The Rundown: Top headlines today: June 15, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:12 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: June 15, 2021
From. Will. Good morning even his high stakes summit with the man he scalding killer tonight president Biden's sounding confident. Sources telling ABC news the president hasn't been preparing for weeks and receiving briefings at least once a day the summit expected to Alaska fortified hours from first just president Biden and Vladimir Putin must secretary of state anti Lincoln and his Russian counterparts but I'm gonna make clear. President food. That vulnerable there are areas where we can cooperate and I believe he chooses. On the agenda blew his election meddling. Human rights and cyber attacks among those briefing the president Russia expert Fiona hill who served in the drug administration and testified any impeachment trial. She was in the room for that now infamous moment when president trump publicly sided with the boot him over his own intelligence community. He just said it's not Russian I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be president Biden says the last thing he wants in Geneva is a spectacle. It's about making myself very clear. What the conditions are to get a better relationship car crash. The last time the two men met when then Vice President Biden told prudent he had no soul men from from now when president Biden telling me and he knows exactly what he's walking into the. He is say as they say yeah. We used to play ball worthy adversary in the and a judge ordering Harvey Weinstein who transferred from New York to Los Angeles wine featuring a 23 year sentence. For sex as only New York. The judge in Erie county allowing him to be extradited to LA faces additional assault charges involving five women there. Once he's attorneys try to block the transfer saying yes health insurance. Partly thanks to receding more quickly than ever says Sherman researcher Markus Rex during the morning taking expedition. The ice in the spring of 220 receded more quickly didn't ever wanna record can sentence he expansion WH yeah. Only about half as large in the summer decades ago. And only about actors and an extra time of nonsense and his expedition with the brass and winds still holds almost a 130 years ago. Rex led the team saying we are on the Virgin Islands and in the points that would lead to the end of the night. Texture of the summer. He our friend Baikonur institute spent a year earlier in the afternoon. Studying polar ice cannon from the institute says over 400 researchers who were involved with the expectation. The American record holder in the 15105000. Meters has been told she cannot compete in the upcoming Olympics because she failed a drug test. Shelby who hand claims the results on a burrito. I didn't undertaking any performance enhancing substances. And that includes sandwich and being accused killer glance drug test came back positive and Schambach steroid nandrolone she says she's passed every test the World Anti Doping Agency gave her except her lawyer Paul Reid says one possible Aniston banned from the sport for four years she says she won't bite into. The first cruise liner to arrive at the Spanish mainland disembarking passengers today a new assignments made as a recovery from a Kobe's nineteen and damning. I'm very happy communities dominate his cabinet. Somalia you know he plus that not human company the group Pinault on math and eleven Maciej realignment plan that Iraq for the lost time. Tourism has begun to rebound in the world's second most visited country after an 80% drop in visitors last year due to the from rotavirus. Now we hear him on the mainland's and then you have exploring the big CDC about it on evidence in my and I got hot it's. So this is that America it time and I am very after being here yet. A mind shift to use passengers landed in the city of Ramallah and today and we'll also visit Barcelona. And Valencia. To be very ending knee cap will pick us up but topics as anybody knows. But I think every not heavy he's going to. Who do not want very easy because we have a night. Good part of any sanctions.

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