Russia Remembers Victory Day

The former Soviet Union honors those lost in WWII.
2:59 | 05/09/15

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Transcript for Russia Remembers Victory Day
Yeah. The. Pain went on Red Square Moscow Russia's mig today we're just guys in jail holiday season high as seventy about a mastery of the end of the second round mob involvement in getting a little Soviet union's victory over Nazi Germany you know it's. A busy day of remembrance is also very much expression of Russian ministry mice. We tensions between Russia and west high over the crisis in Ukraine. Today's parade is seen as controversial by many of Russia's neighbors. But every year thousands of troops and hundreds of times parade through the city. It's been hot is a message. Witness that you would then choose to receive the peak us. But the most in the canyons. Canyons he has accused the ancient custom I'd be comfortable with what. Like you to a covered it. I does legends among positioning. At those values below mood I'm I'm and mobile again. Contrast that unity problem. Russia's way of remembering the war is very and use its previous plan comes to understanding you have to remember those. Lawsuits from bonds and seven million people in this war. And if it instead of making and each second Huntley. Each set them plummeted loss. On Monday it's solid it means a lot. Quite how much this means to a new Russians was obvious today announced hundreds of thousands took on the memorial months there's an unprecedented number. An unusually nice and very sincere public demonstration. And and. The rustic on the main street in Moscow right now. America. I think about it and as he can sing at carrying placards with pictures of that Raddatz that you pulled in the lone. Yes it is a monster. As easy you can see just how happy people. Joy there is areas. Yeah. Yeah. I'd like a long. I don't like I don't like him because they Houston and to put to bed different nations. Into one war. And I don't like. But one learns fast and we don't need an Ottawa salt feasible won't.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The former Soviet Union honors those lost in WWII.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30928510","title":"Russia Remembers Victory Day","url":"/International/video/russia-remembers-victory-day-30928510"}