Prince George Turns One Year Old

ABC News' Lama Hasan explains how interest in the royal family has grown since the birth of the royal baby.
13:11 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Prince George Turns One Year Old
The little prince and the big day in the UK as George turns one year old. The future king of England one day far off into the future but already the prince of hearts around the world. -- -- on Dan Butler in New York a year ago from today there were a family got a little bit bigger. Prince George one of the most anticipated meetings in recent history inspired -- new interest in British marquee. BBC royal reporter Nicholas which -- with more on prince George growing for. He made his public debut one day after his -- with his mother and father outside the privates maternity wing of Saint Mary's hospital in London. One -- often -- both times here is prince George. A confident -- boy according to the photographer who took these pictures of him with William and Catherine. -- an exhibition of -- flies at the natural history museum. Like every one year old she appears to be becoming have a -- curious about the world around him. Without as yet any inkling of why so many people also very curious about hidden. He's walking now has this picture which was issued on Sunday issues. A determined little boy by all accounts as his few appearances over the cost -- have demonstrated. This was Georgia and New Zealand scholastic pulled instead -- -- And then there was -- encounter a few weeks later with a small creature it to -- -- -- in Sydney. On that occasion the offer of a furry toy was. Declined. For his -- -- they'll be presents a a party at Kensington Palace and from his parents an expression of thanks to people what they call their warm and generous good wishes to -- BBC's Nicholas which are reporting from one edge so whatever an ABC's while Hossa from our London bureau -- latest on this somewhat what can you believe it has been here already that his past. No I was just gonna say down -- doesn't time -- when you. When you're having fun I remember is so vivid the a year ago we will all parked outside the -- wing in Central London when I say it all I mean. Every single network news channel you name that we will -- parked outside waiting for that news. To happen racing for the -- to be announced that the third -- to the throne was born. And of course it did -- we will witness history and it was a great day our members so -- and I remember talking to you about it -- -- on. And -- Nicholas which shall from the BBC just said we seem prince George and growing as well this year we've seen. Those images -- him with his parents when he was first born when they stepped out. Onto the steps outside the -- wing and then those pictures of him -- at his christening and then. It's -- foreign trip to New Zealand and Australia. Which -- -- bad for someone who isn't even -- about point he wasn't even one years old. So it's been a pretty good year for prince George out of course he's -- his breast. Cover. About as -- -- he gets coming up in August we'll have a picture of him with his parents as well also not a bad year for prince George. Not a bad way to -- usually it's a matter of crawling walking those that make milestones but obviously -- -- party got -- frequent flier miles under your belt. It's not a bad accomplishment talked a little bit about the impact the fact. I mean obviously there was the royal wedding that increased so much exposure -- so much interest in the royal family but really it's the little prince though that has sort of -- softens. The royal palace has -- not. I guess a little bit but I would say that it was it's probably -- extension from his parents as well as his uncle Prince Harry you can look at them as a sort of younger guards. The younger royals -- again Prince William Prince Harry and of course case. I think there's been a shift in interest now that they doing much more now that the queen is slowly sort of handing off some of -- And appointments. That that taking -- -- the more that -- seeing them now an even more that the interest to us as high sins and yes. He -- also -- -- -- -- -- house would've taken over from his parents if you like and he's also a fashion like concept. Everything every time we see him wearing. A new -- -- -- agrees for example those fly off the shelves just like his mother so he's also a style icon as well again -- bound for a one year old. It's just -- it's like a lot of pressure airway in years old so how is the families celebrating the big day today. Well how as we speak. -- as we speak there is some kind of a birthday bash going on at Kensington Palace now. We don't have the exact details we don't know what kind of a -- what what's gonna happen we assume there's going to be a birthday cake. We do know that a few people -- lining the streets just outside of Kensington Palace. We have. Seeing the guess who bought -- His great -- mall the queen. She was also that as one of the middle -- Kate's parents his -- parents. Her brother her sister and his -- parents so again we don't really know the details but if what his father Prince William said recent -- anything to go by which is that he's charging around at Kensington Palace opening doors. He's probably tweaking some mischief which is what some of the tabloids here are quoting him the prince have missed it. Two if a fund to keep and I as well so that's a Kensington house what about Buckingham -- other parts of the -- celebrations going on. And while -- radeon mean it's it's not like when he was born -- -- likely. You know what we soared during the world wedding but we do know that it's Kate -- him to Buckingham Palace presumably to -- Prince Philip and while he was that there was the changing of the guards and at that point they spotted playing the happy -- -- song. So that was probably a nice treat for the bus they boy today. ABC's llama -- and and -- London bureau Lama thank you so much we always appreciated. Royal watcher Victoria -- joining us now live with the celebration Victoria my question for you. I don't know what he had that as separate smashed cake that say that I admit to how boisterous and IP prince George. Johnson smashing the cake that he did have he's very. In two things -- every -- we see him on the -- goodies are seeing on the east -- around and got out at PG so I think he probably did smash -- -- prince was on hand. -- playing right into that persona that obviously he is not so guarded not -- protected not so reserved as some -- -- other members of growth badly. Is just an American -- the smash -- -- essentially you give a one year old cake and they go ahead have batted. It's more an American people it's kind of what I love about Americans you set up right -- -- and you do it to the fullest extent possible on I think that's pretty -- but it. We think hatred a tricky position festival in the UK they get terribly excited about everything in quite the same way. But at the same time when -- K to put a high jump in the hands as they move forward and be really important to keep prince George. Grounded he's the future -- he's got a great life of privilege ahead -- him he's not into one and violence -- -- Wheeling case Jill. Tiki and humbled to keep in Blair his position to make -- -- there's less fortunate in of course. -- -- well the royals do says yes and banks have to keep him down to access the show. It is a delicate balance that I love the fact that you called us on the fact that we do like to celebrate -- any kind of matter in any kind of reason possible. But I ask you this Victoria -- as we had seen some of the celebratory gets there arriving at Kensington Palace. Or what types of gifts then does one bring to the future king of England. When these tickets think about what do you get the baby that really -- -- has everything but I would say at this point he's much like -- -- -- they it would quite nice talking to know on. I cried I -- that takes -- that Clarence House and Buckingham Palace released over the weekend. That -- with a big bill withdrew don't hate -- asset. I think he's probably -- and like any other a delicate packaging is probably more -- -- them what and a gift is held inside. -- Tyndall is -- at and -- -- -- today she's William's cousin she's one of Georgia's got a modest. She hadn't east at pending. I didn't keep heading east being taken in today it's probably one in in -- -- if he chat. -- can I can imagine is probably one in -- whole stable -- as well. This is the phenomenon of paid attention to prince George to the royal family has inspired a new term -- yes. It's a good -- glad -- -- it's kind of like that the sun -- -- announced yesterday that cool the sun thanks you and last year on the day that -- born sunny -- when it renamed the sun S and acting. And -- a British -- has enough to Davies plays I'm glad that is free a very Clinton won because he issued be quite gorgeous. That at face -- cheeks on -- he's quote prince cheeks he's been quote previous QT. I think what's nice -- Barrett a funny faces that he pulls -- -- -- psyche Nate -- now is the position that he's destined to hold in that. Confidence that it could disdain that sometimes crosses his face -- anyone he's not being a -- -- but it's funny to let fat. What is really fast and is that more than a year ago you and I we're seeing it tea and sympathy in downtown new -- we were speculating about what the name might be for the heir apparent -- are yet to be born yet and you look now back at this past year and all of the attention and the excitement that his come out of watching. This little baby grow in this one year's time do you think he's lived up to all the excitement and the hype that everyone was so much looking forward to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Say yes he has picked up to expectation actually seeing more -- and I think anybody anticipates -- week. Seeing gable -- take images of George rather -- on film old photographs about twelve times its three paparazzi pictures it's not caps as well. And -- I think given -- ends. Tricky relationship let's put it that way with the media and his desperate decides he was found -- private. I think anyone anticipated seeing as much of George as we have done. It remains to seen rate -- BC if that's banks continue eastern the second year Georgia's and I. I think that's a great point that you and I discussed at length before about that there is their relationship in that. That's at William and Kate have done such a job of being able to understand the media saying we will give you a little bit please respect our privacy do you think that their relationship has remained somewhat unchanged over this past year. Old list but as she asked an insatiable appetite and it brilliantly silly -- -- and -- easy and we have seen George saying much that would get -- -- -- -- -- Every lot of opportunities to see George and yet on -- hill in Australia -- -- he begins we -- came out. They shake William and Kate in the content that at the house -- they were staying we -- -- Georgia shield is playing with -- It was about the effects of age that it was crying for -- and -- with a prime example of how you get -- but he still got into. -- mall and still wanting more and wanting more from the family -- well because as if one child wasn't enough. We hear buzz of -- potential for another child what are we hearing. Well that was bound to happen the minute -- at the hospital with George says the pregnancy number two -- -- stocks hit and they have been rampant that. It's like a broken khaki and that is right twice today I think it -- TC unit to speculate on a second -- Yes they will need to be a second baby in the sense that and it's bad first therapy clinical but it would indicate to make no secret that the fat they like another baby as well. But then the very place today said earnings but I think for the time being enjoying Cilic he's quite -- handful by the -- -- space of them have given us. And I think really when they're looking ahead to planning now found a single arrow on the side of sooner rather than they -- simply because as bad -- go on. They are being -- -- rolled DT to fulfill and says that time is going to become. I know more precious and tens of time spent with that children says. I think another baby will happen but I think it's T seen that -- -- -- could Kate be pregnant -- she asked yet. And as soon as we hear. Victoria you and I will set another date at tea and sympathy we'll look for another name means competition ago. I live bullets and what we were right on the -- makes me sick Cilic for a boy I can't yet. Listen I can't and don't read anything I was letting -- lead the way as well but I'll be more than happy to put my chips on -- whatever number you wanna call Victoria arbiter always a pleasure. He inside the touch of classic -- that we always appreciate thank you so my thanks he Dan. Of course you can get over the story in real time by downloading BC news -- -- the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm -- that's -- New York.

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{"duration":"13:11","description":"ABC News' Lama Hasan explains how interest in the royal family has grown since the birth of the royal baby.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24667874","title":"Prince George Turns One Year Old","url":"/International/video/royal-baby-prince-george-turns-year-24667874"}