Royal Baby Born: Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Son

Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge welcome healthy baby boy to their royal family.
40:41 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Born: Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Son
This is an ABC news special report. -- -- -- -- -- -- And good afternoon everyone I'm David you -- here -- ABC news headquarters in new York and become on the air this afternoon with breaking news from London. Some welcome news from the royal family were expecting to hear moments from now the official word that duchess Kate and Prince William -- the proud new parents of the baby. We certainly don't know whether it's a baby boy or a baby girl at this point we do know they could be the future king or queen of England they will be. And heir to the -- the new royal baby third in line. To the throne and let's go live to ABC's -- -- -- -- -- outside Saint Mary's which are looking at right now and -- were expecting this announcement shortly and the slate. Change of plans we thought there'd be pomp and circumstance which there was still being awarded actually get a formal announcement right off the -- That's right it's timing is his change that was sent me just looking at the -- wing door and waiting for -- formal birth announcement to be walked. Down the stairs by the Press Secretary broadening looking at our iphones and our blackberries instead for a formal press release -- of these -- the birth. We'll hear everything that we are expecting to see on -- easel and Buckingham Palace but this time we'll all get a heads -- they. Feel like in the modern world of technology. That this might be the easiest way to spread the word to the world. All of this very exciting moment in time -- royal baby has been born so we understand after that email takes place. We will get the pomp and circumstance that you were referring to David where we will see that card stock with a formal announcement framed and signed by the doctors who delivered the baby. Walk down these steps. Putting into a car which will be driven through the streets of London. And taken to Buckingham Palace where it will be then placed on an easel and very easel where the announcement -- Prince William. Was made so many years ago 31 years ago. Returning the history -- using that easily eighty stick with us here the royal couple as we know. Went to the hospital there in London Saint Mary's there overnight that was shortly before up about 2 AM eastern time. We were told that Kate was in the early stages of labor at that point since then there's been little more official word. Other than her labor was progressing normally. And in fact we're joined by doctor -- -- part of our ABC medical team and she's with me here in the studio in New York as we look at these live pictures. Right there of -- -- the weeks and months before. She went to the hospital in the last few hours to Saint -- -- in London and doctor after you were telling me this would be about right for a first time pregnancy 1214 hours. Absolutely David and -- for this for the course of labor for a woman with her first baby. This is absolutely within the normal range you know it's been about fourteen hours according to the reports that the duchess was an early labor we normally break. A lever up into stages of early labor than active labor and the second and third stages of labor so this is absolutely. Right on schedule -- when we would expect to hear word that a babies and more -- -- were with -- early on this in the pregnancy when we learned that -- -- was having some complications. Also common in the first -- absolutely well we're talking about high premises which is extreme nausea and vomiting. Usually limited to the first half of pregnancy the good news for women who have that condition. When that resolves they can expect most of the time to have a very very normal labor and delivery and and hopefully that's over -- -- be -- since then doctor hasn't been with us throughout our special coverage. You're watching ABC news live coverage we await. An official announcement from the royal family in London we believe the baby has borne the new royal air. The baby only the second future monarch to be born in a hospital -- -- Prince William was the first. At that same hospital Saint Mary's I'm learning right now it is a son. -- new air is a baby boy. Born to duchess Kate a short time ago and the Prince William for 24 PM I'm told. Eight pounds six ounces eight pounds six ounces. The duke of Cambridge was present. And that would be a bigger baby then Prince William was Prince William I believe -- a little more than seven pounds. So a baby boy and I want to bring in ABC's Barbara Walters who's been covering the royal family. For a long time here and when I saw you react to moments ago when I announced -- -- boy. I'm I'm delighted at every visit to baby boy whether boy or girl as we have pointed out there's a new rules of succession -- The girl would be the edge of the thrown nine I -- -- -- Charles I don't expect the baby's name for awhile because. Was more than a week before williams' name was announced I don't remember that but evidently west and Chelsea is -- -- a mystery file monthly there's just. There's a baby against but -- away -- -- -- hoped it would be ago. Because I know how much. Her room highness Princess Diana wanted to. And boys just -- to -- on that farm. Barbara -- -- -- the announcement of the viewers were joining us right now we have just learned from London. That this new royal air is a baby boy weighing in at eight pounds six ounces for royal highness the duchess of cameras. Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 424 -- time. The duke of Cambridge was present for the birth of queen the duke of Edinburgh prince of Wales the duchess of Cornwall Prince Harry and members of both families. Have been informed and are delighted with the news in fact. We have been led to believe that the queen perhaps was among the first if not the first person to be informed of the birth. For royal highness were -- her child are both doing well and will remain in the hospital overnight right there at Saint Mary's. But Barbara brings up a fascinating point which is we might be waiting for some time for the name and I wanna bring in -- -- -- who was. Princess Diana's private secretary it was sometime before we learned prince -- -- prince -- learned almost immediately but William -- of the week or so world we could be waiting here. We might -- And of course this has enormous symbolic significance in an inning and people measure history by rains of kings and queens and had radiates. Elizabeth. George the third Victoria. Does not alone for the list and whatever name they choose no for the christening. May be the name under which he will -- in years to come. But there's just a chance he might have a name -- -- prison with Melanie chooses terrain under different -- when he actually sends the threat. But these names generally have some sort of connection -- the monarch the some. Perhaps it was a god parents or -- grandparents or -- parents middle name but generally there's a connection of the monarch monarch is enough flexibility. But then there will be more than one -- jobs out could be as many as four. This of course is -- he experience. Family considers -- -- -- -- -- -- As of Buckingham Palace you can hear the cheering outside the gates is likely they're learning you just informed you all at home just moments ago in new baby boy. And there you see the car pulling away from Saint Mary's this is part of the pomp and circumstance if you will that bulletin now being raced to Buckingham Palace and Barbara we believe it's about a ten minute ride they'll clear the way for this -- Is the -- there. It's believed the queen is at Buckingham Palace he -- this is our bodies are doing are curious about took off on vacation how often delivered sergeant on my -- -- But now it's believed the -- is they. Yes she was at Windsor Castle this morning and should return to Buckingham Palace this afternoon that's not to -- -- check. That's right and her her summer trip as you point out her holiday as they call if there is coming next week and she joked. In front of a crowd in recent days my holidays coming I hope this baby moves along. You know it's it's. I when I look at that we're so excited here and -- hot too many truthfully rural families that we get that excited about. You can imagine David what it's like that and even our would have been great if -- -- girl. -- -- -- Now and let's just -- You know just over the top. LA -- and as you know this baby boy will now be third in line to the throne behind Prince Charles is actually. Been waiting for quite some time the longest -- to be waiting ever ever. That's right I mean that would give him the longest -- previously was. Yet with the seventh whose mother Victoria rained on and on and he's he says that he's afraid of the eternal love. -- black that we know the queen mother queen Elizabeth's mother was -- after -- hundred to two feet so you're not Prince Charles. I'm sorry it's going to be very long and the truth he had been waiting for queen a longer life but by the time Williams a sense -- found. He could be in his what fit for this. He he very well tomorrow -- very -- could -- in fact the queen just celebrating her jubilee. Last year and she looks quite healthy and and and quite young and we want to go to -- -- who is. In front of Buckingham Palace in fact we were checking with her just before we came on the air with the announcement. And she said that crowd has been swelling throughout the day and and -- we can see it right there behind you and we could hear the cheers moments ago. It was just an amazing I guess the -- I can't see what's going on because -- are so many people. Out here outside Buckingham Palace I can tell you we're surrounded by people holding. Their camera patents to trying -- this historic moment they -- something the -- that was on the other side of the street just rushed to the -- here. When -- historic announcement. When they did hear that gender of the baby they all erupted in cheers it was a wonderful moments of course the announcement is now. On its way here to Buckingham Palace when -- Casey going to be sticking. With the world tradition and -- going to have a historical -- even know they -- aren't even Lawton Koppel at they do it wants to how about a protest. In announcing the birth of their child so what we're getting to see is this formal announcement based on an easel. Out of sight here Buckingham Palace the evil hasn't been used -- prince -- Birth announcement 31 years ago so this is an historic moment. I can't quite tell you. What it's like you can hear the crowds cheering behind me you waste and saw the announcement actually makes it here David. And -- you were showing the easily -- the live pictures of the get go back to that -- for a moment because that is a piece of history that's the -- needs a little we learned. Of prince William's birth although when we learned of his birth we didn't have a name yet. Simply that a boy had been born two princes Diana at the time we know that this new baby we're just learning of will be known. As his royal highness the prince of Cambridge. And I wanted to go back to -- robot who was standing by at Saint Mary's hospital this is the second -- to be born at a public hospital William was the first. And any you're learning more details about what happened right there in the hospital behind -- Well the interesting thing is -- you know when we think of pomp and circumstance I certainly not a might be a slower ride with that. You know this steps walking down the steps we -- -- Perkins is bringing that formal birth announcement well he just. Would stick all the way down the stairs in and got it in the car and then interestingly we thought and Perkins. But when -- get in the car and travel with that formal birth announcements. And -- placed on the easel but interestingly he went right back up those stairs and into the doors so many -- thinking. Who maybe he went back to -- be by -- and inside and many people are hoping that might mean that -- would come out that minute didn't see a few words and certainly that's what everyone here is. Hoping in recent days when we got crowds every -- -- sales. Just cheering and screaming at the news as soon as we heard were that it was a baby boy -- There is so much excitement here around the hospital and obviously we're on pins and needles to see if perhaps we'll see Ed Perkins come back down those steps. We have a very proud new dad. Yeah that's the big question at this hour 340 here in the east of course -- Final hours ahead of us there in London and the question this afternoon was whether or not that proud father. Prince William will in fact make an appearance we know that. When he was born Prince Charles to canal and talk about how had been many hours. That he was glad the baby had arrived joked that -- goodness the baby didn't look like him look like Princess Diana according to Prince Charles at the time there you see. The couple before the pregnancy. Prince William and duchess Kate's the next generation of the royal family and -- -- Where they're covering the wedding with Diane and his -- not long ago that we were watching them on the balcony not one kiss. But to and we heard the crowds cheer. London welcoming this Britain welcoming this new generation of the royal family. Well let it. There's a normal thing about them in addition of course to the fact that they are royal and this -- just going to be raised in a different way this child will probably go to school without the children. This child -- -- will take Karen. Grandmothers his grandmother's wishes and mingle and got a playgrounds and have a much more normal life it's a different thinking. William as a freshman to have -- and this baby now wounds -- -- and of -- if in fact. If they have a family -- the -- -- have anything to say this child will be raised even more normally not commonly but normally. We don't know the middle -- were in fact in the hospital we did learn earlier today that they weren't there yet I don't know if they arrive late in the day but. That particular wing of the hospitals called the Lindo wing and and had been affectionately nicknamed in these last few hours limbo wing because so many of from the world have been really waiting for the announcement. Of this a baby and we now know it's a baby boy weighing eight pounds six ounces the new royal baby and as Barbara was mentioning earlier. Much of the world was prepared for history in the making because as we know was just within the last year they changed. The law parliaments are changing the law it in Britain so that if the -- had to bet of the baby girl today had to have been a girl. -- she would have been the heir to the throne -- history. Would have said before that had -- been ornament a brother come along and that brother would have become the next. Team but this was going to be whether or not it was a boy or -- this was going to be the -- And it's also a far cry from the start when they used to have to have a witness. To the birth in they have some I don't know -- -- -- -- that to make sure that this was indeed the baby. We we do know Patrick bet that bulletin has been race from saint. Mary's were not sure. If it's at Buckingham Palace yet you're looking at live pictures of the crowds gathered outside for a glimpse of that -- Last we saw the did not have the announcement yet but we know Patrick that that. That little announcement is taken to the queen inside the palace first before it's taken outside -- court. Yes I mean it's it's important that that the historical precedent is observed. The fact that an -- has been born. Is that most reassuring thing for anymore knowing that be the succession is secure and on this case. And usually there are three -- alive now that hasn't happened for more than a hundred years. So I suppose if you're in the -- -- business you know this is good news means that said the future is looking bright. We know that bookmakers are favoring George and James at this hour this was just handed to me what do you think. Well I think there're there're obviously historical connotations with what which whichever name it she's James not altogether happy. James of course was originally a Scottish. Line of kings and change the six -- -- became James the festive. Great Britain so. Both he and James the second his son came her pretty sticky end. And that lets hope that if James is the choice then this returned to what we're yes that's jurors. Tradition. Has been a lot this time. -- and bring in Robert Lacey who's at Buckingham palace of course. We know him well here royal historian and author ABC contributor and -- what do you make of that growing scene out there were looking right now. At pictures of Princess Diana and when the boys were so young William and Harry and at this salary no. That her. Her first born son William is now a father -- Looking in the background it's -- -- It's it's it's very much day they -- -- with a -- -- we can see the announcement being taken in. Into the palace and I think Patrick writes. We will have a look at it before it comes out again. This is that you say a great tribute to Diana it was -- started this whole business of royal people being born in hospitals. In the old days all people who boarded all the hospitals to handle the -- people applauded forgot about -- district pistons jobs. Diana the change that. And you've been talking -- and all of you about the new style of the royal family so much of that comes from Diana self. That was an incredible -- we saw moments ago that you pointed out in fact it was the -- going into Buckingham Palace. Being taken to the queen right now as we speak there they are driving into the palace through the gates. People gathering outside the gates as they have been throughout the day there in London that first word that duchess Kate had been taken to the hospital it was shortly before 2 AM East Coast time. That we learned that they've gone -- the hospital there you're seeing the images from moments ago. The -- past and now it's being taken into the queen the queen. I presume looks at the announcement approves of it because certainly she was one of the first phone calls from Saint Mary's new -- before this -- arrived that this is part. Of the history. That duchess Kate and Prince William were so hoping to preserve Patrick. Yes and -- -- happiness of this moment I can't help thinking as perhaps many of the viewers. -- also -- young memories Karabakh to. There is unforgettable images of of Diana and Charles -- baby William -- same steps. Diana still only twenty and I think it's a poignant. So that she is we have the great -- and figure from today's happiness. And for sure we would be certain that. Should be delighted that here we see. The next generation appearing and as Barbara says. The ways in which she modernized our ideas of royalty. -- is indelible in this new baby has indeed -- -- -- jeans and I think that's going to be. Seen more and more in the years ahead. -- up to disposable. Die. -- -- the first one I mean this is a kind of knowledge you don't really think -- happened since since I know it. And they -- only fifteen and twelve the two boys -- have a memorable time. Yeah very very to lose their mother and in there early adulthood they've spoken more about Diana and the role that she's had in their lives and how. Through their own terrible -- they want to keep their mother's legacy. A lot and -- looking at those images a moment ago of Charles and Diana and William of course the first of their children. And I was looking here seven pounds one half ounces for the doctor care that was how much William wade. Charles cannot address the crowd that night and so we we all -- curious Prince William will do the same he said we were very proud. That's the Charleston at the time he said have been thirty hours a long time and in fact you can correct me if I'm wrong Jan but I believe that Princess Diana had after the induced. It had taken so long -- and when a reporter inquired of Prince Charles does he look like you he said no he's lucky enough not to look like. The father and William and Charles in the past you know we have to remember that all reports -- that Prince William was in the delivery room. For the birth of his baby. That's a relatively modern phenomenon only from the 1960s here in this country that we really began to seek common place fathers in the delivery room. For their babies' -- and we should also mention that for many fathers it's very anxiety -- and. -- when I bring our viewers' attention to these live pictures right now ABC news coverage of the royal announcement we know it's a baby -- walking. -- the fourth quarter as we knew they would. -- -- -- She has -- -- now. And Natalie we'll bring it. To be easel with a crowd is gathered out front. Placing them the same reason we're prince williams' announcement. In nineteen news okay justice. -- that announcement. Seen yet but as the camera pushes in people speak of the baby -- baby's gender obviously we. Before he was preceded -- -- which was changed a modern -- sort of monarch moments. For them to alert us before it actually was placed on the -- eight pounds six ounces. -- signed by the doctors who witnessed it. -- two signatures of the doctors who looks like -- is actually a couple. As well believe how -- -- I think greeted. Sequels it's. It's time that. They don't put that in. On the announcement that we didn't know prince. As we waited with Prince William Bennett took -- as we mentioned earlier week before we -- from William. Its name. -- -- what Barbara was alluding to there about -- -- days they would have to be some witness to make sure that the the -- reserves religion. This. Public pronouncement -- a number of different signatures on it is a kind of a relic of that where until as recently as the 1950s. It was expected that there would be a government minister -- The -- to reassure the public that there have been no funny business introducing -- says. -- as in the olden days. -- -- times and the only thing. Very very important there -- -- no question about the legitimacy. Of the future -- this is it in some ways to deliver. Historical -- And of course as -- -- now the announcement very simple. Very similar to how simple the announcement was at prince William's first in fact back in 1982. Announcements it's simply a Princess Diana her royal highness the princess of Wales was safely -- -- the sun at 903 PM. The royal highness and her child -- doing well quite similar to what we're now hearing about duchess Kate in these are live pictures at this hour right outside Buckingham Palace and I -- into the back to ABC's Amy robot who's been sort of on this royal watch for days on and now she's outside Saint Mary's and of course as you mentioned. -- -- -- -- -- I gathered that we're putting in your robot now and there she is -- -- -- big question and you. Pointed out earlier is whether or not we're gonna see a proud -- emerged. From the -- -- there in Saint Mary's. That's right because you know we were all waiting I think this is fourteen hours from -- hey we can sing sing Arrington got back -- -- So we just got the announcement moments ago. And it -- formal birth announcement that you now see at Buckingham Palace was -- down these stairs very quickly and the Press Secretary. Who traditionally we were told would have gotten in the car with that formal announcement and taking -- Buckingham Palace instead. Ran back up the steps. So that led many of us to believe that perhaps he was running back up to prince William and we're all hoping anticipating we're hearing that it may happen -- Prince William. The proud father. They come down and share a few words about his newborn son and you can certainly -- the anticipation here we've been all here for a very long time the mother stays on as the weeks. And everyone seems to think that we're not quite done -- yet we're really hoping to below to -- special moments so. As soon as we get word that he may be coming on the steps of course we're gonna bring it to you and we'll all be waiting to hear anything we can learn about this new royal navy. AB NJ about ten minutes away from Buckingham Palace we're looking at live aerial pictures right now our coverage of the royal baby his son -- to duchess Kate and Prince William the crowd throwing out while we're on the air tonight 352 actually here in the east or. About 8:52 served before 9 o'clock there in London and ABC's llama Hasan. Braving the crowds and in fact that you were speaking with an American -- I don't know -- they're still with the. Well a day if you can hear me over the years that's all we've been hearing since -- -- dining out here so many people have gathered outside of -- -- and are still gathering Nike -- announcement any more people rushing to be here to -- this momentous occasion and among them happy. Very excited. Indiana university's -- Gabrielle Levys came especially that he announced yes we are studying here at Kings College last month became right here today as we heard that -- -- -- And how exciting is it to be here very exciting I've never experienced anything like this just wouldn't that people live here right now it's really up. It artifice and -- this is a historic moments. How happy you that you witnessed -- I'm thrilled -- never got to be a part of something like that and so happy to be here in America and it's really and it. Great to be here -- -- debate about him. Safe to say your -- found that as it did you keep hearing is. That he didn't exactly what we're seeing every time I don't know -- see people with -- -- -- -- isn't happening. And captures the outline -- Buckingham Palace right now Damon. And -- I just wanted to ask you a little more about the crowd and the colors there I had been reading that after William and Harry were born that. Particularly after Williams -- it was placed on the easel that drivers who went past Buckingham Palace were talking. Well into the night which is an offense in London past 11 PM. But that obviously they looked the other way. That we believe was born and and I -- they'll do the same as Britain welcomes the new royal air. You can expect them on the -- I'm Michael I got David people -- estimates that it raises. Not that they need an excuse to drink but the brits are very soon spend at least three million dollars on champagne and sparkling wine. And it's just a son of -- this momentous occasion. Watch this space I'm short minutes from the -- of William and Harry. You talk about the money they're Obama so many numbers have been tossed around in addition to the -- there's the memorabilia the food for the parties the baby clothes 360. Million dollars will be spent they estimate in the UK everything related to this new -- baby. And I wanted to point out. That British babies born on the same day and perhaps you -- Patrick. Will receive a free silver point there's a limit to this I think they set the limit -- -- -- thirteen based on the year. But on average 2000 babies were pouring a day in the UK so a silver coin coming to families who welcomed their new ones today as well. Yes a silver coin specially struck by the royal -- So that'll be something for them it's -- grandchildren something to -- for many years to. From Buckingham Palace is this souvenir shop. It is huge. And they make a fortune they sell everything from of the jams and jellies that -- produced by. At Prince Charles is. Two. All kinds of mugs and hats and dish towels and as such and that this kind of got painted into Pakistan and that it felt like -- for a change. The average woman approaches just from the Saban is I -- I thought when I get a lot stock I have a houseful and that they're getting -- for. Christmas present that I was a -- -- city -- just a couple of years ago with the wedding when we were there you couldn't you couldn't walk. Ten feet without having another souvenirs Stanley brought up onto the fact -- and -- -- Barbara and this is another. Injection into an economy that really -- it. Yes -- -- royalties good for business this story is one of the the arguments put forward in in defense of the monarchy because not everybody in Britain is a Monica's. That it brings in a lot of -- -- that it encourages terrorism. That caused Barbara to someone point you said that the of -- income from the shots goes to the family that's so strict teacher goes to pay for the upkeep of the palaces. Well have not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The grandfather. For the first time reacting saying -- my wife and I are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild it is incredibly special moment for William and Catherine. And we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. And he went -- the statement Graham parenthood is a unique moment in anyone's life. As -- kind people who told me in recent months so I'm enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we really witnessed a sea change. When it comes to the perception of Prince Charles in the UK and a lot of this has to do we've his handling of the death of Princess Diana and raising his son's. Under the prism of a lost mother Barbara and and we as we've seen in recent polls. There are a lot more people in the UK who support Prince Charles an -- of skipping over him as once talked about. Well remember that Camilla was called -- -- Princess Diana the rock. She really hated -- she thought that this destroyed can match but it turns out to have been a very good -- -- couple were very loving. And people have accepted come -- on. This -- -- -- thing to that we're talking about here and that is the marriage between William and Kate is an act of two people who -- -- What -- with Diana unless from the beginning. There was -- shadow. Did you really -- when he was much older than she was did you really wanna marry her prince Johnson didn't want to marry Camilla. Wasn't a good marriages ended in divorce all of our shadows and none of them -- here. This is true people who obviously very much of a lot. First baby's a boy -- chips you know. And we look at pictures right now from the wedding and of course the queen there in the front row we. Await her reaction to the announcements and Barbara you and I were talking earlier baby Cambridge. As babies being called right now until we know the real name will call the queen great grandma. So behind closed doors very much like we do here. In America calling and by the way do not have a -- already loophole right now I have a -- would -- -- black caucus and accomplice -- them. -- they will live at Kensington Palace as we all know that is also where Princess Diana. Lived in her final years -- where William and carry it live but Kensington -- -- it is a big place. -- not a house it's a bunch of townhouses -- unless I'm -- Patrick it's about to townhouses. I connected -- -- initially driveway and I think that they are living in the apartment that was the apartment differences smog that. And if you're just so. Federal -- -- you know it's not a big it's not a big deal it's not really a -- -- after. It's very human -- with a well I just described yeah it is building 1690. By William the third and it's it's. One of the very few royal -- -- -- received the scenes of action been built for humans to live from. -- its effects are nice. Manageable scale and as you say will you -- grew up in apartments 89 issued to see in the photographs there. Really very modest not terribly -- -- splendid comfortable enough. The apartment that's been. Modernized for William and Kate from what I was Princess Margaret. Sagamore spacious Samaria and varying. Appropriate. For a future king and queen and the future areas a future king as well. You're listening to Patrick Jefferson who was the former private secretary to Princess Diana and great to have -- Patrick and I got a kick out of -- -- -- -- very human house. Doctor -- asked and I looked at each other coming -- yeah I can handle that aren't Kensington Palace I have some of the numbers here at the park but still live -- obviously for stories. It does have a nursery which obviously -- need now for the brand new baby boy twenty rooms. A private garden and of course as we pointed out here there are several apartments within. The palace. And and Barbara was actually right it's the late princess Margaret's apartment that's being renovated for them they're living in a cottage on the -- until they're able to move in. 4 o'clock now here in the east and for those -- you been joining us along the way here this is. ABC news live coverage of the brand new royal baby new son. -- -- prince William and duchess Kate and in fact. It used to be that we would have to wait for that easel right there in front bucking -- palace for the announcement be placed on the ease of before we. Learned the gender of the child of this year we learned right away from Saint Mary's a press release issued before they even. Took that bulletin ten and drive over Buckingham Palace we learn the baby weighing in at eight pounds six ounces. Congratulations came in from all members of the royal family we do know. That this is straight from the hospital for royal highness the duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of -- son at 4:24. PM their time. And David I want to point out as we're looking at that historic bulletin there the most important line on that piece of paper not the gender not the time. Not the week. But it's the fact that both mother and baby are doing while we have to remember we often -- -- for granted in modern medicine at least in this part of the world. That childbirth as a normal healthy thing but in the field of obstetrics we have two lives at state. And the goal of a healthy mother healthy baby is the most important thing -- -- -- the -- there can be somebody bumps along the way particularly in the first pregnancy and to take us through. The next 24 hours for for Kate as a new mom and for that little -- and all of this and this is a period of time where there are enormous. Physiologically. And emotional changes often times the mother who's just delivered has been -- for. About a day. Especially in this case we know that you know this has been about fourteen hours of labor since the duchess is in the hospital so there's no telling when it began before then. A lot of endorphins are released and obviously there's a lot of excitement. But there's a lot of physiology that has to -- and then of course the maternal child bonding process which hopefully will start absolutely immediately right after -- Bring so many people -- tweeting us while we're on the air love this -- -- -- -- -- so David you have pop open champagne to celebrate the moments. We could but we'll have to wait until -- up there right Barbara we are tossing death might have -- without. Look to move the -- up back -- to set -- -- we will toast them. After were off the air with a special coverage -- another question it's a very common one coming in on Twitter right now when do we find out. His name in for those having just joining us we we tackled this -- rate and we came on which is. There was a big difference between William and Harry Williams took seven days to -- the fact that within the first 24 hours or so -- Yes. I think maybe with with. Younger children. The -- bit more straightforward as -- say the name given to the eldest child. Future king. Has enormous historical significance. And therefore. Since neither William OK -- the gender until we needed just not a pretty much. Maybe they had a list of possible lead is maybe they didn't maybe that was when the real -- -- This carrying his real name -- its independence integrity. And -- obviously common nickname for for Henry and I want to bring in Victoria Murphy. Of royal reporter with the Daily Mail in an ABC news contributor and personal political gradually -- -- Torre had a baby last week how you feeling. Thank you very -- I -- I'm very disappointed at -- element of being cleaned -- -- -- PE today it's. Despite few days -- I'm -- -- come and try to get our hands -- one for you you know what they ask you. About something Princess Diana had said years ago after the birth the prince -- she said she was a little disappointed when she had a second -- Because she -- the Prince Charles one of the girl also if grandpa Charles now I was hoping for perhaps -- a girl out of -- family might have to wait for the next one. Well he did say that yes I mean I think it would be incredibly -- everything. Tactics fighting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look at say a week they're out with a -- -- that I mean in bringing not a great I think is that -- -- -- -- -- -- that you're the bookkeeper favorable tell with a look at one point they take it actually should limit the -- -- adamant -- -- not yet again that the -- behavioral changes that are being broken in this country I think mark how. What the feeling that little -- which would -- -- the -- could try. And how -- the boy am immensely important cutting it baby is healthy babies getting to be -- -- for the now how can we can move in by keeping an -- in this country. Three kings in waiting providing -- story lines for reporters like. Your -- and when there is a daughter born there will be history made as you point out -- -- with a little longer for that history and actually may be -- maybe he won't have a military eventually directory or some kind I'm not turning to appear around the I -- But as you point out the most. Around the world awaited this announcement was that the mother -- -- -- you're seeing her right there. From the wedding of course I'm happy healthy we're hearing reports from Saint Mary's -- the baby. Is doing well as well great English and go ahead Victoria. And I think it pretty interesting because he'll hold immediate fuel are -- -- -- -- -- at. -- come back in Haiti I think they look I haven't -- -- -- it I am glad he. I'm being controlled -- if that they want to collect and I'm not sure if I'm communicate macbreaking you know. Coming and the bad guy and the -- -- -- she did not have a few Barley and she had a natural back which is something actually won it. And -- high school -- Cooking may have had to cut and that he could affect them but we understand that it's not happening -- -- perhaps the natural fact that he had people. And I think that three great I think that what they managed to -- It's perhaps it's really -- it. In for Matt Matt -- and kind of how the bus -- like that they won't pick which is what they -- without wiping -- the fight for that the attention surrounding them if. -- our thanks to you and our congratulations to you. As well I wanted to show our viewers at home. Some images from Bolivar square. Found there for those have you been able to travel to London -- perhaps. To visit that great city -- you can see there. There is -- -- blue there in the water little lower than normal and that's because. We have a new royal air and it's a baby boy and of course the big weight now is for the name want to bring back in ABC's -- -- Who has been standing by at Saint Mary's and -- we've learned the prince was born. At 1124. East Coast time so that little baby boy the new royal -- -- a little more than four hours old right now I wonder. Someday when he'll think of all of this that we're making of his birth all over the world. Well it is so interesting too because as we're waiting to see whether or not it's -- comes down those stairs. The very stairs that he was introduced to the world on as well it is probably -- very full circle moment for him and for his son who has yet to be named I'm sure will share that experience up perhaps as a line of succession continues it is quite a moment here. In London and for the -- -- which have been in the national spotlight now for 31 years and you know what even know we got the news we -- waiting for David for a -- so long and amazing that they were able to keep it secret for. Almost four hours. All eyes still remain on those doors for that very first glimpse potentially. The newest member of the royal family -- certainly all can't wait to see him and perhaps here's some. Final words -- some first words actually from prince -- All right Amy who's been standing behind that door will be right there Prince William does emerge and as we begin to wrap up our special report here. Curious Barbara you've covered so many. The pivotal moments -- this royal family what you're making of this. -- covered a lot of their wedding you know and I I -- can't help thinking about Princess Diana because she is just so vivid. In our minds and and what this would have meant to her and the bittersweet. Life that she had and not what we have this a couple who obviously Levy Jeff. And so we can feel very good about that very happy about -- -- a couple of them one more thing I can't think of another -- anywhere in the world. That is says celebrated. As as this we really care in this country and we do not have a -- We have a long history as monarchy across the pond and -- -- -- -- with pictures of Buckingham Palace the crowd gathering and growing while we've been on the air and as we close out they want to remind you that the new royal baby weighing in at eight pounds six ounces a little more than four hours all the baby boy. Added to the royal family now three -- Waiting in line to the throne Diane Sawyer and our entire team in London we'll have much more later right here and ABC world news and of course. Up to the minute updates on Between us but -- and I know what you hope that babies names. I'm David -- from all of us here at ABC news thanks for watching in contrast to prince William and duchess Kate. This has been a special report. ABC news.

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