- and I think it was quite clear. And everything -- -- While those using my offended. Lot of people and all -- can do is apologize and say sorry I cannot change the past. And I think that covers. Everyone that you just mentioned the other day we have world price -- Toronto is an incredible event something the city could be proud of and there is literally a rainbow over our city on Sunday. If you're reelected mayor -- you go to private. Again you know lunatic when needed time. And that's a -- we do with this disease. Telling about the police investigation. -- -- at a time as a new day for you you're out of rehab tell me are you have talked to police and -- and that interview -- pointed. He should be talking to my lawyer. This is obviously the criminal investigation. That cleared. The best lawyer could learn -- -- Dennis Morse. I'm if you need any answers with respect to the so you don't intend to talk to police -- just heard that every time OK well I think mr. Moore should be the best interest. Tell me about get the day when he major speech when you address -- trial your wife -- by your side everybody. Watch -- about your family and your personal life and how everyone is doing. Your very starving your relationship with the city. How is the relationship with your family just -- Everybody's hoping OK we want to thank you so much for sticking by me through is very difficult times. What do you say to your children when they cast their daddy. It's very very challenging. -- -- -- one of the videos. Any apology for him I apologize to. Everybody. To. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did terrible things. -- -- -- -- And I apologize to everybody then. Can't change the past lead and wish it could. Crawford thank you and -- and. That was Canadian cable channel CB 24 Stephanie Smyth with the first TV interview with mayor rob Ford after rehab. And right now I want to bring in Don -- City Hall bureau chief for the Toronto sun. For more on the mayor Donna -- an interview in a very different rob Ford we solid candid. An apologetic mayor in this interview an emotional rob Ford at his press conference on Monday. How are people in Toronto reacting to his return. It's simply mixed those that sported -- in the past. And continues support -- are glad to see him back believe that he's turned his life around and are hoping that. He will get reelected this -- there is are -- lack of other people though there are seeing him back. That don't believe the story he's pushing. And are frustrated that he won't provide answers to the kind of the outstanding questions and did that he won't cooperate with police. As part of this ongoing investigation that has been our surroundings office for the last year. And what has been the reaction from other politicians and how do you think that will play out with this criminal investigation as well. Well the counselors here at City Hall they're trying to -- just go on with business as usual and kind of avoid the -- circus. We're in the middle of them mayoral election has is rivals have come out pretty strong. Are calling on him -- -- come clean with all the answers everything and also. One of his rivals is calling firm to resign now. Before the election so it's. Yeah you know politicians are definitely not impressed with the -- forward that has come back from rehab -- the stories telling because. You know -- put up with -- behavior the last. Three years and they're tired of it and lot of them don't really believe that anything the mayor says because we. She's told so many lies in the past they don't don't believe what he's saying more. And give us an idea remind us about the criminal investigation. That rob Fortis is facing the charges that he will have to face. Well he's not facing any charges right now let's be clear that but the investigation has led to -- to -- towards friends & Associates being charged. With extortion it's alleged that -- Tried to get. That crack -- the original -- video back. And surely -- going to court for those charges probably next year. Synonymous issues still ongoing please -- wrapped it -- and so whether or not the mayor. We'll ever cooperate -- Lisa doesn't seem like that's the case at this point and so we're waiting to see what happens there as well. And is running for reelection but how about now that dated -- now that he's back to the able to do its job. He is able to do his job what what is left -- back in November when this kind of crack. Controversy -- a crescendo. Council took away most of the mayor's powers so she is limited hours he's basically kind of -- name only right now anyway. But the deputy mayor has the power to oversee this city's executive committee which is like a cabinet of counselors are trying to steer the city's business. And the deputy mayor would be in charge if there was an emergency. The mayor himself. Sheep he can represent the city at a fancy silk that titled mayor. He has an office although the staff -- lots smaller and he has the power to declare an emergency although he wouldn't. Be in charge of any emergency response the city launch. And you know we sell rob -- in this interview a very stark contrast to what the public has seen over these months. And he's always been what has been referred to as in the centric mayor. Do you think that will -- that will change. Given his stint in rehab and what you've heard in this interview. The Everest is seen I can tell you he is it taking part in a committee meeting today at City Hall isn't. Talk that much we haven't really seen any of the antics that she's become famous for over the years here in Toronto where is raging about waste of taxpayers' money that sort of things exactly -- -- more subdued since he's come back. But. We'll see if she if he -- an issue that kind of speaks to is politics is right wing kind of tax. It's fighting for the taxpayer sort of approaching night to jump into that again we haven't seen it yet so. -- you know it definitely isn't -- The kind of crazy -- for we've seen running -- Well before. City Hall bureau chief for the Toronto sun Don Pete thank you for joining NASA. Thank you you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and -- -- this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24405337,"title":"Rob Ford Faces Tough Questions on Drug Use","duration":"17:13","description":"The embattled Toronto mayor sat down for his first interview since leaving rehab.","url":"/International/video/rob-ford-interview-2014-toronto-mayor-answers-questions-24405337","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}