Saudi women hit the road, but look ahead to the next fight

ABC News' Molly Hunter and Rym Momtaz take a look at what's next for women in the conservative kingdom.
4:27 | 06/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Saudi women hit the road, but look ahead to the next fight
Hey guys and my manager and minding your watching ABC news five and today we're talking about Saudi Arabia yesterday they became the last country. On earth to allow women to drive lifting a ban it ban in place since this started picking them. Activists particularly women activists courageous women activists had campaigned for years. To get that and let them and bring in our pretty every month has apparently ended his covered Saudi Arabia act. The videos the police from Saturday night remains. Yet they were amazing and me who knew that in our lifetime we would action action these few women. Get behind rubio. And drive and not just behind me up a minute after midnight. Arrow women how many women do you think actually can't answer that it does not mean I I don't really have a sentence it wasn't a majority of women there were a lot of women and a lot of women like you just said. We did for that moment right now at midnight as soon as it became legal. They got behind the wheel and a Smart but the that was very heartening is that there husbands. They're Brothers their fathers were in the passenger seat and and they weren't seeing and they were cheering on their wives and sisters and it was truly you could feel that everyone was pretty excited. I mean any leads about cattle that your audience a lot of older man and a lot of them told me that our daughter that she tried in the UK if they got an estate they're not checking out how to attract so it was. Since rising ever a lot of people who supported women driving just not in Saudi why was that why did it take so long. It is extremely conservative asking them to allow women at my house very chew things we need to address the first is there's definitely a difference between socioeconomic. Estrada's so those who are more privileged definitely felt completely fine with women driving a who's who live in more conservative parts of the kingdom. Still outside of the big city is. Are still to the state not very happy about the women driving. Tens he had to do with the wade can Saudi nationalism came about and the rules. And that the police of women in Saudi. Need in the foreign being what it is. That Saudi nationalism can be is that it's so it does more to do winds Saudi culture than it does with the religion itself. For many women have a certain class you can afford a driver and actually not driving not having in the field because you had your dry grass on standby whenever you needed to got I got your child or at a dinner. For women know below that at economic class. As we just think divers are very common even in the middle class when you couldn't find a driver how did they get around it depends on in Riyadh an enzyme that you think they could order. An Amber Frey and never married and everywhere big rig back. And there isn't millions and the Hoover in the Arab Brothers called DREAM Act. And any. We actually be enough see yesterday's. Some women have become a former driver is not and in the Saudi at a Betemit and right it's in and I and a lot of them women now feel more comfortable even this changes on the type of women now can drive their kids to the doctor's appointment they can't. Drive their teenage son to me evidence brand. Now that woman and I'm minor will actually be much more involved in her family is like that it changes the whole scenario. For her so one woman action he said this is not just a cosmetic change this action he will change the dynamics within the found any. And the dynamics within society of white it's true that activists including many women have been fighting for the right to drive for about thirty years. Activists are already talking about the next frontier after the driving back just going to be gardens every guardianship the guardianship laws so what is guardianship. You read yet to the state women are not allowed to travel without the approval of their male relative. So if the woman is married she has to have you deliver husband and cream that we can see he went. Is also planning she needs her husband to check in Fox News. If she was able if she needs to go get some sort of specific medical procedure. Her husband or her father or her brother if she's not married. Passing offense that is the next frontier you can see the there's a lot more it to be done for women to become really. Fool who need within their rights and equal in the society Phillip island in making parking her car next to men and and it like it would be huge huge today and make no mistake and at the moment in history that we should be marking. But sell long waiting thank you so much for joining us this is ring I'm pat I'm Molly and her. You're watching ABC is not.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter and Rym Momtaz take a look at what's next for women in the conservative kingdom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56153445","title":"Saudi women hit the road, but look ahead to the next fight","url":"/International/video/saudi-women-hit-road-ahead-fight-56153445"}