Royal Baby Prince George Christened to One Day Lead Church of England

Newest addition to the royal family will lead church when he becomes king.
7:26 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Prince George Christened to One Day Lead Church of England
This is a special group. -- from the ABC. -- -- in New York this is ABC news live coverage of the -- christening of prince George the ceremony that marks the -- entrance and the Church of England a small ceremony that has been completed it at saint James palace in London. And you can see some of those guests making their way outside the queen the duke -- The duchess of Cornwall also leaving a very short ceremony this morning's Chris in the three month old -- And we're waiting to see. There he it is. Proud parents also coming out. And of course will continue to follow that as they will be making their way now on to the residents of the god parents. Prince Charles. And the duchess of Cornwall. Will also be hosting an -- this afternoon. Where some guests will be. In -- slices of the wedding cake from the royal couple that was -- specifically for. This occasion. We're taking a look at a live shot outside of saint James -- Palace there where that ceremony took place a small group 22 guests invited. Along those were the -- parents me. That were invited to take part I wanna go to journalist and author mark -- Woods watching all things royal and mark. Rather subdued ceremony. Very much in line with the couple themselves. I think will indicate use every opportunity that they can to communicate tacitly with the public. They can't give speeches and rants about how they think the monarchy should be run they just do something and we are supposed to realize exactly what we day which is. I know I guess are -- bit different from -- exists today. A little little different from -- east and is well. And at the same time though they are still able to incorporate their traditions. That have been obviously established centuries. Aren't thrilled that they did actually have a Royal -- parent there was a lot of discussion about how was or going to be William and -- young London fox sat. And czar is one of my favorite royals not only if -- real working -- But she's married to the closest thing Britain -- to a frat boy and her husband -- like the quarterback of the football team and get the sidewalks so much trouble. They're going to be brilliantly. Badly behaved -- parents went -- actually -- -- -- have a a positive influence then. Obviously not as a -- -- -- -- -- but certainly as an influential player in the prince's life I want to bring in Robert Lacey -- historian and author to talk about this. And Robert it was a very brief ceremony only about 45 minutes long and now they'll be going on to a T. Yes they're doing just across the road to Clarence House I'm not quite sure how they -- do that. This -- remedy is remarkable in several ways we've been discussing. One of them is that -- He's never been so close to televise before in the past -- it just gone into Buckingham Palace and emerged. But now -- seeing. Everybody coming out we can see James Middleton with his -- it. Their respect with a very fancy little -- a hat sort of fascinated that she's wearing. -- that with the deputy Shactman of the chapels royal there is -- -- Carole Middleton with a very rolled brimmed hat quite conventional I think not -- -- Sort of what might last song was I've been looking up at the -- At the moment. One -- both side mention what we've been saying how old -- these gulp parents saw that -- to get the one of them is -- -- -- and -- is the future duke of Westminster whose father owns about half of London north office Central London. He's often in the in the rich lists placed at the very top -- the richest man man in England. So. Ordinary perhaps but. We with a with a nice bit in the bank as well yeah of course that the queen slightly stooped Prince -- still upright in his nineteenth here. Followed by Camilla much hated by the nation not much loved by. The queen herself and we see. -- that the the duchess of merging with at the prince George that was much betting in the British betting shops as to whether. William would emerge with the they'd be all Kate would emerge with the baby and it would seem that William took him in. And -- -- out there with the Prince Harry walking just behind in the close to solve since James is palace. Maybe perhaps that is the reflection of -- shared responsibilities. This modern royal parents. Robert -- a little bit about the significance of saint James palace and specifically about the late Princess Diana. Well. How -- staging I have to say staging the of the ceremony in. Saint James is palace that would just looking at the Middleton the gain coming out paper and brother James and and and mother on the right that. Was Williams way of making Diana present. One of the -- -- is. Julius Samuel was a very close friend and mentor old Diana. Let's let's -- forget this christening ceremony is being very charming but it's in the place where Diana's coffin -- And it was that last place -- that William and Harry make contact with the mother when she was killed in that tragic. Car accident in Paris she was role but to this chapel and most people -- That the reason why the ceremony was held yeah. Was -- to keep Diana in touch I mean -- prints prints done prince George. Is that -- state is the grandson of Diana that's his grandmother lay in state in her coffin that we're watching now the other. Gulp parents coming out -- is Michael Middleton. The grandfather. Not quite -- afraid to detonate he -- we should -- -- sincerity 22 -- that let them. Just to go back to the point you're making. It's and James as -- as that is Mike Tyndall who is the the the the husband to all of the only royal -- parent -- she is czar Tyndall. Mike -- the rugby player of the football. And and and that is -- pregnant herself -- if you went phew I'm. Months away from delivering another royal baby who will be presumably wearing. -- the saying -- the christening gown that -- little George will today. That -- and that down a replica that was commissioned in 2008 from the original -- that was a 150 years old the queen believing that that was. I just wanted to preserve obviously that that piece of history -- -- book machine replica. Robert Lacey offering insight like no other and mark -- we certainly appreciate your insight is well this morning thank you so much we have a complete report on For the wrote christening. Renowned Dan Cutler in New York.

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{"id":20657317,"title":"Royal Baby Prince George Christened to One Day Lead Church of England","duration":"7:26","description":"Newest addition to the royal family will lead church when he becomes king.","url":"/International/video/royal-baby-prince-george-christened-day-lead-church-20657317","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}