The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 11, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
2:34 | 05/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 11, 2020
From a from. The. The total number of corona virus cases in the US passing one point three million and the death toll here surpassing 80000 remarkable reviewer on the other side of the mountain New York governor Andrew Cuomo announcing that parts of seen New York will begin a limited reopening this Friday it'll include businesses that he says present low risks of spreading corona virus and the lenses spaced on improvements in the states infection and hospitalization rates we've been living with this hormones and other -- -- have little weakness for months. So much to learn resonates more like New York city's mayor says the city there will not likely reopen until at least June. Meanwhile at least 45 states have lifted some restrictions taking the first steps are reopening get people back to work visas are still on the rise and fifteen of those states. The World Health Organization announced today it's seen a resurgence of Kobe nineteen in China Germany in South Korea and the numbers of those testing positive for cull the nineteen and Russia have grown and now the country has the third largest number of corona virus cases in the world behind only Spain in the US and in Britain at cove in nineteen lockdown is starting to heats up crazy thing is beginning didn't know who can work from home in areas like construction and manufacturing and being encouraged to return to our minds. South Korea and now reporting dozens of new cases linked to just one man who reportedly went to five different night. Hope for a month after the CDC reckon. And ended face best new order in public the White House today sent out an email saying he needs now requiring anyone entering the west wing to Wear a master Rachel and covering. Staff are only allowed big massive bomb went and their gas. The truck White House is ramping up its testing for Kobe in 19102 members of its staff tested positive last week sources tell ABC news there is a list of more than a dozen people who work in the west wing will be attending every day for corona virus before they report to work any aides who were scheduled to meet with president trump will also receive the test and drug plans Friday brushed off questions about a coated outbreaks in the White House from the word on where. Those business owners do not have that same access to testing. From the White House Rose Garden today president says the US is prevailing in the fight against corona virus all of these are machines here that are credible machines in the the best anywhere in the world no no place in the world has this kind of equipment. Iran's military says nineteen sailors were detailed banana Ronnie and missile mistakenly hit the can aren't enough support vessel during an exercise nineteen sailors were killed.

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