Russian spy ship 30 miles from US Navy sub base

It's fast approaching a U.S. Navy submarine base in Connecticut.
2:20 | 02/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russian spy ship 30 miles from US Navy sub base
Russian spy ship. Is now reportedly parked in international water is about thirty miles from a submarine base in Connecticut but even closer to Montauk point. While there's no indication the ship poses a direct threat to the US. Law is when an out what it's doing man they sure daylong reporter Kristen Thornton is live. Reaction Kristen. And it's Friday we've been here at Jones beach for quite some time here we got a lot of people come to the truck asking what we're doing every day we're here for that. Russian spy ship people who lived around the area for many years yet I happen all the time. But many many years ago bit does that picture the that yet it is not in that intelligent. And has content antennas on top of that it now off of the Long Island but it did not. EUS territorial waters officials think it's hurt says its in its intelligence coming from the US navy submarine base and run and dedicated about. Thirty miles south east of that these right now it. Let's see any feeling this way to. Calling it more later rain which is apparently Condit for a spicy with who we spoke. Connecticut congressman Joseph Courtney he represent the district where that submarine base is. He says he spoke with the commander of debate and everything is under control. We've also I've spoken to the navy through staff and I had a quick brief this morning. Classified brief in terms of just against some of the other non activity of a similar nature that's been going on in and probably about the last year or so. Where. Again the work it's done in Groton. Is is definitely of but clearly great interest to the Putin government. You cook co are released a statement saying it is a way here are they Russian Federation like that guilt free and thinking international waters off the coast of the united they. The ship had not entered US territorial waters which it then twelve miles. Out to see this is the first time this particular by ship has been an off BE coat. Back in 2014. It was off the coast of northern Florida and George up for quite some time. There little security threat officials are saying but really it can learn is what I met its. Is the Russian government trying to end to the US live at Jones beach imprisoned or channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"It's fast approaching a U.S. Navy submarine base in Connecticut.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"45520485","title":"Russian spy ship 30 miles from US Navy sub base","url":"/International/video/russian-spy-ship-30-miles-us-navy-base-45520485"}