Russian Tanks Are Now in Ukraine, NATO Says

Video footage released by the Ukrainian government claims to show a Russian tank in a city in southeast Ukraine.
16:16 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for Russian Tanks Are Now in Ukraine, NATO Says
Ukraine and NATO saying today that Russian tanks are now in Ukraine this video released by the Ukrainian government. Claims to show one of the tanks in -- city in south eastern Ukraine and a rebel commander admitting today that a Russian soldier. Has been in Ukraine for weeks hello everyone I'm Michelle president New York President Obama is meeting. This afternoon with his National Security Council is today but we want to go to says. Ours is UX and residents and artillery. Support. And fight alongside. Separatists. As the open and new front in a crisis manufactured in and fueled by Russia. But Russian is not listening. Instead of listening instead of -- the demands of the international community. And the rules of the international order. And every step Russia has come before this council to say everything except the truth. It is manipulated. It has confiscated. It is outright lied. So we have learned to measure Russia by its actions and not by its words. In the last 48 hours Russia's actions have spoken volumes. On August 26 just this Tuesday after meeting with Ukrainian president Porsche and -- in Minsk Belarus. President Putin spoke of the need to quote. End bloodshed as soon as possible. And -- Yet the same day satellite imagery show Russian combat units combat units. South east of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. That same day in the -- -- Ukraine detained regular Russian army personnel from the ninth brigade. In response Russia claimed the soldiers had wandered into Ukrainian territory. By mistake. This supposedly in a time of conflict along one of the most carefully watched borders in the world. The day after those talks Russia fired crotch rockets from inside Russia and Ukrainian positions in -- as -- -- And then attacked with two columns of Russian armored vehicles and tanks. Russian armored vehicles and -- again multiple rocket launchers are positions. On the outskirts of that town as we speak. Russia's force along the border is the largest it has been since it began redeploying forces there in late may. -- includes significant numbers of combat aircraft and helicopters. Russian unmanned aircraft routinely cross into Ukrainian air space. Other Russian deployments into Ukrainian territory include advanced artillery and air defense systems not found in the Ukrainian inventory. These artillery systems and shelled Ukrainian positions outside -- -- city in conjunction with the recent separatists counteroffensive. One of the separatist leaders that Russia has armed and backed. Said openly that three or 4000. Russian soldiers have joined their cause. He was quick to clarify that these soldiers were on vacation. But -- Russian soldier who chooses to fight in Ukraine on his summer break is still a Russian soldier. And the armored Russian military vehicle he drives there is not his personal car. Meanwhile in Russia family members of Russian soldiers are holding funerals for their loved ones. Who had been killed in the fighting in Ukraine. They are demanding answers for how they were killed. Journalists who try to cover these funerals are harassed and threatened by armed men. Yet still according to the Russian government the soldiers. Were never there. They were never in Crimea either until Russia announced that those soldiers who were never there. Had annexed Crimea. The last 48 hours fit into a well established pattern for Russia each step has paved the way for the one that followed. And yet in spite of all of these outrageous actions Ukraine has repeatedly sought a political solution to this crisis. It has repeatedly sought a path to. Despite this pattern president for Shiancoe showed up in Minsk to meet with President Putin. In contrast President Putin was still unwilling to acknowledge the most basic facts we all know. That Russia has armed and equipped and now joined illegal separatists fighting in Ukraine. Serious negotiations are needed urgently needed but Russia has to stop lying and passed a stop fueling this conflict. The mask is coming off. In these acts these recent acts we see Russia's actions for what they are a deliberate effort to support. And now fight alongside illegal separatists in another sovereign country. Now Russia has claimed. That Ukraine is not interested in the cease fire but let's be clear we have every interest in a cease fire as do the ukrainians as long as it is a real one. But Russian separatists not only. Have no interest in observing a cease fire but they cynically use the time to rearm and wait for additional soldiers and supplies. To flow across the border from Russia. In the face of these deeply alarming actions the most important question for us now is not what we should say to Russia. The most important question is will we should do to make -- listen. The United States has throughout this crisis and in close coordination -- -- European partners the EU and the G-7. Exerted targeted effective pressure so that this message -- heard. So that Russia begins to. And in the face of Russia's continued. Aggression and blatant disregard for the UN charter the Helsinki final act. We will continue to work closely with -- G-7 in European partners to ratchet up the consequences on Russia. Now I understand that there are real costs felt by citizens of countries when their governments take these actions. It has cost for businesses that trade with Russia and -- Russian markets from its small scale farmers the big factories. Those costs are considerable. And nobody should take them lightly. But let's be clear if unchecked the damage the Russia's blatant disregard for the international order. Poses is much much greater. These rules and principles that have taken generations to build with unparalleled investment. Countless lives have been lost to establish and defend these principles and every single one of us has a stake in defending them. A threat to the -- the international order is a threat to all of our peace and security. These are the rules that Russia is flouting when illegally seizes territory and arms -- quips and fights alongside. Illegal groups in neighboring countries. Ukraine is one of roughly a dozen countries that share a border with Russia. Let me close with. A couple questions. How can we tell those countries. That border Russia. That their peace and sovereignty is guaranteed if we do not make our message heard on Ukraine. Why should they believe it will be different if tomorrow President Clinton. Decides to start supporting armed separatists and allowing soldiers. On vacation. To fight in their countries. And just as important what message are we sending to other countries would similarly alarming ambitions. Around the world. When we let Russia violate these rules without sufficient consequences. In the face of this threat the cost of inaction is unacceptable. Thank -- I think there were presented for the United States for a statement. And I do the -- the representative from the Republic of Korea. Think used to -- them. And -- to thank. UN ambassador Samantha powers there addressing the UN security council of course power and -- an emergency meeting that was. Called for earlier this afternoon right now. When -- that it Devin Dwyer. Who is in Washington standing by DeVon you've been following this story give us an idea NATO now saying that more than 1000 troops are currently in Ukraine is there currently any plan for NATO to intervene in years. Eastern Ukraine. -- over to be with you there are no plans -- -- at this point in no indicate indication from NATO that they plan to send in. Any troops NATO led -- mission injured in eastern Ukraine but. Make no mistake that NATO and the summit next weeks and be very much focused on this crisis. He just heard some strong words from by the UN ambassador there Samantha Power saying Russia is outright lied. That that that they have their claims of wandering into the country by mistake or are laughable. And she basically said this is a calculated game that Russia's playing. Obviously we've heard strong language before from the United States and from other allied countries -- -- this crisis but it's beginning to ramp up once again. I had -- that the NATO. Conference next weekend now declarations from the ukrainians that this is an -- and an outright invasion. And ambassador power also mentioned that they would be working with the other G-7 countries as well. To further decide about sanctions we already know that there have been targeted sanctions against Russia. Are we learning anything else that can be done in terms of sanctions that would help -- Moscow. And Russia from going into Ukraine. -- -- several rounds of sanctions already and -- this State Department today said they are looking at another round of sanctions. Against Vladimir Putin and Russia but -- a very difficult situation for the west of for the United States the Europeans. Many of those economies closely connected. With Russia and into delicate balance against -- trying to. Punish this behavior -- the 21 century invading another country. -- the same time not doing too much damage -- economy. At home so that's going to be the big balancing act -- there -- no from analysts -- there are no easy solutions here to this crisis we've certainly seen that. Since Russia acted in Crimea many months ago this is the standoff in skirmishes along -- eastern border. Have continued. Today again a new milestone in that crisis hearing about that invasion that more flash points along that border. But it's not clear Michelle that there's any immediate solution you're certainly not a military one. Up from outside countries the US and others because of course Ukraine is not a NATO member. And so really all that that the US can do at this point is really. -- ratchet up those sanctions and and puts more diplomatic pressure on Russia. And to give you an idea of what the the mood is out there the Canadian delegation to NATO tweeted this out mocking the Russian response to the capture of Russian paratroopers in Ukraine has become somewhat. Laughable to the excuses. Russia is using to avoid getting caught in Ukraine but it looks like some of the countries are starting to speak up that they too. -- -- -- Yes that's right that you just heard it articulated by the UN ambassador Samantha Power there at the Security Council which we should at Russia's -- of -- C seated there as well you may not. Have seen him on camera but right there in the rooms are very intense awkward. Perhaps situation there at the Security Council to gather. Did the ambassador said they're pretty much -- that graphic from the Canadian shows in that this is in her words laughable that you wandered into the country by mistaken and -- follows a pattern of behavior by Russia. Which they demonstrated in the in the lead up to the crisis over Crimea they said they were not there and then all of a sudden they were there and they had annexed it so. Again. Is the is the NATO Secretary General said recently this is a double game. On the part of Russia and and part of today's theater there the Security Council was to simply call that out and put a spotlight -- And you mentioned that NATO summit next week of course President Obama and secretary Kerry will be heading there. Give us an idea of what sort of meetings that they would be having with their. Allies -- counterparts and where they stand now places like Germany of course we've heard from Britain's. Sure -- -- some of the year the allies are on the fence about this Germany being one of them over. How -- how much how intense rather to ramp up military or physical monetary. Responses to Russia here Italy France Spain also a little bit skeptical. About some of the plans that are on the table at the summit those plans. Are to put bases for the first time databases to the east to the iron curtain to put station military troops NATO troops. In some of those countries Estonia Lithuania also won Russia's border to provided reassurance to them -- those countries Michelle art NATO members. So under article five of the name -- NATO charter if there's an attack on any of those countries an invasion by Russia there. Other parties the US great Britain and others would be obligated to defend them -- like Ukraine. But this move is on the table that certainly gonna get a lot of attention next week. One -- -- we're hearing reports of Michelle's the possibility that NATO will create some sort of -- trust fund to help Ukraine financially. But with some arms but there's still no indication yet that any country's -- actually provide arms -- provide troops Ukraine. And the ambassador also driving home that there are dozen countries that share the border with Russia and their protection. Also is of the utmost importance of course President Obama will be meeting with National Security Council. Later on today expected on that agenda there besides Ukraine of course the spread of the extremist group vices. The president did approve surveillance drones over Syria but have we had any confirmation yet that -- -- actually flown over the country. By the White House the State Department have been very mum about the wanted to allow the Pentagon a decent surveillance both by drones and possibly U2 spy planes over. Northern Syria there to see about potential targets just to get his options. The Associated Press reported Michelle on Tuesday that those flights have commenced -- in an unnamed official. So far again pentagon not confirming anything on the record for -- that those have begun but. Rest assured at today's meeting at the White House in the situation room they are talking about those options about what to do in northern Syria to confront crisis. A lot of speculation that this could be clearing the way for potential air strikes there. -- get some targets. -- so far we're being told no decision has been -- get the president's -- windows and a different story of course over in Iraq where the US is still. Bombing ices positions there that's right exactly three more air strikes yesterday against -- -- targets in the northern part of the country more than a hundred now. Since US airstrikes began -- on -- and that's quite a bit of action there by the US military in Northern Iraq we've been told that those are sure it's been very effective. -- in containing crisis in containing their advance in the northern part of the country but as. By the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff general Dempsey said just a couple of weeks ago he it's his view the military's view. But you cannot root out crisis without addressing some of their strongholds in northern Syria whether that means -- US military action there is sort of an open question or whether. We've you know -- arms to the moderate Syrian moderate opposition or others to pressure them. But the focus is now shifting to those outposts in northern Syria to try to really push back this -- -- Devin Dwyer in Washington thank you very much for keeping us up to date on that and of course you can. Still stream live the UN Security Council emergency meeting to hear from the Russian ambassador to the UN and of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starting this story for those exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25165379,"title":"Russian Tanks Are Now in Ukraine, NATO Says","duration":"16:16","description":"Video footage released by the Ukrainian government claims to show a Russian tank in a city in southeast Ukraine. ","url":"/International/video/russian-tanks-now-ukraine-nato-25165379","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}