Search Suspended for Missing AirAsia Jet

Flight QZ8501 had at least 161 people on board.
6:11 | 12/28/14

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Transcript for Search Suspended for Missing AirAsia Jet
I'm Dan Harris and this is an ABC deal special report we are following a breaking news story at this hour just nine months after Malaysian air flight 370 disappeared. Another passenger plane has vanished in that same part of the world. Area flight 85 along with flying from the Indonesian city of Sarah by at two Singapore which should have been a quick flight. When it disappeared from radar air Asia is also we should note based in Malaysia. The final communication between a pilot and air traffic control came at 6:12 AM local time when the pilot asked to turn left. And climb to 38000 feet to quote avoid clouds. There were we should say more than 160. People on board including seventeen children one of them and infant. As their families await word there is a massive search and rescue effort under way so let's turn ABC's David Curley was in Washington gave a good morning to you. Morning Dennis killers now been missing for more than half a date darkness is now come to the area where crews were looking for any signs of that aircraft. This is the air Asia Indonesia Airbus 320 that is disappeared from radar and is missing this morning. Search crews spent the day looking for any side of the aircraft which was flying through strong weather early Saturday morning. Air Asia a low cost carrier serving the area said in a statement quote. At the present time we unfortunately have no further information. Regarding the status of the passengers or crew members on board. We will keep all parties informed as more information becomes available the majority of the 161. On board were Indonesians including sixteen children and an infant. Like 85 a one. Took off from Surabaya Indonesia headed for Singapore it ran into weather severe thunderstorms turbulence with a pilot asking to turn left around some clouds. And to significantly increases altitudes. From 32000 feet to 38000. Feet. It was over the jobless seed the last time the jet communicated with controllers. At least two aircraft were used by the Indonesian civil aviation authority to search during the daylight hours. They're ages says it is cooperating fully. The six year old Jett has a good safety record as does the carrier. Already error AG is running an emergency call center for family and friends and waiting areas in Singapore where the plane was supposed to land. Stark contrast to the aftermath of Malaysia flight 370. In what could be one of the deadliest years and aviation. Now nine months ago MH 370 leaving Malaysia with 239. Still missing. And this morning 161. Possibly loss in that air Asia aircraft. President Obama has been briefed and is monitoring the situation. While families cling to hope that somehow this aircraft made it to the ground save. With the loss of daylight the search is not been called off for the night so will be along at agonizing night for those families. The air Asia magnet the Malaysian who owns part of this airline. Is on his way to Indonesia we are told at this hour Dan. Hard to imagine what you can say those analysts to cover them David Curley thank you very much let's bring in our aviation expert colonel Steven Yang your. As Haiti when when when most of us are on planes we hit turbulence that thought that we that comes to mind at least in my case track cover myself is. You know these planes are built to withstand the bad weather it given that what what could have possibly gone wrong here. Well that lets things could've gone wrong and I and I understand when people feel turbulence they get nervous they think about oh my gosh of the wings had to come off these airplanes are built to take turbulence and and this is experienced crew they fly in these kinds of conditions all the time so although the weather looks bad and probably one of the things that we want to. Two focus on early on in the investigation we shouldn't get drawn off and say well it was definitely a weather related. And that there are lots of clues and have to come up in the the odds of finding this plane given the search terrain and given what we know from the radar. There there are pluses and minuses here on the minus side this is a very remote part of a very remote part of the world and out over the ocean there in the Java sea. There's not a lot of ability by the Indonesians to get search and rescue aircraft he saw they only had a couple airplanes. It's a long trek out there from from around the Jakarta area so. It's going to be kind of difficult for them to go to Muster the assets and and they take some time. On the good side we do have a pretty good idea of where the airplane went down we think. And self we have that we can get to an area and if we can find where the airplane is on the bottom of the sea is a very shallow sea. It's not like out in Australia the coast of Australia or looking for MH 37 it is very deep. Here it's fairly shallow 150 feet or so so we can get to the approximate area I think we can we have very good chance of finding this jet on the bottom. That may take some time but the odds you say look reasonably good for finding this jet but you brought up MH 370 so I have to ask you. How is it that in that same year 2014. As well as leave the age of high tech. We have two planes that have simply vanished from radar how can this be happening yet again. It's unacceptable or really as you after the image 37 neither were there are all sorts of calls for finding ways to track all airplanes any part of part of the world. And nothing to this date has come of it so it's it's something there that needs to be addressed again we cannot keep losing airplanes. If this airplane gun down with city had ditched in the C. And they did and they'd landed successfully. We have no idea where it is we couldn't get rescue efforts underway fast enough. To save anybody that might have survived the crash if they went into the water so just unacceptable and it's gonna obvious gonna have to be something that gets addressed once again and with some some true change. Unacceptable first appears to try to solve the mystery of what happened to this plane began years we as always appreciate your guidance and situations like this. And we want to thank you for watching this ABC special digital report will be tracking this story throughout the day on We'll have a full wrap up on world news tonight. I'm Dan Harris thanks again for watching and enjoy your day.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Flight QZ8501 had at least 161 people on board.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"27861761","title":"Search Suspended for Missing AirAsia Jet","url":"/International/video/search-suspended-missing-airasia-jet-27861761"}