Royal Roman Visit: The Queen Meets the Pope

Queen Elizabeth II met Pope Francis for the first time for an informal conversation in his study.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Royal Roman Visit: The Queen Meets the Pope
This is a special group. A royal and rock Queen Elizabeth trichet speaking for the first time which -- If you shaking hands here to force scheduled. Forty minutes to meet its history there that was one of them -- -- -- ABC news digital special report it is the fifth time that her majesty the queen has met. With the Pope in Rome and it was of course has -- the eyes of millions around the world are right now -- -- -- and ABC's englishman Donald in -- has been following this very high profile meeting. Image. That is achieved the important moment it's an assortment and in fact is the first meeting between Queen Elizabeth the Second. And put fronts this what's significant about this is in for ballot -- but now the queen has traveled to run that this is the fifth time she's done it to -- -- -- It's always either -- a state visit -- one of which she's wore black -- -- this time however it very different she didn't Wear the black valves turned up in a blue ally like. Outfit it was a casual conversation inside the -- study lasted for around about. -- -- it was by mutual request we told that it was kept such an informal level. Particularly -- being given that -- 187 years that I age. She doesn't travel -- about Tennessee's any longer in fact it's the first time. She's been outside of the UK in three years she was on the ground here in Italy on defied out. -- tell -- what are the significance of the timing of this meeting between these two world leaders. -- the reason this visit has come about is that last year the queen was due to visit the Italian president -- at a -- -- and it struck -- a relationship which held. At the London Olympics he was -- for the opening ceremony he's also an octogenarian said that. There is civilized IE he is a big fan of the -- -- of the -- rather which held -- had invited. To come here on a private visit she agreed to do that. But that was that was struck down -- ill health around the time that she was due to come to run. So that was -- -- or put off indefinitely. Now the Italian president was then reelected for another -- dwellings we say he's so that -- many people. By surprise. What that did however was -- equate the opportunity to tried bring that visit back onto the calendar and given that we now have a new partners well clearly the decision was taken. That to come to run to see both -- is on the one day she had an informal private lunch with the president but only ten people appetite -- told the queen Prince Philip. The president of polyps on on his wife as well as the UK ambassador to run -- the road the Italian ambassador to the UK. As well as -- small. Handful of other individuals it was then that they moved -- to the Vatican. For the very short meeting -- -- -- -- where they exchanged gifts as well I can say that our front says. Provided a gift typically -- back to prince -- which it was a precious stone and -- of a tiny. -- class on a rock bearing a cross to be given to prince Georges course the child of William and Kate he's the third in line that's right. As well as that the queen was given -- -- by the part sin and take apartments would documents. Dating back hundreds of -- It is amazing you look at this image and you see these two leaders there. That are the heads of of organizations that have billions of following -- and -- they are meeting together now for the first time. After the pleasantries were exchange what do we know about on the agenda for that forty minute meeting. If you ride -- BC's incredibly significant that. Reason because between the two of them I represent -- -- -- billions. Of people around the world the queen. Is the head of the states she's also the head of the commonwealth of course that includes. Many countries and hundreds of millions of people if not billions of people. As well as that she's the head of the church -- the Church of England. Which was a breakaway church from the Roman Catholic church and he of course represents one point two billion people as -- head. All the running Catholic Church that's incredibly powerful combination. Some would say that -- -- very few people who -- this planet with the same status the same profile as these two individuals that suddenly. The US presidents of course they will have a lot to -- but I think. What they have in common primarily is that they -- in charge of these very old institutions. Both of these institutions in need of reform. Clearly the church has had it's scandals it's issues the monarchies there has had it's scandals and issues and these two individuals under -- leadership. Required to in some ways modernize or at least update these these organizations and institutions. I think it's fair to say is well that the trust that the public has in these two individuals transcends the role. That they inhabit of course the -- is powerful the queen is powerful city. But as individuals. Be carrying out that -- he's they have managed to not just inhabit the roles. But leave up to the expectations. Of whoever it is that is -- -- Positions and titles. And harassment and before we leave you on the satellite hill and ask you about this because the excitement outside of Rome has got to be quite building because you have the head of the Anglican church the -- -- the Roman Catholic Church. Vick and obviously anyone of those world leaders making any kind of movement is certainly -- attention but I imagine the the atmosphere is pretty electric right now. -- I have to tell you to be honest been pretty calm here and write about it -- reason huge amount of excitement about seeing the queen. And sing the part but because it's not a state visit things and know -- I might otherwise be. You would have seen on previous occasions -- the queen visited that there was the full pomp and circumstance around the visited a head of state on this occasion. Definitely much more informal and excitement to match. Of fairy historic meeting in the ABC's -- McDonald in Rome pavers thank you so much -- certainly appreciate that. And of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- and star in store for exclusive updates on the go. For now -- -- -- Cutler in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Queen Elizabeth II met Pope Francis for the first time for an informal conversation in his study.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23179157","title":"Royal Roman Visit: The Queen Meets the Pope","url":"/International/video/royal-visit-rome-queen-elizabeth-ii-meets-pope-23179157"}